Rhythms of Love

  •  3 love stories
  •  1 emotion: LOVE
  •  A man who stood against it – Mr. Narayan Shankar.
  • …and for anyone who stands against LOVE there is always a Mr. Raj Aryan, played by none other than Shahrukh Khan (the undisputed King of Romance) 

Yes! I am talking about the movie ‘Mohabbatein’, loosely translated to ‘Love’ in English. While I always believe that the story is important for any movie to be successful, in this movie personally I loved the background tunes… and when I listened to that tune after almost 17 years. the day before yesterday, it brought back that wide grin to my face to evoke some wonderful memories. 


Who was your favorite couple?

Who was your favorite couple?


C’mon, we all aspired to be the kind of lover, Shahrukh Khan posed to be in his movies… failing miserably of course. Not sure about the girls (and their favorites), but all the guys wanted to have SRK streaks in them. 

Listen to the below tune.. and tell me if it evokes a memory!

Why even google even mentions Shahrukh Khan as a synonym of love. Can’t believe me? Have a look for yourself below:


In the words of the man himself, he says “I sell dreams, and I peddle love to millions of people” Do watch his TED Talk, it’s interesting how he goes about speaking to an audience.

If for some reason, you are unable to watch the video, the link is HERE.

Are you famous enough to be a ‘Wax Figure’?

I opened the magazine page (Herald Cafe) of the daily newspaper to read this article:


Really! Varun Dhawan – Celebrity? Okay, if you think so. We’re better than him right? Clearly he isn’t famous enough to find a place in Madame Tussaud’s London, so I guess for now Hong Kong would do. Ideally, he would be best placed in Delhi, where at least people would know & recognize him.. he (his wax statue) would feel pretty lonely in HK amidst greats like Narendra Modi, Mahatma Gandhi, Jackie Chan, Brad Pitt, Eddie Murphy etc. I mean, he’s only a bollywood actor and a very average one at that too. That way Alia Bhatt is a way better choice.

Imagine a young Hong Konger asking his father (standing in front of V.D’s wax statue)

“Who is Varooon Dawaaan?” and his father doesn’t know what to reply, so he says “Indian” and keeps walking..

So, what does it take to become a Wax figure at M.T’s? Madame Tussaud’s has been creating wax figures of famous personalities for ages now – Wikipedia says Tussaud created her first wax sculpture in 1777. They have cited 4 criteria to get a chance to have a wax version of yourself, which are:

* Star Power
* Timing
* Be a Reflection of Culture and History
* Popular Demand

Sure a few Indians would say they are eligible..lets see how:

C--fakepath-tick* when they use their power (physical power) people see stars (that’s star power for you)

C--fakepath-tick* Indians have great timing, they rarely miss (only when it comes to Indian footballers, their timing is horrible! Don’t see any Indian footballers making it as wax figures)

C--fakepath-tick* goondagiri is well..definitely part of Indian culture..history, am not sure

 C--fakepath-tick* and are always in POPULAR demand

I’m yet to visit a Madame Tussaud’s, be it London, New York, Hong Kong or even Delhi. Maybe when Priyanka Chopra gets her own wax figure made.. though meeting her in person would be ideal. She is beautiful..even at 35 she is glowing!

“kuch kuch hota hai, tum nahi samjhoge”

If you’re an Indian, you will have watched at least a minimum of 5 movies a year, even if you’re not a fan of Bollywood. That’s what being an Indian does to you..drives you to theaters with friends, colleagues or simply a movie with great reviews, if nothing else, boredom surely will 🙂

Every movie has its moments. Some of which we appreciate and some that we don’t. Then there are ‘those very few ones’ that give us not one but multiple moments that stay with us, sometimes throughout our lives. These are the moments in films that became a part of our life and decades later, we still find ourselves connecting to them. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (or K2H2 as we lovingly refer it to as) is one of them..19 years since the movie released, yet the memories of watching it and all the people attached to those moments in the movie are still alive.


As a guy, K2H2 taught me,

* there will always be two very special women in every man’s life, his best friend and the one he loves, if both are found in one – that would be the ideal scenario. The one special friend was found that very same year the movie released, as far as the second one..its been a looooooooooong wait…and counting

* it is okay to fall in love with your friend, SRK did it and we could do it too.. after all “pyar dosti hai”

* I have emotions and though I never display them ..this movie gets me into an emotional overdrive every time I

watch it, every freaking single time.

and of course the famous dance to the tune of love!

This is undoubtedly one of the most romantic scenes ever.. remember Aman? The nice guy- doesn’t end up with anyone. Don’t be the nice guy in life, unfortunately I have turned out to be just that guy..the rest is history!

