Life as we live it – TODAY

New post  L O A D I N G… Conversations have become texting Discussions happen on conference calls ..and feelings are uploaded as status updates on social platforms Some life we’re living! Less and less of human interaction, more and more time spent on devices. But can you blame people? Lives have become busier and the […]

A true lover of words

I may not possess the most extensive collection of English vocabulary available, but I do mix around the words I know and use them effectively in conversation I’ve always been a “words” person – written or spoken. There’s something about reading/listening to different people express themselves, talking about things or people that they are passionate […]

Unlimited calling!

With telecom companies coming out with various packs for unlimited calling all over the country, we suddenly find ourselves in a dilemma on who to call…. what to talk… and how long to talk… considering we have all the freedom to go on n on n on.. with unlimited calling. Remember the days when limited […]