A Game of Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the coolest board games one can play (minimum 2, maximum 4 players) I enjoy playing scrabble, simply because I can show off my vocabulary, not that I have a very expansive vocab.. but there are some words I use, which my opponents are generally not aware of – like for example the […]

What’s your point?

Imagine this… You’re telling a friend an amazing story and you just get to the best part, when suddenly he interrupts “Micheal and myself” not “I and Micheal” aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh – BAM! you lose your chain of thought! Most of us would probably be really annoyed, but aside from the very rude interruption, does your friend […]

English fun!

Do & Make  Teacher: Henry can you give us an example by using do and make in one sentence Henry: I do my girlfriend and we make a baby together 😉 He might not have the grammatically correct sentence but at least he’s got a plan! 😉 Moral: Think Different! Think Ahead!

Reading the way ‘u’ write

Isn’t is cool when you can actually know someone ‘a little more’ by reading through his/her handwriting? It’s all about strokes, the way one crosses their T’s, or dot their i’s or simply write random stuff and have no clue that every alphabet carries information about yourself and there is someone who can actually interpret […]