Our Support system…

You may not always feel the need for a support system or someone to turn to when things get hard, but there will be a point in your life when that’s all you need.

Extremely touched by the few words spoken by the Indian Captain Virat Kohli about his wife, at the post-match interview after winning the series 5-1 vs South Africa.

He says:

“My wife who keeps me motivated deserves a lot of credit. I want to thank my wife. She has been a huge factor. She deserves a lot of appreciation for it. She has been criticized a lot, but she is one person who kept pushing me”

Class act Mr. Virat Kohli, well said, very classy and he couldn’t have got any better platform than to say in on television for the whole world to watch. It got the whole world talking, within seconds of which it was trending on twitter like crazy!

Thanking his wife and pointing out that she often gets (unnecessarily) criticised when things get tough. Having a strong support system is important for everyone. We all need to know someone has our back. Happy that he has finally found his.

22 days into the Ipl


Yes! 22 days later and I’m writing something about the IPL, today.

I wasn’t really excited about IPL 2017, primarily because the team I am supporting, i.e RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) was almost a non-starter, with their captain Virat Kohli all set to miss out the initial few matches, A B de Villiers out with a back issue, Sarfaraz Khan out with a freak injury during the practice sessions, and with blow-hot-n-cold Chris Gayle-you can never really say and besides he’s not the same Gayle, 10 years ago, it is almost as if RCB was fielding a second string outfit on the field.

However with the last 2 matches, that Captain Kohli is back with Gayle firing on all cylinders in the last match, could we see traces of the old RCB? They certainly have it in them to reach the top 4, even it it means struggling at the back end to reach the playoff’s.

What has impressed me the most, is some of the performances of the Indian lads so far in the tournament, guys like the Pandya’s – Krunal & Hardik, Nitesh Rana (Mumbai Indians), Rishabh Pant and  Sanju Samson (Delhi Daredevils), Manish Pandey (KKR) and Kedar Jadhav (RCB), exceptional talent backed up with superb performances.

With MI and KKR holding the top 2 positions as of now, they do seem to have the team to go all the way, but don’t count out on the RCB, or any team for that matter, all it takes is one victory to turn it all around. RCB has shown that in the past…

RCB 6 2 4 0 0 4 -0.747

6th on the points table. Looking for some better days ahead. GO RCB!!!


Team INDIA – Brought back to Earth

The high-flying INDIAN CRICKET TEST TEAM has been brought down to Earth..courtesy a slow left arm bowler namely Steve O’Keefe from Australia. Yes! It’s time for the whole of India to bash the same Indian cricket test team that has had a flawless 2016 and a great home season so far, barring this one test that they are all set out to lose, gracefully!

I am no specialist cricket analyst, all I’m saying is If the Australian batsman could apply themselves on that pitch – WHY NOT INDIA?

Some Major talking points of this Test Match:

To begin with Pune being a first time test venue, has dished out a ‘disgraceful pitch’. Why lay out a pitch that turns from day 1 or worse still ball 1? Shame on the curator.

That done. Virat’s captaincy was very ordinary, considering the fact that there was so much talk about ‘having plans for each batsman or whatever’ I believe Rahane said that, so did Virat Kohli [Rahane’s contribution of 13&18 runs, Virat Kohli contribution of 0&13, add to that senseless reviews and below average captaincy (this test)]

Playing 5 specialist bowlers on a turning/crumbling pitch, where as a team you know you will require the extra batsman instead of the extra bowler. Wrong selection! Australia was never going to be pushover team like Bangladesh. Australia was the smarter team, better team composition, I think they understood the conditions better.

So much for Team India and their unbeaten streak, so far which will end somewhere today. Shame on a team, that has played some excellent display of both, bat and ball all of 2016, to come down to getting out for 105 in the first innings and to be struggling at 102/7 in their second.

I agree, even the best team can have an off match, but on home turf..in your own backyard and its not only that – you’ve been outplayed by a team who looked clueless in Sri Lanka, on similar pitches with similar bowling attacks and with Team India boasting of in-form batsman and bowlers. It’s a shame! At least compete (104 & 107) doesn’t quite make pretty reading.. this has been a complete humiliation.

I want to hear what Harbhajan Singh has to say now!! He predicted a 4-0 in favor of India..Australia is going 0-1 up, in a hurry.

Current score as I post this 107 all out – Pathetic!!

Which team bats for less than 41 overs in a test innings? INDIA..and they’ve done it twice in the same test.

Sorry! But we’re (Indian cricket fans) not impressed!

MS Dhoni – India’s Best Captain

MS Dhoni, steps down as India captain from all formats.

Indian supporters: We want a Review   

Probably it was in the best interest to take Indian Cricket forward, and maybe now we can get to see shades of the old Dhoni playing carefree cricket like he did, when he first burst into the cricket scene before he bows out of the game altogether. 

Guess we’ll never forget Dhoni (Captain Cool) for this shot.. ever!

199 ODI’s as a captain – Yup, The Man is selfish!


The Indians & the English

I love watching cricket, but somehow this current and ongoing series against England.. I just hope Team India kicks their ASS. 

