Someone smiled…

Someone smiled at me today.
I do not know who she is or where she came from
She must have been new in town,
I don’t remember seeing her face before.
What an amazing woman!
She smiled at ME.

Someone smiled at me today.
Her smile had a familiar warmth,
Did I know her?
It was as if her smile was trying to tell me something
but she hadn’t opened her mouth..
she continued smiling at ME

Someone smiled at me today.
Was this woman some kind of artist?
She stood at a distance at first she drew closer,
I couldn’t help but look into her eyes.
It is was hard to believe what I saw.
She was now standing right here in front of me
and she was smiling at me.

It was a horrible day, it couldn’t have been worse
I was fired from my job, lost my phone & left stranded in the middle of the highway 

Yet I slept peacefully that night.
I couldn’t stop thinking…
That comforting smile 

Who was that woman?
Why was she smiling at me?
Where did she come from?
Where did she disappear?

Start – Restart – Reboot!


Walking to work at 7.45 a.m crossing the otherwise very busy M.G Road, thinking to himself ‘what have I got myself into… and a million other thoughts which crossed his mind, every single day. He didn’t even recognize himself at times, looking at himself in the mirror hanging on the wall. The fact that he lived alone, cooked for himself and knew no-one he could call his own, he had practically himself for company if he needed any. His colleagues at work..the lesser said about them the better.

A few years ago, he would have made a great advertisement for a health gym, now sported a bearded almost invisible stomach, lanky that he was, he looked like a bamboo standing erect barely having enough stamina to get him to work and back.

He never quite got to work that day and no-one knew what had happened to him. Viktor Braganza SIMPLY disappeared ONE DAY!

It was 8.45 a.m and the accounts department had a chair empty. Work never stops for anyone and though it was obvious that the man occupying the NOW empty chair hasn’t come, was absent or on leave, work is carried on. The staff in the accounts department have to report earlier than the rest. They are all ready and geared up for another challenging and busy day at ‘Friggin’s Mall’. It’s a Saturday, usually the heaviest day of the week and Diwali being round the corner, the mall would be having more than its regular shoppers.

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the Introduction

Daddy, I have a special someone in my life and I would like you to meet him

Sure honey, how about tomorrow?


(The Next day)

Daddy, this is Antonious

Hello Young man

(turning to the daughter) Is this the same Antonious your mother has been talking about?

Yes daddy and I love him so much <3 <3 <3

(Excusing himself, he takes his daughter to the side) dear child, can’t you find any other man? Haven’t you been in and out of a…what do you call it..’a friendship’ with him and now you’re in love with him?

But daddy…I so.. (Antonious interrups)

I’m sorry to interrupt, I could not help but overhear your conversation and in my defense Sir, I do love your daughter a lot and I am also a kind and gentle lover

Come again…?

(turns to suzy) Seriously..who is he again?



The Wedding night

Its one thing imagining different scenarios when it comes to having sex, but being right there with your wife, on your wedding night and you’re expected to have all the action, the pressure was building up slowly. Mario wasn’t nervous but he wasn’t all that relaxed either. Patricia was sitting on the bed while Mario found himself sitting on the sofa removing his socks and shoes.

“mind helping me pull down the zipper, I can’t reach behind”

Mario, now her husband helped her come out of her wedding dress which by no means was an easy task.

“that dress must be very heavy on you and you wore it all day today”

“that’s why it feels so good to get out of it” she replied, as he watched her walk towards the bathroom for her long awaited shower.

The more time she spent in the bathroom, the more time it gave him to think about ‘what comes next’. Not that he didn’t know, they had talked about it and she’d said that she wouldn’t mind doing it on the first night. He put his hand into his bag and took out a brand new underwear for the night, not that he was going to use it much. She would still see it. He chose a blue color, that was her favorite color.

It was already 1.15 in the morning by the time Mario had his shower while she was lying down on the bed waiting for him.