The beauty of this movie simply lies in the fact that we find ourselves watching it over and over again. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai might not have given us the best of story lines but it gave us priceless moments, ones we can never get enough of.

..and then there are times when we find ourselves out of words and Shahrukh khan’s dialogues always come to the rescue.. the famous one from this movie being “kuch kuch hota hai, tum nahi samjhoge”

I must have watched this movie at least more than a few dozen times.. and then at other times, I have the mp3 version of the movie on my phone, I can listen to it even when I go for a walk 😉

Half Girlfriend – Movie v/s Book

https://i0.wp.com/ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51qHUwGoqiL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg?resize=124%2C189What can you really expect from a name like that, it is a guaranteed FLOP – Book or Movie. Chetan Bhagat needs to stop writing novels with immediate effect.

Save the people of India from reading your crap Mr Bhagat (the latest I’ve seen is that malayalis have been reading his books – looks like a win-win situation there [one side gets to learn English and the other side the author gets to improve his sales])

I’m not sure, which one is worse! I always felt Chetan Bhagat was on the wane..in terms of his stories, by far ‘Half Girlfriend’ being his worst. Worse still, making a film out of it, Bollywood has already its share of some really silly films, adding one more to it isn’t required.

Moreover, why chose Shradha Kapoor for the role of ‘Riya’? she’s talented enough to get better scripts and act in better movies. You got to feel sad for her, for being chosen for such a role and worse still, she saying yes to it. As for Arjun Kapoor, he suits the role of Madhav Jha perfectly (no one can act as a better loser than him!) I can see no better actor in Bollywood suited for Chetan Bhagat’s male characters.https://i1.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6e/Half_Girlfriend_Poster.jpg?resize=120%2C173&ssl=1

Its almost a month later, that I’ve watched the film and I’m glad I didn’t watch it in a theater-it certainly would have been a waste!

Chetan Bhagat might have been a talented story writer in his initial years, but seriously – maybe now it’s time he try something different.. maybe a hand at cooking or something

being Indian

I was watching the bollywood movie ‘Players’, for the umpteenth time on the Sony channel..by no means the greatest of movies to have been made & released, but effective when it comes to the beautifully planned and executed robbery scene in the movie.

Movies like these have always sparked my interest..so be it Aankhen, Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Happy New Year, Players, Don 2, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, Race, Race 2 (all Bollywood) etc..etc.. I’ve loved and enjoyed each and every one of them, irrespective of them, going on to be blockbusters or bombed at the box-office.

But do stuff like this happen in the real life? https://i1.wp.com/studentorgs.umhb.edu/sites/studentorgs.umhb.edu/files/imagecache/organization_profile/148034_original.jpg?resize=142%2C139

I’m not sure I’ve heard of anything like that happen..but then there is no dearth of talent in a country like India that can carry out something like this, if ever.. that too with clinical precision. Count on an Indian to do the job!

The world should take note..India is the land of jugaad, anything is possible. We Indians are multi-talented, along with being experts in fields of I.T, Engineering and others, we have hidden talents that are shown only in times of adversity, you’d do well not to drive us into a situation like that.. it is at that time, where an Indian is most dangerous – He turns into The Smiling Assassin.

noor – 21st April 2017 [movie]


Not having watched many of Sonakshi Sinha’s movies, I liked her character as noor in the film with the same name. Always knew SS was a talented actress, having watched her last film Akira, which was an ‘okay’ film.

In many ways this film is relatable, a simple down to earth kind of film with no frills. Scenes portrayed in the film are stuff that happens daily in people’s lives. Noor is the kind of girl, you will find in your neighborhood, and with the life she leads, be it her friends, or the day-to-day issues she goes through. You can say, Sonakshi has done justice to the role, she perfectly fits the character.

She might not get the big films like Alia Bhatt or Priyanka Chopra do, but she will definitely give her all, and that is what makes her films a worth watch.

Go and watch it, less than 2 hours (1h 47m to be exact) 

Rather than spend time sweating it out in the sun somewhere, head to a theater and give Noor a watch, besides movie tickets aren’t expensive either these days.

Rating 3.5/5

Pssst: I liked her pink-n-white shorts..I think she looked good in them :p What!? I don’t miss out much 😛😛 and pink is a good color for shorts, I’d think 😛😛

Badrinath ki Dulhania – Watch it for Alia Bhatt!

