Blogging Lessons

When you blog for over a period of time (5 years for me and counting) you are bound to learn some lessons..what did I learn? Well..not much, but will share the few that I have. 1. Blogging can be like therapy 2. There will be days you just don’t wanna blog about anything. It’s perfectly […]

Joys of being a blogger

You know the best thing about being a blogger is the mere fact that.. you can give vent to your emotions, your feelings, freedom of thought and more. ..and this is why when you’re writing, let your thoughts flow..give them wings to can never imagine where it could take you As a matter of […]

What to write?

Every time I log into WordPress, it is like I am asked the question “What are you going to write about today?” and though I have no particular answer to that question, I end up writing something or the other and I surprise myself after having completed the blogpost “Have I just written that?” and […]

WordPress Love

Have you ever noticed after you’ve published a post, within the first 2-3 seconds fellow bloggers have READ, LIKED and COMMENTED on the post…I mean all in just 2-3 seconds. Even I take more than 15 seconds to read a post of this length. What a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? This is what happened in 2 […]

5 years on WordPress

I got this like a couple of days ago… That’s me on WordPress for 5 years! Wow, time does fly!  This is why WordPress is soooo cool…for reminding us on our small achievements, it makes our blogging journey so very personal and enjoyable. 522 posts (including this one) 15,000+ views, 473 followers. Life’s seriously good […]