“are you gonna wear long pants to sleep?” she asked

He smiled, walked towards the light switch to turn the lights off, undid his pants and got under the sheets.

the one last time…

She poured out her heart to me..and as always I was there for her…she said she needed to talk, and we talked..a lot. We met at our favorite joint ‘Soft Cushions’, a little away from the hustle bustle of the city. She always liked the corner sofa for its extra soft cushions and the fact that they had dim lighting made it her favorite spot!

“see you in an hour at Cushions”

“this must be a really long talk, the sofa at the corner?” I asked

“yup as always” 🙂

“but…those cushions are like really soft, I kinda go right in..I’ll be there”

He was already there when I was parking my bike. Being regulars at “Cushions” the waiters knew our orders by heart. As we passed the food counter, the waiter asked

“Will it be the usual Ma’am?”

“Yes that and a lot of privacy” I smiled as we walked to our favorite corner

There was something distinctly different in Riya’s behavior, I couldn’t point on anything in particular that made her smile more. When I asked her what was special today? She replied saying that she was always happy when we spent time together. I told her that she was the bestest friend that anyone could have and that I was lucky to have her in my life. It was true, we did share liked this PERFECT friendship. We spoke about the good times we shared, when we first met in college and found ourselves sitting next to each other on the same bench, how we became friends to good friends and the fact that till this day we were best friends and shared all our deepest secrets with each other.

The Next Morning – 9.30am

Sitting on the bed, holding the card in my left hand, attached to it is a note. It read:

hi baby!

good morning! A glass of your favorite cold coffee is in the fridge, there is more in the container next to it.. I know you always like it cold.

Thank you for the wonderful time we spent together since last evening, it was very special, it meant a lot to me. What you’re holding in your other hand is my wedding invitation card. Yes, I am getting married in 2 days. By the time you read this, I’ll be on a flight to New York. All I wanted is a fitting end to a beautiful relationship we shared, I have always loved you but guess you only saw me as your best friend.

Remember you asked me “what was special today” I came with the intention of telling you my true feelings for you but when you said I was the bestest friend that anyone could have and that you were lucky to have me in your life, I understood you’ll never see me more than, ‘as a best friend’

“What is the meaning of this?” …as I recollected all of the previous evening’s events.

I get on to my phone to send her a message on whats app, scrolling up and down the contact list…how did her number disappear?

Trying to remember the number;

What was her number again?? 9 0 4 6 1 5…. 2? damn it!! 

Aim for the SKY!

Her luggage was all packed and ready. As the time of her departure drew closer, she asked herself one last time if she really wanted to go. The thought of leaving behind her family, friends and everyone that mattered to her was painful! But then it was her dream to go abroad for further studies, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and she knew she couldn’t let go of it. She took a deep breath, hugged her dad and mum real tight and said;

“As the plane passes over, I’ll wave out to you from my window, wave out back to me okay”

she bid goodbye and as her flight took off she knew in her heart that she was a girl that always aimed for the sky and settled for nothing less!

As the plane flew overhead, her parents waved out, looking upwards from their  living room gallery. If they only knew that it would be the last time they would wave out to their daughter.

It was another story that the plane never touched down on land again.

Love at first errr…erection

“damn! the electricity sux.. this is the 6th time this week” I told myself

Searching the kitchen drawers “…what a time to run out of candles”..I’ll ask next door, what better time than now to meet the neighbor”

There was no response after a couple of knocks. I decided to knock a little harder on the door latch..the door was opened and I hadn’t even realised.

“Ouch” he said

He had a weird expression on his face “Hiiii…elllooo, I am Suzy, your next door neigghhhh….”

Standing in front of me is a well..a man, a good man..a young man, but why was he almost naked? He had his jockeys on, he had not a single hair on his chest. Yes, I was leering.

“Excuse Me” he asked…

He was definitely in some kind of pain…I asked him “Is everything alright?”

