22 days into the Ipl

Yes! 22 days later and I’m writing something about the IPL, today. I wasn’t really excited about IPL 2017, primarily because the team I am supporting, i.e RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) was almost a non-starter, with their captain Virat Kohli all set to miss out the initial few matches, A B de Villiers out with […]

The Indians & the English

I love watching cricket, but somehow this current and ongoing series against England.. I just hope Team India kicks their ASS.  Personally, I have never been a fan of the English, I think they are just rude, blunt, unfriendly and a whole bunch of other things that don’t go along with the Indian way of life..and […]

Team INDIA..stay afloat! #WT20

Brett Lee had predicted MID SHOW…“India will win..only just” …oh boy!! …and didn’t India win by only JUST!!! I can hear people burning firecrackers outside..and we’ve only defeated Bangladesh in the Super 10’s!! What a match!!  I’m just too excited to even type out this blog post! OMG!! Yay!!  Yes!!Yes!!Yes!! India just manages to stay […]

Team Pakistan gets trolled on Twitter

Pakistan, well…I don’t even feel sorry for them. Pathetic display of cricketing skills. But to get beaten by Bangladesh is an embarrassment. Users get on Twitter to troll the Pakistan Team. You gotta feel bad for Md. Amir tho’, the guy’s got serious talent. My contribution in terms of a tweet: ® SJSP™‏@iPaes_Goa Gone are […]