Raaz Reboot – The Movie & The RAAZ Franchise

So, I’m back from watching Raaz Reboot…have been a fan of the Raaz movies from the very first one, so I wasn’t going to give this one a miss. I didn’t expect to see anything new from what I’d seen from the earlier Raaz movies such as regular haunted mansion, strange voices, unsettled spirits hanging somewhere between life and death and the possessing an innocent soul.

However, even after knowing all this, I still went ahead..knowing that if there is one thing Emraan Hashmi can do better than kissing in his films is do well in this genre, well at least he gives it his all, much like he gives his 100% in the kissing scenes (he’s kissing the female here in this film too…so yes) 😉
Raaz Reboot moves more on the lines of its first movie of the Raaz franchise (Bipasha Basu & Dino Morea) with a little difference here and there. So basically I’ve already told you more than you should know. For the rest, go and watch the film. You’ll like the film if 1. you’ve enjoyed the previous raaz movies 2. If you’re a fan of Emraan Hashmi or 3. 120/- isn’t much to spend on a movie, so enjoy the a/c for 140 odd minutes in this hot season. Simply do what I do, buy the Rs. 120 ticket and go and sit in the Rs. 180 ticket seats 🙂 with hardly a handful of people watching shows in the morning, the theater is practically empty.
I certainly enjoyed watching it. This movie is shot in Romania and based around the story of the couple Rehan and Shaina and how due to a mistake by Rehan, his wife has to pay for it by being possessed by the spirit for the ‘mistake’.

The best part of the movie was of course the girl who was sitting besides me, she kept doing the mini jump from her seat whenever she saw the spirit on the screen or something unexpected happened which was really hilarious because it wasn’t really all that scary. I mean this is Raaz we’re talking about, movies like Conjuring 2 didn’t get people scared. I looked at her, she smiled nervously, I smiled genuinely  and we turned our eyes back to the screen, this happened like 3 times. She had come with her friend who was equally jumpy 😉

Overall, the movie was good. I liked it…so with this movie, it ends  the franchise on a good note. Out of all the Raaz movies, which one did I like the best…

Lets see…



The first film from the successful horror franchise came out way back in 2002. The chemistry between Bipasha and Dino helped in making Raaz a hit. [I liked this one the best]

Raaz: The Mystery Continues

Emraan, Kangana

The second film from the series came out in 2009 and tho’ there were mixed reviews it did fairly well at the box office. Emraan Hashmi was introduced to the franchise

Emraan and Kangana’s jodi worked in the favour of the film along with its music. The film had some spine-chilling moments too.

Raaz 3D

Emraan, Bipasha

Emraan and Bipasha in the third installment along with Esha Gupta. The film got mixed reviews as well but it raked in big moolah at the box office.The film had a lot of skin show than scare tactics but that didn’t hamper its box office fate.

and then..

Raaz Reboot

Raaz Reboot

The fourth installment marked the debut of South actress Kriti Kharbanda. Co-starring Emraan and Gaurav Arora, the film has hardly anything new to offer. Vikram Bhatt has used all the scare tactics from his previous films in this one. 

Compared to other Raaz films, this one is the least engaging.

Which one was your favorite? 

NOTE: The Raaz Franchise isn’t about horror, Raaz is Raaz and it will always remain that way 🙂 Raaz is now a new genre in Bollywood 🙂


PINK – The Movie


For starters, why was the film named Pink? There was a movie released in 2005 named Black and then in 2009 a film named Blue now Pink. What’s the deal here? Has bollywood run of ideas to name their films?

Coming to the film, it was good. I believe a one time watch coz when you watch it once, the story kind of lingers in your mind – it is that kind of a film. It didn’t have the humor content that Shoojith Sircar’s previous movies had, but as a stand alone movie it does well for it has got a strong story and an equally talented  cast. Mr Bachan as usual was at his best in delivering dialogues etc. There was also a lot of talk about the ‘actress’ Taapsee Pannu, she does a fine job.

A film you should watch.