“You knocked on me…!” he said

“I am extremely sorry, I didn’t mean to knock your….you” I sounded sincere

“I have some vaseline…” I went back into the pitch darkness of my apartment. A few things dropped but I managed to lay my hands on the bottle.

“Here it is…”

As I stood there in front of his door, I noticed his jockeys swell

I liked what I saw

He didn’t seem to want to cover up

It was dark, barring a few candles burning in his apartmentcandle.png

a few seconds passed, he broke the silence “Maybe I can lend you a candle”

“…Yes a candle…a long one if you have one… errr…. I mean a long lasting one…”

“or maybe you would like to come in and sit down, till the current gets back” he suggested

“Yes, I’d like that… I mean…that’d be nice, thankyou”

Wearing lounge shorts always made me feel comfortable, it seemed a little different tonight tho’

Ready…Set..Go…well not quite! ~2

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My bags were all packed and ready, I was ready …but I never quite made it to the International Airport to catch my flight in the wee hours of the morning.

The phone rang at around 12.15 a.m, I remember the time because I looked at the digital clock and wondered who could be calling at this ungodly hour.

the voice on the other side seemed to be very tense

“Martha..Martha, is that you..Candice..Candice..has she left for the airport?

“Aunty Maggie, this is Candice, how are you? Why are u sounding so tense?

“…there has been a firing..shooting..people are killed at V.T station..some attack..please don’t leave the house at any cost..stay indoors”

“whatttt!! this can’t be happeneing…but I have a flight to catch in….”

(shouting from the living room mummyyyyyyy..daddddyyyy, aunty maggie on the phone…there has been a shooting at V.T, some sort of an attack..but I have a flight to catch, how will I go?)

Rushing to the phone..Maggie what is it? After relating almost the same thing to my mother again..

Hearing all the high pitch sounds that my mom was making on the phone, my brother woke up too

“What’s going on..doesn’t anyone here want to sleep?”

In the meantime dad quickly switched on the TV for the latest updates. I was visibly very upset, considering my flight was to take off in less than 5 hours, how would I reach the Airport? We all sat in front of the television…

After mom put the phone down, she looks at me, “you’re not going anywhere education or job is more important than your life”

Why is everyone awake at this time? Allan turned his eyes on the television which was quite loud in volume “dad, normal sleep at this time, the TV is too loudwait!! what’s going on here? as he sat to watch updates flashing on the screen, all news channels had just one news flashing on their screens ‘Mumbai was under attack’ 

…yes my city was yet again in trouble as Allan kept on asking questions on how, who, why, where etc…

shhhhh.. my dad said, I’m watching

“Allan please, we’re trying to watch here…”

Alan..she suddenly remembered, Oh My God…AlanAlan

What? why are you talking now?… we’re all watching right? barked her brother

Not dumbo, friend. I told him to come to the airport..he….he…he….she looks for her phone..this cannot be possibly happening…

Where is my phone??


The first dinner..getting there – Part 4

I had made up my mind, that I’d do only one round after Manisha had agreed to go for dinner later that night, you get ready and stuff and it was already 5.30. Our dinner date wasn’t until 7.30 but still..

“Manisha, I’ll do just the 1 round with you today, just remembered something I have to do”

“but I thought you came to jog..and technically..technically we still have another 2 hours for dinner” You’re already thinking about dinner, aren’t you? 😀

How does she know what i’m thinking? She’s good..

I smile gently “Oh no, I wasn’t thinking about dinner 🙂 okay 3 rounds and then I’ll have to go” 🙂

“okay, me too”

(Half an hour later and we were on our bikes heading home)

“see you soon” as I waved out a bye, looked at my watch..6.15 and sped off.

