One Indian Girl

Now I understand why it took me so long to pick up this book and give it a read. Read ahead to know what I thought of it… As a reader of novels written by Indian authors, you’re bound to pick up one or two (if not more) shitty book along the way. For me, […]

Girl/Boy Talks

“I’d like to be a character in Chetan Bhagat’s books some day…” “But how come the sudden thought baby?” “Because all the girls in his novels get to have sex” “In that case I would like to be the male character” “Really!? Are we still talking about the novel here? Like seriously!?” . . . It’s […]

…writing stories

We live in a country of more than a billion people and out these 1.33 billion people (to be exact) the favorite pastimes are either making babies or writing books. As for making babies, the population numbers speak for themselves. Writing books..that’s the latest ask the question “What do you do?” and the answer […]