English Language Day 23.04.2017

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Happy Birthday William Shakespeare.

English has got to be one of the coolest languages ever spoken on the face of this Earth, no wonder everybody wants to learn the language and speak it correctly.

If ever there was a subject teacher that I liked in school, it had to be my English Teacher, they were just different in a classy way, much cooler than the Mathematics teacher or worse still the History professor. I liked my computer teacher a lot too.. much more than the English teacher in college, but that was for different reasons.

I’ve always enjoyed communicating in English, no language sounds better to the ear. French is another language that is close to my heart (not that I can go further than, Bonjour, Comment allez-vous? Comment tu t’appelles?)

Speaking in English is Cool, French is sexy!

‘Impressions’ and Just being yourself

I DO NOT understand why people need to impress others to feel good.

How about trying to be yourself? Shouldn’t be all that difficult right?

I understand you want to market yourself well or basically create a good impression on another person, but trying to be someone who you’re not – how is that ever going to get you to impress someone else? At least I’m never impressed with a show-off performance. What impresses me is genuinity, humility and being comfortable within oneself.

People who would fall in the I want-to-IMPRESS-category would be:

~1~ People who live abroad say for a year/holiday for a few months and suddenly they all begin to have British, American..and what not other accents. Please!

~2~ Call center people-Good Lord! They are often themselves confused on what English they speak, British, American or Indian and then they throw around an accent to make it all the more complicated.
~3~ People who study under the British Council (In India). I know the trainers are foreigners, YOU AREN’T, so stop imitating them and trying to PUT ON an accent. You’re Indian, speak the way you can. It’s not about the accent but making yourself understood.

~4~ English Language Teachers/Trainers who for some reason, feel its cooler to role their r’s and use American slang words in-between their seminars. Please kill these people, like seriously.

~5~ South Indian people who are very excited to speak in English which isn’t their first language, they speak but it doesn’t sound English at all. Sorry! Some are really good, I agree but for those who are learning the language, stick to speaking it correctly for a start and don’t get too excited.

These are some of the categories of people I have come across, and when I talk to them – they say they don’t understand me..I mean, I speak in English – I have no idea what they understand.

I don’t even need to go and search for such people, they somehow seem to find me. I agree, I am in the teaching profession and I ought to correct, when people talk English the incorrect way – but what happens when you can’t understand what they speak?

Speak to Express,NOT to Impress. It isn’t the style but the understanding that is important.

Enjoy speaking a language, don’t make a mockery of it. English is a beautiful language.


What’s your point?

Imagine this…

You’re telling a friend an amazing story and you just get to the best part, when suddenly he interrupts

“Micheal and myself” not “I and Micheal”

aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh – BAM! you lose your chain of thought!

Most of us would probably be really annoyed, but aside from the very rude interruption, does your friend have a point?

Was the sentence actually grammatically incorrect?

and even if was, he still understood it right, so why does it even matter?

Well..the moment has passed! You’re all of a sudden from a very good mood – to now pissed!

How many of us Grammar Police out here? 



bae? What the hell is up with that?


Seriously bae…now English has words like that? It doesn’t even sound like a word. How does one pronounce it? Ba-e? Baie? or B.A.E?

I googled it…some searches say it means “baby” while another search says it stands for “before anyone else”. Never seen google so confused before 😉

So, what’s the deal?

What will be a grammatically correct sentence using the word?

English fun!

Do & Make 

Teacher: Henry can you give us an example by using do and make in one sentence

Henry: I do my girlfriend and we make a baby together 😉

He might not have the grammatically correct sentence but at least he’s got a plan! 😉

Moral: Think Different! Think Ahead!

Reading the way ‘u’ write


Isn’t is cool when you can actually know someone ‘a little more’ by reading through his/her handwriting? It’s all about strokes, the way one crosses their T’s, or dot their i’s or simply write random stuff and have no clue that every alphabet carries information about yourself and there is someone who can actually interpret it?

Did you know that a simple capital ‘I’ can tells us stuff about what kind of a relationship we share with our parents?

That’s the study of handwriting, known as Graphology..and I might be able to pick up a thing or two by looking at your handwriting. It’s like someone’s taking a peek into you and getting to know stuff about you even without you telling them anything…that’s awesome! Freaky too! But soooooooooooo good!

I attended a two day certified course in Graphology and boy! did I learn things!  I may not be the expert in reading everything you write but I would definitely be able to pick up things by just looking at your handwriting.IMG-20160908-WA0014.jpg

Our small group of handwriting enthusiasts 🙂  – – – – > > >

What is Graphology? 

It is the science involved in producing a personality profile of the writer by examining the characteristics, traits and strokes of an individual’s handwriting.

I am now at Level I certification in Graphology…Woooohooooo! Level II, later this month. This is simply awesome!

I have always been fascinated by the different styles of writing! (basically calligraphy, but graphology and calligraphy are different, something I learnt in the course) I do have a good handwriting but to get to know the mystery behind an alphabet, its design, the pressure of your pen, the stroke made by the pen on paper..its connection with the next alphabet, its size, its placement on a piece of paper etc etc. Who knew there was so much to know in just an alphabet, a word, a sentence, a paragraph. I could go on..but I guess you get it!

So, the next time adding to the way I analyse people by their body movements (body language) I’ll try to get a glimpse of their writing as well. You know, so I know more.

Always going for the extr…aaaa  bit 🙂