Personally, I have never been a fan of the English, I think they are just rude, blunt, unfriendly and a whole bunch of other things that don’t go along with the Indian way of life..and I suppose the feeling is mutual from their side as well, they aren’t huge fans of us too.
Yes, I have interacted with them..and trust me its not a good feeling talking to one. One can’t have a normal conversation with them..I can’t really put it into actual words, lets just say, it’s like talking to a wall OR pouring water on a ducks back etc..

Let’s have a pictorial representation of what I’m trying to say here. As an Indian or a bollywood fan…you would remember seeing this guy in movies, playing the role of a Britisher.

The guys name – Bob Christo. 

His primary roles were :

~ Stealing idols from temples
~ Planning against the government to bring it down
~ Making chemicals to make our land barren
~ Stealing food from the poor
~ Getting drugs in India.. etc.

You get my point right? The portrayal of the British people has always been negative in our movies. One can definitely tell what a nation thinks about a country/topic through its movies. So I guess its not only me then, they are people among us who don’t particularly like them, be it on a cricket field or a bollywood movie.

I do not hate them, I would rather put is as I have a strong dislike for them. I would probably welcome them home for dinner (that would be the easy part) but more importantly sitting in front of my computer a week before on google finding out things-to-talk at dinner time with them.

This post should be read keeping an open mind. Let’s remember these are my views and I guess I can write what I feel.

Team INDIA..stay afloat! #WT20


Brett Lee had predicted MID SHOW…“India will win..only just”
…oh boy!! …and didn’t India win by only JUST!!!

I can hear people burning firecrackers outside..and we’ve only defeated Bangladesh in the Super 10’s!! What a match!! 

I’m just too excited to even type out this blog post! OMG!! Yay!!  Yes!!Yes!!Yes!! India just manages to stay afloat, still yet to qualify for the semis though.

BIG BIG match..the next one! …and that’s against Australia

Congrats Team India! 


‘the moment…India WIN by 1 run!’

Cricket..Cricket & more Cricket!!

So its Cricket Time in India…lots of it!! We have the T20 WC going on..Indian Men & Women. This is gonna be great. I tend to follow the Men’s game more but this time, I’ll make it a point to catch the Women in action too.
Did I tell you they are some real cute cricketers in the Women’s cricket team…I am following one for sure, Harmanpreet Kaur <3 …a talented bats-woman..and she’s cute 🙂 She looks cuter when she’s hitting those balls to the boundary. She’s only 26 years young 🙂 What’s with these Punjabi girls..talented, cute..hardworking but the most difficult to get around 😀 Hasmeet..do you know Harmanpreet Kaur? 😀 I’d like an intro 🙂

Not sure many of us even know names of our players of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team
I can name 3 at least… Mithali Raj, Jhulan Goswami and HarmanPreet Kaur <3
For those who don’t follow the women’s game so much..Here’s the list of the 15 Women Squad for the WCT20 2016

Mithali Raj (captain)
Ekta Bisht
Thirush Kamini
Rajeshwari Gayakwad
Jhulan Goswami
Harmanpreet Kaur
Veda Krishnamurthy
Smriti Mandhana
Niranjana Nagarajan
Shikha Pandey
Anuja Patil
Poonam Yadav
Deepti Sharma
Vellaswamy Vanitha
Sushma Verma

How many have you heard of? Not many I bet…well we wish the Indian Women’s Cricket team to do well...March 15 is the date – India take on Bangladesh.

The Indian players (Men&Women posing with their new Team Jersey)

We also wish the Indian Men’s Cricket Team all the best! Indian Men play their first match on March 15th too 

It’s Cricket all the way! and then we have the IPL to follow, so its Cricket T20 Madness for 2 months at least. So girls, if your boyfriends want to watch a cricket match, don’t grumble..we need our MAN time too you see 🙂 Of course, if they are watching the Indian Women’s cricket match..you might want to watch it with them 🙂

That’s MSD surrounded by the pretty Indian Women Cricket team players

Go Men & Women in Blue!!

Bleed BLUE

Team Pakistan gets trolled on Twitter

Pakistan, well…I don’t even feel sorry for them. Pathetic display of cricketing skills. But to get beaten by Bangladesh is an embarrassment. Users get on Twitter to troll the Pakistan Team.

You gotta feel bad for Md. Amir tho’, the guy’s got serious talent.

My contribution in terms of a tweet:

Gone are my dreams of an IndVsPak final. It cannot get any worse for Pakistan. Absolute RUBBISH team minus Md.Amir-he’s a class act



For Pakistan losing is one issue, explaining in English on why they lost is a bigger challenge!

Comedy night with Pakistan team.

Pakistan team be like: Joke on you Bangla tigers. At least we won’t be losing twice to India in one series.

Two no-balls cost poor Pakistan the match.
Not the first time that crossing a line has cost them!

….that’s not all, the captain isn’t spared too..Shahid Afridi gets out for a duck.

aaap boom boom bubble gum k hi qabil hai @SAfridiOfficial

Shahid Afridi be like:
Runs are temporary..
But Ducks are Permanent !!

Afridi is more consistence batsman than Virat kohli,
kohli sometime missed 50 but afridi never mis Duck

Of course when the Indian Cricket Team doesn’t do well..they get trolled too…but its just more fun reading Pakistan cricketers getting trolled. Cricket fans are very emotional. Win or Lose, Twitter is always in business 🙂