Witness to ‘Love’

There’s nothing more satisfying then see people smile… 2 consenting adults and their families… For the first time, I was asked to be a witness for a civil marriage [yes another FIRST] Stand witness to Love  While the whole process took much… much longer than what I expected it would take, it still gave me immense […]

41 years n counting..

Today is mum and dad’s anniversary…41 years of togetherness. Wow! Dad got married when he was 26. …and here is his son, in his 30’s..single & rocking! (literally & figuratively)  I asked dad “What were you thinking, getting married at 26?” and the simple man that he is…gives me an answer I never quite expected […]

Word count: 100

He didn’t know if HER coming into his life was a good or a bad thing. She made him feel special, something he never felt before. He thought it was Love, she was looking for love too, just of a different kind.  He fought against his family, for his Love. He had her side. He won. […]

The pesky sister

“Here’s a first…there’s food on the table and you’re not eating it” “I’m not hungry” “Uh-oh girl trouble” “It’s Veronica” “you screwed up, didn’t you” “I don’t know…it was the perfect moment, we started kissing and…” “wait a sec…DO I wanna hear the end of that?” “…and you’re kissing girls now? does mom and dad […]

Over the years…

Got hold of a handful of photographs…tried sequencing them in chronological order..and I came up with this..starting way back from 1984 The Year: 1983, 1 year old. The Era of black & white photos and colorful lives 🙂 I can’t imagine dad looked like that 🙂 and my sister’s big black eyes 😀 Mom looks […]

What is Prayer?

Prayer doesn’t just happen when we kneel or put hands together and focus and expect things from God Instead… Thinking positive and wishing good for others – That is Prayer When you hug a friend – That’s a Prayer When you cook something to nourish family & friends – That’s a prayer When we send […]