Sarcasm is an ART

Not many people have it, but I guess it would be pretty cool to hang around people who do. Well.. as long as it isn’t targeted at you.. cool or even if it was, if you can dish it out, I’m sure you can take it well right!?

I was introduced to sarcasm only after watching a certain F.R.I.E.N.D.S character Chandler Bing ..and boy! was he really good at it! I don’t think anybody can actually be as cool as him! At least I haven’t come across any one as yet in the real world-who comes close!

While many people think that being sarcastic is a bad thing and it hurts people’s feelings, (whatever!) it can also be seen as fun (a few laughs maybe!)– if viewed in the positive sense, though people are unlikely to take it in that sense, at least not in India (for those who get it) There are large portions of Indians in India, who have probably heard the word and still do not know what it is or recognize it. CB

Being Sarcastic is a talent/ an art, a skill that very few people possess. It is the ability to insult/make fun of someone or something without the other end realizing it. (Well, at least most of the time)

Whatever is said or defined about people who are sarcastic – According to me – it could be a mechanism that people use, to hide themselves behind (more like a giant wall) because if not otherwise, people would see the real us, the ‘us’ we’re afraid that people may not like. 

I’ve really toned down a lot on the levels of sarcasm I use in conversation nowadays, may be I should beef that up a bit. It does give me a whole different outlook.. a whole different side of me comes out. While I use diplomacy more often, sarcasm seems more like fun. 

Be it Chandler Bing or the more recent Sheldon Cooper.. they make wonderful viewing when in full flow.. that is if of course you get what they are saying. 

A collection of Chandler’s best! 

Lessons in Life

Things we’ve all learnt from

1. Never use “We were on a break” as an excuse


3. For more space on the bed, use the “hug and roll” technique

4. You can do a lot with cups and ice

5. Always say the RIGHT NAME at the altar

6. “man bags” aren’t manly

7. “How you doin” NEVER fails

8. If stung by a jellyfish, pee on it

9. Never let a monkey near a TV remote

10. Always read make-up letters all the way through, even if they’re 18 pages FRONT and BACK

11. Meat is not an ingredient in trifle

12. Your first name is not your family name 😉

13. Everyone has an identical hand twin

14. Regina Falange and Ken Adams make great false names

15. When moving a couch upstairs, PIVOT!

16. Never put your head in a turkey

17. A nap with your friend could be the best nap you’ve ever had

18. Everybody has a lobster

19. Strip poker is a great game to play with friends

20. There are 7 erogenous zones. Start out with a little 1, a 2, a 1-2-3, a 3, a 5, 4, 3-2, 2, 2-4-6, 2-4-6, 4, 2, 2, 4-7, 5-7, 6-7, 7… 7… 7… 7 7 7 7 7 7… seven.

Am DONE! Phew! 😉