‘From the Heart’

The ‘From the heart Award’ – the latest award doing the rounds on WordPress. I thought I’d try it out and besides, its probably the most apt award for my kind of blog. Normally for awards, someone needs to nominate you and you accept. Since I’ve not been nominated (I don’t take up many challenges/awards) – I […]


Yup! It’s boom boom time for ‘Goin’ the Extra..aaamile. There’s a spike in the stats of the blog site. So whichever of you kind bloggers visiting and spending time on the blog, continue doing it. There’s a lot to read and a whole lot to ponder about. My blog could do with more visits from […]


Does a follow on WordPress warrant a follow back? Just wondering 🤔 I’ve just hit 50 followers today on theextraaamile.com (that’s in addition to the 1.5k following me back on the WordPress platform) so yes, people do read my stuff, which is always good to know. But one thing that concerns me is that ‘Do people follow my […]

Hopes for my Blog – Day 10

Coming to the end of the 10-day challenge (took me 14 days actually) and my last task/question is “What are my hopes for my Blog?”  Like every blogger would want…his Blog to be read by people spread across the country and world, I am no different Increasing its reach far and wide through various blogging mediums […]

My next blog post..

My last post was on the 20th of February, that makes it 10 days of silence until this post – today the 2nd of March. I hate it when I have these long gaps between two posts. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about – I have a lot! Trust me… like […]

..now on IndiBlogger

I am finally part of the IndiBlogger network. Apparently, I was blocked for some reason and my account wasn’t approved and had to be done manually – now that it is, I am officially an Indiblogger 😉 Yayyyy!! My link on Indiblogger is – – > Click HERE See you around there too! 🙂  

Blogging Lessons

When you blog for over a period of time (5 years for me and counting) you are bound to learn some lessons..what did I learn? Well..not much, but will share the few that I have. 1. Blogging can be like therapy 2. There will be days you just don’t wanna blog about anything. It’s perfectly […]