Unexplainable dreams

Have you ever had dreams which seem really weird? ..in a sense that, when you wake up next morning and you try and evaluate the dream, you can make no sense of it.
The past few days I’ve had dreams of:

(a) 15 years of memory erased, the Year 2000 – the Year 2015 – gone! just like that! I wake up one morning and everything’s different yet I don’t seem perturbed at all, though I do find a letter in my hand

(b) Riding a kinetic bike in the college corridors (the fact of which is I neither know how to ride a bike nor would I do an audacious think like that – EVER! – and Kinetic bike! seriously how old is that bike?)

(c) Walking through a narrow road alone amidst old houses, which after a while leads to a secret beach with only a few select people are seen swimming in. I am known to everybody there. It’s my getaway place. I always seem to go there.

(c) The most recent one being that its the last day on earth and we’ve just received the news and there’s chaos everywhere… I am waking around smiling.

The above dreams do seem like really good blog posts if I choose to publish the remaining part of the dream, which of course remained incomplete… but what appealed to me more, what if these events were to actually happen to me in the ‘real life’ – at least the first and the last one

Many people do not remember their dreams, but I do… and that too in the finest of details. Sometimes, I wonder whether it’s actually a dream or I’m just imagining stuff in my mind!? Either way… at least my mind is getting the sleep that it needs to reach the level of being able to get into dreamland.

I don’t think dreams ever come true! Trust me, if it did… my life would not have been the one I am living today!

..a little more fight left?

You’re breathing your last few breaths on the operation table with doctors doing their best to save you.. but its not really in their hands..

Do you have a little more of a fight left in you to see it through… back to life?

Its not that he’s never done it before..and surely for him and his girlfriend who are in two separate rooms with doctors working hard to save their lives, He knew he had to fight doubly hard for the both of them to make it alive. It didn’t look good.

He did promise her parents, he would bring their daughter back before nightfall and he was not one to go back on his word – of course there was just one problem, he didn’t know how long this would take.

What would it feel if you could overlook everything’s that’s been happening… from the outside but can do nothing about it?

Fighting between life and death, would time be on their side this time round? It was already more than a couple of hours in surgery by the time the families got to the hospital. It wasn’t really the time to know how it all happened but more the time to pray and hope for the best.
How could I let go, there were so many people here at the hospital who were praying for us.. as I whispered into my baby’s ears;

“we need to hold on Debra, we need to hang on for the people who love us”

It was after what seemed like the longest 3 and a half hours of surgery, did the doctor finally come out and say,

“You’re son’s heart is beating but with the help of a machine, the next 24 hours is critical”.

What did he care? What about Debra? How was she doing?

Every passing hour seemed liked forever, Debra’s mum and dad hadn’t moved from their seats, I needed to assure them that everything would be alright, their Debra would be fine – she would come back home. It was all out of a sudden when we heard on the intercom;

Paging Dr. Dennis, ITS AN EMERGENCY, Dr Dennis – Room No 411.

It was me.. the body that lay on the bed was not responding and the heart rate had steadily kept decreasing at a fast pace…did it mean??? My vision was getting blurrier, why couldn’t I see anything clearly any more? ..they were trying to keep me alive but I didn’t have any fight in me left.. but Debra.. I struggled to get to her room, I held her hands tight, closing my eyes –

“you’re going home Debra, you’re going back home”.

As a straight line showed on the monitor, the doctor turned around and said, 

“I’m sorry, he didn’t make it..”

Down the hallway in room 402, there seemed to be activity happening there too – the patient was responding, so was her heart rate improving gradually.

For that mini second, heartbeat it was an ‘all Allan-Debra moment’ there! 

Welcome back Debra! 


This was a dream I got, a few weeks ago.. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I thought the best thing to do, would be to convert it into a blog post. It lay in my drafts, until I finally decided to post it. The best part of it was, I woke up smiling.. 

Wishes..as a child

As a child I wished, that I’d become an adult soon but if only I knew better, that being an adult would mean a receding hairline and a baby-paunch.. I think life was better as a kid. No way to go back tho’.

Anyone building a time machine, that can take me back? 

Image result for time machine to go in past

I’d also wished, I would be famous as an adult..somewhere on the lines of a famous author or maybe a famous inspirational talker, impacting the lives of young peopleif only I knew being an adult would get me as far as owning a blog of my own and little else.

..and then I’d also imagine what if I had super powers… the power of invisibility, the power to fly, the power of having an unending supply of whatever I need at the press of a button. I still imagine those things..the adult in me, questions… “like seriously?? What were you thinking??” Guess there’s no harm in wishing, I say..it may still happen, you never know

Now as an adult, I don’t do anything special.. the normal..the routine..and then I think to myself “what would it take…to be a child again?”

the laughter…
the smiles…
the good times…
the pranks…
I could do with all that again

The ‘Inner child’ in me…can I give it a second chance? or has the adult life take over for good?


Having not have achieved a lot so far, I still continue to dream..I still wish..that someday I will see all of it happen in reality. I know it will, it just takes that much longer for some.