“When she says NO she means NO

Go watch the film and tell me how you liked it 🙂

It was a serious movie for me, I believe when I go to watch a movie…I shouldn’t be made to think, this film did. Though I liked it, I would rather watch something that amuses me for 3 hours. However said, the movie sends out strong messages which is good for the general public.

Too much of Pink? Well, its the flavor for the day.

#GoPink #PinktheFilm #PinkReleasesToday 

‘Azhar’-The Movie

What’s my take on the movie Azhar?

For starts, Emraan Hashmi does not even come close to playing the Azhar wristy flick (I was kinda disappointed on that note) that he was so known for…the flick being one of his favorite shots.
The Movie overall…was good. Emraan as Azhar was well…a good choice, his mannerisms – good attempt. The kissing parts were expected. Nargis Fakhri, this is the first time I’ve seen her on screen…she’s not so much of an actress, is she? I found her movements robotic 😉 Prachi was good, so was Lara Dutta. This is Emraan’s movie, nothing much can be said  about the other actors/actresses. If it does well, its solely because of Emraan. 

Not an awesome movie by any standards but a good ONE TIME watch.

If you’ve followed the match fixing scenario when it first broke out on national television you will understand the film better…otherwise it won’t make sense watching the film. That explains the higher male viewership compared to the females for this movie in particular.

A 3.5 on 5 rating from me. 

I think I’ll enjoy the M.S.Dhoni biopic – An Untold story better [scheduled for a September release] Looking forward to that.

Can Govinda Dance?

For those who don’t know who Govinda is, he’s said to be Bollywood’s most versatile dancer. I don’t know about the others, but I find his dance moves very hilarious.

I want to make a mention of one particular song ‘Kisi Disco Mein Jaaye from the movie Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’. In this song Govinda sports Leather pants while dancing.

Have a watch below:

This video is my go-to-video when I find myself in the dumps..it always cheers me up. The above song I mentioned still remains one of Govinda’s most popuplar tracks along with another one ‘Ankhiyon se goli marey’

He’s 52 now, I haven’t watched any of his latest films (not sure if he has acted in any film recently starring as a hero) I may be no expert in dance moves but I’m sure if I were to dance like Govinda..I don’t think I’d have many viewers 🙂

Kapoor & Sons – The Movie

People have been saying, it is the most honest & relatable family movie ever made in Bollywood.
To an extent, maybe its true..a dysfunctional family, fights, a love story…emotional drama etc..etc.. etc..
Why I thought ‘Kapoor & Sons was a good movie but in a very average way.

To begin with, I never knew families like this exist in India. For the director to actually come out with a  script like this, he would have needed an idea..and that idea has surely not come out at looking at families in India. THIS MOVIE IS NOT RELATABLE to Indians.. In countries abroad – YES, most families are fucked up! I haven’t been privileged to see one in India as yet. Small fights, misunderstandings do happen in every family but parents arguing at every given opportunity and that ending up in a fight, I thought it was really stupid!! Seeing the parents argue was seriously annoying.
I thought the location of the movie was good, great backdrop, good cast..the story well.. like I said..so-so!  Songs too I thought, were average.

Personally I wouldn’t say it was a great film by any standard, I could not relate to it. I thought Rishi Kapoor was a class apart, the cutest Daddu ever 🙂 
Besides Daddu, I think the dog was the best in the film, followed by Alia Bhatt. Fawad Khan, seriously! who is this guy? (Okay! I just googled..he’s not Indian, he’s from Pakistan..his performance was more like that of the Pakistan Cricket Team, looks good from far but fails to deliver – he really can’t act!) Sidharth was ok! Rajat Kapoor works well within himself and Ratna Pathak Shah..someone tell her to retire from Indian Cinema pls!

…and yes, one more thing..who keeps their laptop unlocked without a password nowadays? (Rahul’s mother looking through his photographs on his laptop) ..what followed that, was something I really did not expect!

Looking forward to Ki & Ka and Baaghi (Shradha Kapoor <3 )


The sequel

The train whistle blew and the train slowly started to chug out of the station. As the train began to gather speed..he saw a girl running on the platform trying to enter the train.
He put out his hand so she could grab it to enter, she held his hand and got in.

