9 Pains Linked To Our Emotional States

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  1. Pain In Your Head.

Pain in your head, like headaches, can be caused by stresses of the day. Take some time to relax and ease the stress every day.

  1. Pain In Your Neck.

If you feel pain in your neck, you may have trouble forgiving others or yourself. If you’re feeling neck pain, consider the things you love about people.

  1. Pain In Your Shoulders.

Shoulder pain may indicate that you’re carrying a heavy emotional burden. That’s where the saying “shouldering a problem” comes from. Focus in on some proactive problem solving and distributing some of that burden to other people in your life.

  1. Pain In Your Upper Back.

Upper back pain means you don’t have enough emotional support. You may feel unloved and unwanted. If you’re single, this may mean it’s time to go out on a date or two.

  1. Pain In Your Lower Back.

Lower back pain might mean you’re too worried about money. It may be a good time to ask for that overdue raise or consider a financial planner.

  1. Pain In Your Elbows.

Elbow pain speaks to your resistance to change in your life. If you have stiff arms, you may have a stiff life as well. Make compromises and shake things up a little bit.

  1. Pain In Your Hands.

Hand pain means you may not be reaching out to others in the way you should be. Consider making new friends, having lunch with a co-worker, and making a new connection.

  1. Pain In Your Hips.

Hip pain means you’re too scared of moving. Sore hips could indicate that you’re resistant to moving on and changing. You might be too cautious when making decisions.

  1. Pain In The Knees.

Knee pain can be a sign that your ego is a little too big and that you’re thinking of yourself a little too highly. Humble yourself. Spend some time volunteering. Remember, you’re mortal.

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…too much hair?

Most women love their men hairy (beard, chest & head) and as a man… I don’t understand why! I mean, then what’s the difference between a man and a bear? If you put both into the wild, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

A lot of young guys of late are growing their hair long and then keeping their beard long and I don’t even want to get to what’s underneath their shirt. Its bad enough we live in India where the heat isn’t really kind to us and to manage so much of body hair is.. difficult to say the least, and yet they are willing to do it. I heard from a few youngsters, they have to say “Its the new cool and the women folk dig it”. 

Personally tho’ I haven’t heard any women admit to the fact that they love a lot of hair on their man.

Lets look at some of the places that we (men) like growing our hair.

1. Face Hair (mustache/beard)

Doesn’t it make the kissing or eating weird? We know as Indians we love our rice and curry…imagine parts of food getting stuck in your mustache or beard. (Worse scenario, try eating a mango!) NO GOOD. Hair could get into the mouth while kissing, that couldn’t possibly be good for the kisser and the one being kissed.

2. Growing long hair on the HEAD

So girls are cutting their hair short while boys are growing their hair long, there is something very wrong here. I can’t understand the logic. Its not that guys look any cooler..Look at Ishant Sharma (Indian cricketer)…does he look cool? I don’t think so.

3. Chest hair

Okay! Now if we’re living in a cold country like Russia for example, I can understand the chest hair keeps us warm and all but in India where people sweat profusely – makes no sense absolutely. A BIG NO.

While boys/men like their women well trimmed/shaved in different parts of their bodies making them feel more womanly, I guess girls/women like their men hairy making them look very manly…whatever that’s supposed to mean!





For the women reading this…what’s your take?
For the men reading this…keep an eye on what the women have to say