A Year On…


…since I moved out from the WordPress platform to my own domain.

While that was a welcome change, a start right from scratch had to be made. Having blogged from the WordPress platform for 3 years before that, it helped me maintain the writing frequency that I cultivated over the years – while it took time initially for google to index my site, visitors were far in between but picked up in 5-6 months down the line.

Today, 1 year and 3 days later, life on my blog seems to have come back to normal, the odd comment here and there, the growing number of views and increasing no of followers. It can, however, do still better and I’m sure it will into its second year of existence.

A couple of things I have learned since moving out on my own (own domain)

*~* Visitors won’t find you unless you put your blog out there for people to notice

*~* People need a good enough reason to visit your site. Else they aren’t going to visit. Focus on content.

*~* People tend to not comment too much when a blog is hosted on a website (unlike a blogging platform where people don’t hesitate to comment) but you’ll still notice growth in the no of hits your website gets in a day. 

If you understand the above 3 points, your website will do just fine. That said, a website needs a whole lot more work (in terms of getting noticed by fellow bloggers – Indiblogger does well that way) A lot of people monetize their blog, write for companies, get paid and that’s how the blog pays for itself. I do nothing of that sort. I don’t prefer to. Blogging is something personal to me and I keep the commercialization aspect of it as far as I can. Maybe in a few years when I get a bit more famous and let my work speak for myself… I’d have a website which does that… but not this one, this one is special in more ways that one.

When you visit my blog (on the computer) the first thing you’ll see is.. a request which asks you “Can you turn on the light please”


only after which you enter my BLOG. The “Turn on the light thing” is something that has impressed many who have visited the site, and something I am eternally grateful to my cousin for getting it done, which if it was for real, I would have to pay a really high electricity bill every day.

My blog saw the light of day, thanks to my cousin. Cheers to him! And to those who visit the site, besides adding one number to the ‘website hits’, you become an integral part of the every growing family of the extra…aaamile.

A YouTube ‘Sensation’

What does it take to be a YouTube sensation?

I’m not sure..but it seems people like Vidya Iyer knows (Youtube channel Vidya Vox)..by remixing music, a few extra beats and adding a little English to a Hindi song and vice versa, she’s now a YouTube Sensation! If that is what takes for a person to become a YouTube sensation – God bless this generation, for appreciating such talent. No doubt she’s got a good voice, why not compose your own music and sing..why remix a song and that too make it multi-lingual?

Have you heard her music? Why damage a perfectly good song and convert it into something rubbish? People who have liked her music apparently haven’t heard songs of the 80’s and 90’s, now those were songs – Oh wait! She might take those songs and convert them into some rubbish tune as well.

Ms. Vidya Iyer, please don’t do that! Leave the good old songs alone at least…

Who does she think she is..the Indian version of Samantha Fox? Vidya Vox?

Vidya Vox

That way, Shirley Setia (another YouTube Sensation) is way so much cooler and a much better singer according to me. Click HERE to go to her YouTube channel.


Time for us, B-loggers to take the step up and become V-loggers..what say?

I love my BLOG


If there has to be a place that I can call my own, apart from where I live, which of course is technically my dad’s (coz he bought  it), it’s here on ‘Goin’ the extra..aaamile – my blog’ in virtual space.
I’ve always been known to be someone very random and  not sticking by the RULES kind of person, my blog has turned out to be the same. You’ll find all sorts of things, mixed with pictures and the occasional video.
I used to maintain a dairy with stuff pasted on them, a few quotes and wordings and things that appealed to me but no-one got to see it. I named it “Pen Gems”. The idea of blogging came to when a friend suggested the same..and like I always do, it took me time to actually set out and create a blog and finally start posting.
Now here I am, very much comfortable on posting whatever comes to my mind..and for the wonderful readers than actually read what I write – you guys are truly special. Through my blog, I have a bigger family now – my fellow bloggers (who I still haven’t met in person) and for those anonymous readers who love to peek in once in a while without wanting to disclose their identities (yes! you too)
… it gives me my freedom to express, the thoughts I get..the things that I see..the stories around me that need to be told. There’s so much that I se and want to talk about – this is the platform, that gives me the chance. I can be myself here irrespective of what people have to say. I do it MY WAY.
…it keeps reaching out through me through my blogger friends. If I’ve not posted for a while, my blogger friends reach out to me to remind me that I need to get back.
This blog has given me my identity. People know I blog, maybe not in a big way but I still do. If not for my blog. I wouldn’t be a blogger. Simple. Now when you search me on the Internet, Google recognizes me. This is what you’ll see…
There are many more reasons why my blog will always be special..but all that on some other post, some other time. logoI might change my blog logo (in color) several times over the year, but the one that matters (THE ORIGINAL) will always remain.
Are ‘U’ a blogger too? What do U love about your blog? What’s your BLOG story? I’d love to know.

1000 up!

It was only yesterday that I wondered whether I’d reach the landmark of a 1000 WordPress followers in 2016 or in the new year of 2017. It didn’t take more than 3 hours to get the 3 followers to make it to a 1000.


I am Ecstatic to say the least, the same when I received my first 100 followers 🙂 Milestones are always important. Guess I need to go the extra mile and add another ‘a’ to my blog name.. It would look something like this… 

Goin’ the extraa..aaamile

…and as special as this means to me, here’s a special performance

with love..from me to you <3

My thank – you dance performance. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 


You think I dance well? Sexy no?


Much Love,

Savio 🙂