Blogger or Writer?

Writing isn’t a piece of cake for everyone! Blogging however gives you that freedom to sense that pleasure of what it feels to eat that piece of cake and maybe try to bake yourself one with limited resources.

I am a blogger right? But then I write my blog posts.. so that makes me a writer? (if you look at it literally) or better still, I type my blog posts.. that makes me a type writer? [I know silly thought that! duh]

I BLOG hence I am a blogger BUT then isn’t writing and blogging physically the same thing? So maybe I’m a writer too then? Okay, I do not write professionally and stuff.. so that puts me more in the casual club of “Bloggers” where bloggers are casual people who basically express their opinions and thoughts on different topics on the contrary to “writers” who write from a more professional perspective..bah! Big Deal!

Potato, potahto – Tomato, tomahto .. whatever!!

That said..writers are boring (not all, most of them are..) bloggers on the other hand are so much cooler. One can associate with what bloggers write..their posts would always include a little something of themselves, maybe in the form of an emotion or a personal experience and that makes people connect to a blogger better than to a writer.

I’ve tried my hand at ‘writing’ or if I could call it that.. an article here and there (during my college days) on the local newspaper but I always knew if I was to write about something, it’s got to come from the Heart..and that’s why I enjoy blogging so much, there aren’t expectations, there isn’t pressure to deliver posts everyday and you get a chance to enjoy what you write, however silly it may be or sound to the reader. The odd grammar or writing mistake can be found..but that’s still okay.

At the rate blogs are being opened today, one thing is clear – everyone’s got an opinion about something or the other and under the shelter of a blogging platform, they can have their say, not worrying of too much of it catching the public eye. For everything written or said on main stream media is either judged, condemned or mis-understood.. and not everyone is up for that.

At least with blogging, you keep the ‘fun’ aspect of writing alive.. and you aren’t restricted to what topics you can write about..any topic under the sun is good enough to write about. You see something and you’re like….


Joys of being a blogger

You know the best thing about being a blogger is the mere fact that.. you can give vent to your emotions, your feelings, freedom of thought and more.
..and this is why when you’re writing, let your thoughts flow..give them wings to can never imagine where it could take you


the feeling after writing a post

As a matter of fact YOU out there  yes you reading this…you don’t really have to do anything. Let the words you read transport you to a whole different world. Reading a blog post isn’t the same as reading a newspaper article. The blogger is trying to tell you something, trying to evoke an emotion..and more importantly you get a chance to find out what’s exactly going on his/her isn’t that a great thing, to get into someone’s mind 😉

Bloggers are not just writers, they are writers with a heart 🙂

There are days when not a word comes to mind and then there are periods where there is an overflow of thoughts. Going through one such now, I call it the fertility period.. fertility of the mind 😉