(My car needed to be washed, so did I..3 rounds and I wouldn’t say I smelt the best)
45 minutes later, my car and myself were all squeaky clean. I went down for a last minute car inspection when I heard a voice as if someone was talking to me

“hey buster” I looked around, there was no one around

“down here” I looked down “Was someone trying to talk to me? I must be dreaming”

“near your right foot dumbo”

I looked at my car front tyre..was my tyre just talking to me?

“you wouldn’t want to forget me, whose gonna fill me up?”

damn!.. I need to fill air “…and don’t call me dumbo” looking at the tyre. I’m talking to a tyre now? I must be loosing it!

I decided a purple shirt on a black pant will be what I would be wearing for the dinner date.

I heard dad telling mom in the background “You’re getting a daughter-in-law soon” 🙂 Martin’s got that look in his eyes. He looks up to me “Good choice son, Purple looks good on you” We high-five

7.10 and I was on my way, Alizee blasting from my car speakers. Manisha was all I could think of..and how would the jingle Martin & Manisha, Manisha & Martin sound 🙂

7.25 and I am almost there, I lower the volume as I get nearer.

I hear birds tweeting as I ring the bell. I am greeted by a young boy at the door..looking at me he throws the door wide open and shouts

“Manuuuuuu your boyfriend is here” I smile, I instantly like this small boy 🙂

An elderly man comes walking towards the door “Come in Martin, I am Manisha’s dad…and this little boy (now hiding behind his dad) is Melvin, our youngest son”

“Hi Melvin..I bought a chocolate for you” he grabs it and runs away

“Uncle is Manisha ready?”

“She almost is.. I guess. Have a seat..might take a while” and we both smile


Arranged/planned meeting – Part 3


I changed into my running shorts, threw over a new white t-shirt and rode to the city’s joggers park, I needed a jog. I don’t do it as a regular practice but I like to surprise myself sometimes. It takes me approximately 3 minutes to get to the jogging track.

I do my warm ups before I start my jog, you know the light running, a little stretching etc when I see Manisha approaching from a distance, she’s jogging with headphones over her head, it looks like she’s been jogging a long time, she passes by without noticing me. I run behind trying to catch up with her and we’re now running almost next to each other. Considering I have just started on my first round, she is quite fast nevertheless I try to keep pace.When next to her, I say;

“Hi Manisha”

she doesn’t react, damn! She’s got headphones, she won’t be able to hear you (I grumble to myself, maybe I’ll tap her and get her attention. I almost instantly reject that idea, remembering our awkward departing exchange when we met the first time, I wanted to hug while she wanted to shake hands, and then I took out my hand for the hand shake while she put her hand down. We finally smiled and went our ways. Awkward!!

(Maybe I’ll jog in front of her and make eye contact  …yeah that should work)
I jog a little faster to get slightly ahead and turn backwards, we make eye contact, I wave my hand a couple of times and lip the word hi. She stops..

“hey” she says “what you doing here?”


“Oh yes!”  (I can she she’s sweating, she wipes her sweat off her face and hands with her face towel. We stand there doing nothing for a few seconds. I decide to break the silence…)

“Nice to bump into you here”

“Let’s walk?” she asks I nod my head and now walk together

“I’ve never seen you jog here before, you live somewhere around in this area right?”

“I come once or twice a week..and yes just a few kms from here” smiling nervously

“That explains the price tag on your shorts” she continued “…and you just bought them, didn’t u?” she lets out a laugh

(she has the most infectious laugh and I laughed along. It was fair to say it was ‘our’ first happy moment together)

“I won’t lie, I saw you the other evening when I was riding past the track and I thought it would be a nice place to meet you”

“At the joggers track? Okay, as you say so…”

“Manisha, let’s have dinner tonight? You know… celebrating the new shorts?”

She smiled “Okay, sounds perfect!”

“I’ll pick you at 7.30”

“Sure..but you don’t know where I stay..wait! you do, don’t you”

“yup” 🙂

That’s the last time I’ll be seeing of those shorts for sure, besides I found them too tight..what was I ever thinking?