Goin' the Extra..aaamile

…and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile

Tag: Communication

I am a book best “closed” or should I say “selectively open”?

Most times people do not know where to draw a line – lines are crossed and that’s how relationships are strained. Back off! Give me my space! You needn’t know every single detail of what’s going on in my life. …are definitely words I’m gonna say soon enough, if people don’t stop asking too many

‘I think I need to..’ to ‘I must go now..’

To pee or not to pee or to pee later? That is The Question. The everyday decision, every passenger needs to make before boarding the Margao bound bus from Panjim, after work. It generally takes anything between 65-75 minutes of traveling time to reach the other side of Goa – the question to ask here

English Language Day 23.04.2017

Happy English Language Day Happy Birthday William Shakespeare. English has got to be one of the coolest languages ever spoken on the face of this Earth, no wonder everybody wants to learn the language and speak it correctly. If ever there was a subject teacher that I liked in school, it had to be my