Goin' the Extra..aaamile

…and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile

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In Life..

  We run 🏃 and run 🏃‍♀️and run 🏃 chasing dreams.. a better this.. a greater that.. but if we slow down, just a bit.. we’d realize.. the only thing worth chasing.. Isn’t running, at all.. It’s peaceful.. never in a rush.. It is still.. yet constantly moving through life.. and it is pursuing US.. so, slow down there’s

When dreams make you smile..

There’s something about the cool weather, be it accompanied with rain or just pleasant climate that gets me in a very good mood, especially at nights.. that’s when all good things happen. I’m not sure where your mind wandered off (for a split second) with that above sentence, but I am talking about Dreams. Yesterday was

Unexplainable dreams

Have you ever had dreams which seem really weird? ..in a sense that, when you wake up next morning and you try and evaluate the dream, you can make no sense of it. The past few days I’ve had dreams of: (a) 15 years of memory erased, the Year 2000 – the Year 2015 –

..a little more fight left?

You’re breathing your last few breaths on the operation table with doctors doing their best to save you.. but its not really in their hands.. Do you have a little more of a fight left in you to see it through… back to life? Its not that he’s never done it before..and surely for him

Wishes..as a child

As a child I wished, that I’d become an adult soon but if only I knew better, that being an adult would mean a receding hairline and a baby-paunch.. I think life was better as a kid. No way to go back tho’. Anyone building a time machine, that can take me back?  I’d also wished, I would