Crime Patrol Dial 100

Today afternoon I watched a couple of episodes, really really shocking stories. I wondered; How much of truth is there to these stories?
* Are these REAL stories, shown through various episodes of Crime Patrol?
* Are all these stories fictional, scripted and exaggerated ?

Some stories shown, easily sends chills down ones spine. I can understand, maybe some of these things happen..but then to the extreme extents that script writers go to making an episode look real, is frightening to say the least. There is no topic that is left untouched that Crime Patrol hasn’t covered..rape (gang rape), acid attacks, robbery, murder, prostitution, sexual harassment at work, dowry, kidnapping, incest, revenge, deceit…and the list goes on.

As much as ‘Crime Patrol’ serves the purpose of making people aware of what goes on in a country like ours, it also gives ideas to those ‘frustrated-criminal’ minds who might want to copy and try out activities like this.

Another thing which must be emphasized here is the picturization of the Indian Police Force and Crime Branch efficiency when it comes to nabbing the criminal in these episodes. If only the police were 50% of what is shown on screen, in the real life, this country would be not twice as bad as it seems. Again, not all Police officials are corrupt, but then who can tell the difference.

The average Indian would try and tackle the problem herself/himself rather than go to the Police.. am I not right?

Instead of ‘feeling safe’ at a police station, it is just the opposite especially for women.

I don’t know how many of you watch this serial. For those who do, what are your views?