The sequel

The train whistle blew and the train slowly started to chug out of the station. As the train began to gather speed..he saw a girl running on the platform trying to enter the train.
He put out his hand so she could grab it to enter, she held his hand and got in.

“you almost missed the train” he said sounding relieved that he did a good deed”

“miss? illa! I was at the station 1 hour before the train could arrive”Untitled.png

“then why were you running” he asked confused

“I was practicing for the train scene of Chennai Express ..returns”

“but there is no such movie like that I’ve heard of”

“Train going to Chennai has to return back also no”


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A Lesson to learn from Chennai?

Chennai was practically brought down to its knees with heavy rainfall over a weekĀ andĀ almost everything was submerged into water. In all of this, what came out of it was the character of the people of Chennai to help each other when it mattered the most. No race, no religion, no status..nothing stood in the way. It was one Indian helping another Indian all over.

..and this was not the first something like this has happened in India. The same happened in Mumbai too, when it suffered its first ever flood in 2005, 10 years ago and go back further ’95 in Haryana

Haryana 1995

Mumbai 2005

Chennai 2015

…Whose turn is it next in 2025? I know I’ll be alive to see it.

Life’s not all about earning money, its about living together and helping each other..

They had their ATM cards but no ATM’s to access
They had their mobile phones but no battery charge in them
They had their houses but couldn’t stay in them.
They had their vehicles but couldn’t drive them.
All these things failed to help them at the right time BUT many kind hearted people did.
Its time to realize we are nothing in front of nature