“you almost missed the train” he said sounding relieved that he did a good deed”

“miss? illa! I was at the station 1 hour before the train could arrive”Untitled.png

“then why were you running” he asked confused

“I was practicing for the train scene of Chennai Express ..returns”

“but there is no such movie like that I’ve heard of”

“Train going to Chennai has to return back also no”


Rohit Shetty looking out for fresh faces, interested people may contact ‘ME’ 😀


Bollywood vs Hollywood

What does one expect when he/she goes to watch a new film?

Let’s talk of Bollywood films first..
Bollywood is no longer all about running around trees and getting wet in the rain. The latest of Bollywood movies will see cars flying in the air and really bad adaptations of so-called humor..and worse still, talk of some producers roping the porn star (guess you know who I’m referring to) just to increase the viewership of their pathetic films.

Bollywood is on an all time decline when it comes to producing films, but now and then you will have one brilliantly produced film that gives the Indian movie-fan a new hope that; Wait!! Maybe..just maybe the next one may be as good as the previous one..but alas! the next one will be a total FLOP.

What expectations do I have when going to watch a Bollywood movie in a theater?

For one, I am investing a good 3 hours of my life to a movie so I am very careful which ones I go for. My choices have not always been great but at most times I have probably (after reading multiple reviews) chosen the good movie to watch.
..Oh and yes, always take good company when watching a film..at least that way if the film isn’t interesting, you still have fun with your friends, lover etc.
# The story needs to have substance
# The actress has to be cute, actor isn’t good looking..not a problem [I would never go for a Sunny Leone film]
# I should be able to at least laugh at some of the jokes.
# A little romance will do in the film
# The film should have at least 3 good songs

Let’s see now..the movies I have watched and loved for either one or all the above reasons.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Who could hate this movie? The first ever movie that had me shed tears. I have never ever done that before, even when my grandmother died 😀 I never shed tears, this movie moved me to that extent.

Piku – Simply for Deepika and yes Amitabh is always a worth watch..and for a director who produced Vicky Donor as his first movie..I was very interested 😀

ABCD 2 – Having watched the first part, had to watch the sequel which was ‘okay’ Shradha Kapoor, she’s cute <3

Welcome Back – Only for Majnu and Uday..I think they were hilarious 🙂

Dil Dhadakne Do – One big confusion..didn’t realy know what was happening and when I did start following what was happening..the movie ended.

Katti Batti – my biggest mistake. CRAP movie! though the visuals and promos looked very good.

P.K – The movie not to miss out on. Anushka sharma, I tried not to look at her lips..they looked weird but otherwise I think she acted really well. The movie was a hilarious one to say the least 😀

Ek Villian – I loved this movie, especially for the story. Seeing Riteish Deshmukh in a different role was awesome and the way he played his role to perfection. The songs were great and Shradha Kapoor <3

2 States – Loved the novel so watched the movie… Alia, <3 her too. Though I think the novel was way better than the movie. The movie adaptation wasn’t bad

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania – Another Alia Bhatt film..so yes! <3 there

…among the most recent ones

A very wise friend advised me once “Whenever you decide to watch a Bollywood movie, leave your brains at home. Don’t even analyse what’s going on the screen..nothing will ever make sense. You pay for Entertainment not knowledge”

Coming to Hollywood, I watch almost everything. The thing I look in for Hollywood movies is the English accent and new vocabulary. Of course it needs a good story which all of them have. From the love stories to the comedies and the horror…I like them all.
Nicholas Sparks movies are awesome, watched all of them 🙂
Hangover, Part I, II and III loved them too and there are so many more that will take a whole post dedicated to just movies I’ve watched..and yes, I’ve watched a lot.

I’m not a movie buff but I do like to watch a movie once in a way, to stir up my emotions a bit when I feel a little lost.

So that’s all about movies I like…Which Bollywood and Hollywood movies are your personal favorites?