Normally I am one of the last to put up a review on a Bollywood film. However this movie, it was 1st day 2nd show, not because of all the hype created about the film-just that it was Alia Bhatt 

So here’s what I thought about the movie:

Lovely movie. Enjoyed it thoroughly…Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt do make a cute screen pair, I was looking at Alia throughout, so I wasn’t even really paying attention to the actor at all.
If you want to compare this movie to Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (where the same two actors played leading roles), its nothing like that film…well there’s a little bit of romance, heartbreak, families etc.., but its different. It’s refreshing to see Alia Bhatt do so many movies of late, that smile and her cute dimple <3 Simply WOW! She is such a delight to watch on the big screen. From Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, Kapoor & Sons to Dear Zindagi and now Badrinath ki Dulhania, she’s just been brilliant!

Watching Alia Bhatt on screen is like 

1st day, 2nd show..yup! Anything for Alia Bhatt 🙂 We were all of around 40 people or so in the theater, consider people are working in the morning-the number was quite good. [Some of the pretty girls come for the morning show too.. 😉 ]

Is it okay to say that Varun Dhawan’s attempt to make people laugh worked!? Yes, it did..people did laugh, maybe it was more for his stupidity than anything else 😉

The movie has a lot of messages to give out but for that you’ll have to watch the film. It’s only the first day of the movie’s release and not many people would have watched the film as yet. So go watch the film, it is great fun…Alia is cute as always…Varun…he does a good job (given his limited acting skills) and the movie overall is a feel-good- type-of-film 🙂

I wasn’t too impressed with the songs, they were okay. The so much hyped song of Tamma Tamma didn’t get even my legs tapping. However, if you’re an Alia fan (like me) it is a must watch, I also like the pace at which the movie went 🙂

I’d give the movie a 3.5/5 rating.


‘Kaabil’- more than a kaabil (worth) film

The latest movie I’ve watched on the INOX screen…Kaabil. Yes, excellent movie! More than a Kaabil movie (‘Kaabil’ means ‘worth’ in English) Watching a movie as good as this for a mere Rs. 120/- INR – Great deal. 

I’ve not watched a Hrithik Roshan film in a really long time, on the BIG screen.. the last being Krrish I guess. This one was a different H.R movie, for starts he’s blind in the movie, so the cool dance steps that he otherwise would dance, didn’t really happen BUT for the first song in the movie where he shows traces of it. Yami Gautam on the hand… isn’t she a cutie? She looks cute when she acts as blind too.

What is the movie Kaabil about?

When they get hitched, visually-impaired couple Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik) and Supriya Sharma (Yami) light up each other’s lives. Unfortunately their dark world goes topsy-turvy when Supriya is raped and Rohan finds the policemen playing blind man’s bluff. Leaving him with no choice, but to take the law into his own hands…and boy doesn’t he do a good job of it!!

The scene that got me really into the film was when they get separated from each other for a few minutes at a mall..and Rohan (Hrithik) says the following:

Kahan ho Su?
Tum sun rahi ho Su?
I’m sorry Su..
Pata nahi kaise… haath choot gaya

The movie was always going to grasp my full attention after the above scene…

Equal praise goes to Yami Gautam & Hrithik Roshan. Yami plays her role to perfection, subtle and very effective. As far as Hrithik’s vulnerability as a lover was a delight to see, so was his cool self while plotting revenge. 

You would WANT TO watch this movie. This is GOOD. Go for it! Still running in theaters 


Being Indian-‘The Real India’

A lot is written, spoken and mentioned in magazines, newspapers etc..but when it comes out on screen in the form of a ‘Hindi dialogue’, it is definitely worth watching again and again. The below video is from the movie ‘Namastey London’. You certainly don’t lose anything if you watch it just this one more time, in fact it fills your heart with Pride (that’s if you’re an Indian of course)

After listening to someone disparage India as a “land of snake charmers”, Arjun Ballu Singh (Akshay Kumar ) impressed many with his response in the 2007 romantic comedy Namastey London. The speech was delivered in Hindi with Jasmeet “Jazz” Malhotra (Katrina Kaif) translating in English.

One of the highlights of the film, this short speech delivered facts to some, pride to others.

What makes the scene memorable is the directness and sincerity of Arjun as he talks about the achievements of the 5000 year old Indian civilization along with Jazz’s increasing pride as she conveys this information to their non-Indian audience. While some of the ideas are lost in in translation, the spirit of the speech comes across loud and clear. 

The text version of which is below 🙂

Arjun: Namaste. Sir, mera naam hai Arjun Singh. 5000 saal purani sabhyata ki wajah se hum Hindustani sabko aise hi jhukke pranaam karte hai.

Jazz: When we greet one another, we fold our hands in namaste because we believe that God resides in the heart of every human being.

Arjun: Aisi sabhyata jisme ek Catholic aurat Pradhan mantri ki kursi, ek Sikh ke liye chhod deti hai aur, ek Sikh, pradhan mantri pad ki shapat, ek Muslim raashtrapati se leta hai, uss desh ki bhaag daud sambhal ne ke liye jisme 80 pratishat log Hindu hai.

Jazz: We come from a nation where we allow a lady of Catholic origin to step aside for a Sikh to be sworn in as Prime Minister by a Muslim President to govern a nation of over 80 percent Hindus.

Arjun: Aapki matra bhasha Angreji puri duniya mein sabse zyada hamare hi desh mein ghasi jaati hai. Aur aapko shaayad ye bhi nahi pata hoga ki Angreji ki zyaadatar shabd, Sanskrit se liye gaye hai. Sanskrit ka shabd “maatra”, Angreji mein “mother” bana, “bhratra” bana “brother”, “gaamiti” bani “geometry”, aur “trikonmiti” bani “trigonometry”.

Jazz: It may also interest you to know that many of the origins of your English words come from Sanskrit. For example, “maatra” becomes “mother”, “bhratra” becomes “brother”, “giamiti” becomes “geometry”, and “trikonniti” becomes “trigonometry”.

Arjun: Aapko shayad ye baat dilchasp lage ki hamare yahaan 21 bhashao mein, 5,600 akhbaar aur 3,500 magazines chapti hai, jinko padhne waalo ki sankhya 12 crore hai. Aapke desh ke muqable mein kayi zyaada hai.

Jazz: We have 5,600 newspapers, 35,000 magazines in over 21 different languages with a combined readership of 120 million.

Arjun: Chaand tak pahunch gaye hum. Lekin ab bhi aap logon ko hum Hindustaniyon ke haath mein saap ki been hi nazar aati hai.

Jazz: We have reached the moon and back yet you people still feel that we have only reached as far as the Indian rope trick.

Arjun: Doctors, engineers aur scientists ki ginti mein. Janaab hum sirf do mulko se peeche.

Jazz: We are the third largest nation in the world of doctors, engineers, and scientists. 

Arjun: Hai ye thi dimag ki baat, ab karte hai taakat ki. Duniya mein sabse badi teesri fauj hamara yaha hai, aapke yaha nahi. Phir bhi, main aapke saamne jhuk ke aapko pranaam karata hoon, kyun ki hum kisi ko apne aap se chhota ya kamzor nahi samajhte. Namaste!

Jazz: Maybe your grandfather didn’t tell you that we have the third largest army in the world. And even then, I fold my hands in humility before you because we don’t believe that we are above or beneath any individual.

Reading a post on Aditi’s blog, prompted me to share this with all of you. Do visit her blog for some really good posts 🙂


M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

You don’t really have to be an MS Dhoni or a cricket fan to watch this movie (tho’ it does make it more special if you are his fan) .This movie is as simple as it gets, it shows the journey of a man from his humble beginnings to make it to the top, an Inspirational movie..if you look at it that way.

This was surely a movie I wasn’t going to miss out on watching. Sushant Singh Rajput was simply brilliant in the role of Indian skipper MS. Dhoni, I will admit though, seeing Sushant’s face instead of Dhoni’s in the clips where matches were shown (Ind-Pak T20 final/India-SL WC final etc..) was kind of weird considering that there’s only one face that comes to mind when watching those moments – is the original MS himself and I have watched these matches LIVE.

The movie packs a very interesting message about friendship. His friends stood by him all the way through and that’s why they say real friends are those who never leave your side in whatever situation. The movie overall was a wonderful watch, the songs were nice especially the one with Disha Patani (playing the role of Priyanka – Dhoni’s ex-girlfriend)

Was I the only on who felt the ‘impact’ when the truck crashed into Disha Patani’s car (causing the fatal accident) in the middle of the song? When Priyanka died in the film, some part of me also died with her, absolutely heart breaking moment it was.

I also thought Disha Patani (character of ex-girlfriend) looked so much prettier than Kiara Advani (character of Ms Dhoni’s wife). Though, the actual pictures of Dhoni’s ex girlfriend aren’t out on the internet anywhere, we can only imagine she looked cute, if we have to go by the looks of Disha Patani (playing her role in the movie)

Go and watch the movie, I certainly loved it. You will love it too 🙂

This is a simple movie, just like the man himself – M S Dhoni 🙂 Well done Neeraj Pandey, Sushant Singh Rajput 🙂