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The first dinner..getting there – Part 4

I had made up my mind, that I’d do only one round after Manisha had agreed to go for dinner later that night, you know..to get ready and stuff and it was already 5.30. Our dinner date wasn’t until 7.30 but still..

“Manisha, I’ll do just the 1 round with you today, just remembered something I have to do”

“but I thought you came to jog..and technically..technically we still have another 2 hours for dinner” You’re already thinking about dinner, aren’t you? 😀

How does she know what i’m thinking? She’s good..

I smile gently “Oh no, I wasn’t thinking about dinner 🙂 okay 3 rounds and then I’ll have to go” 🙂

“okay, me too”

(Half an hour later and we were on our bikes heading home)

“see you soon” as I waved out a bye, looked at my watch..6.15 and sped off.

(My car needed to be washed, so did I..3 rounds and I wouldn’t say I smelt the best)
45 minutes later, my car and myself were all squeaky clean. I went down for a last minute car inspection when I heard a voice as if someone was talking to me

“hey buster” I looked around, there was no one around

“down here” I looked down “Was someone trying to talk to me? I must be dreaming”

“near your right foot dumbo”

I looked at my car front tyre..was my tyre just talking to me?

“you wouldn’t want to forget me, whose gonna fill me up?”

damn!.. I need to fill air “…and don’t call me dumbo” looking at the tyre. I’m talking to a tyre now? I must be loosing it!

I decided a purple shirt on a black pant will be what I would be wearing for the dinner date.

I heard dad telling mom in the background “You’re getting a daughter-in-law soon” 🙂 Martin’s got that look in his eyes. He looks up to me “Good choice son, Purple looks good on you” We high-five

7.10 and I was on my way, Alizee blasting from my car speakers. Manisha was all I could think of..and how would the jingle Martin & Manisha, Manisha & Martin sound 🙂

7.25 and I am almost there, I lower the volume as I get nearer.

I hear birds tweeting as I ring the bell. I am greeted by a young boy at the door..looking at me he throws the door wide open and shouts

“Manuuuuuu your boyfriend is here” I smile, I instantly like this small boy 🙂

An elderly man comes walking towards the door “Come in Martin, I am Manisha’s dad…and this little boy (now hiding behind his dad) is Melvin, our youngest son”

“Hi Melvin..I bought a chocolate for you” he grabs it and runs away

“Uncle is Manisha ready?”

“She almost is.. I guess. Have a seat..might take a while” and we both smile


Arranged/planned meeting – Part 3


I changed into my running shorts, threw over a new white t-shirt and rode to the city’s joggers park, I needed a jog. I don’t do it as a regular practice but I like to surprise myself sometimes. It takes me approximately 3 minutes to get to the jogging track.

I do my warm ups before I start my jog, you know the light running, a little stretching etc when I see Manisha approaching from a distance, she’s jogging with headphones over her head, it looks like she’s been jogging a long time, she passes by without noticing me. I run behind trying to catch up with her and we’re now running almost next to each other. Considering I have just started on my first round, she is quite fast nevertheless I try to keep pace.When next to her, I say;

“Hi Manisha”

she doesn’t react, damn! She’s got headphones, she won’t be able to hear you (I grumble to myself, maybe I’ll tap her and get her attention. I almost instantly reject that idea, remembering our awkward departing exchange when we met the first time, I wanted to hug while she wanted to shake hands, and then I took out my hand for the hand shake while she put her hand down. We finally smiled and went our ways. Awkward!!

(Maybe I’ll jog in front of her and make eye contact  …yeah that should work)
I jog a little faster to get slightly ahead and turn backwards, we make eye contact, I wave my hand a couple of times and lip the word hi. She stops..

“hey” she says “what you doing here?”


“Oh yes!”  (I can she she’s sweating, she wipes her sweat off her face and hands with her face towel. We stand there doing nothing for a few seconds. I decide to break the silence…)

“Nice to bump into you here”

“Let’s walk?” she asks I nod my head and now walk together

“I’ve never seen you jog here before, you live somewhere around in this area right?”

“I come once or twice a week..and yes just a few kms from here” smiling nervously

“That explains the price tag on your shorts” she continued “…and you just bought them, didn’t u?” she lets out a laugh

(she has the most infectious laugh and I laughed along. It was fair to say it was ‘our’ first happy moment together)

“I won’t lie, I saw you the other evening when I was riding past the track and I thought it would be a nice place to meet you”

“At the joggers track? Okay, as you say so…”

“Manisha, let’s have dinner tonight? You know… celebrating the new shorts?”

She smiled “Okay, sounds perfect!”

“I’ll pick you at 7.30”

“Sure..but you don’t know where I stay..wait! you do, don’t you”

“yup” 🙂

That’s the last time I’ll be seeing of those shorts for sure, besides I found them too tight..what was I ever thinking?


The Arranged-meeting – Part 2

“Why Fashion Designing?”

“I always had a thing for different designs, initially I thought there were just lines I drew on paper but later I found out that I may have something going for me here so pursued it and here I am. I like making people look good”

“Why Journalist?”
“I always liked gathering information, be it for assignments or work. I like to be kept updated”

(Damn it! knew I should have thought of some good questions. Now she’s gonna sound all clever and i’ll be left scratching my head of what to ask next. In the meanwhile the waiter brought us 2 cups of tea. I smiled at him, he looked at me confused.

She was watching my every move. Wasn’t I sitting right? It was her decision to sit on the sofa’s, not to make it too obvious that we were on a date of sorts, sitting opposite each other at a round table with a single rose vase in between us. My friend Dominic was kind enough to let us have his banquet hall all to ourselves for our special meeting. He is too kind)

(As we sipped on our cups of tea, I saw her adjusting her dupatta to cover her neck)

“Can I turn the a/c down for you?”

“If it isn’t a problem, or maybe we could switch on the fan and turn the air con off, that’d be better”

(I walked slowly around the room, walking helps calm down the mind. I was already feeling better once I got back to my seat, I made sure I sat down comfortably. On the other hand she seemed to be totally at ease)

“so should we continue?”

“your turn I guess”

“Yes, what are your favorite kinds of food?”

“I love pani puri, bhel puri”

“well, I love Chinese food..at Dragons, just down the road”

“I enjoy cooking sometimes as long as it doesn’t get monotonous. What about you?”

“Do I cook? I do make almost perfect round chapatis, I try not to get them burnt..sorry, I shouldn’t have said that but instant noodles are my specialty, yeah that’s about it!”

“Do you eat meat?”

“Well, it depends. Occasionally, sometimes..do you have a problem with that”

“I’m a vegetarian, do you have a problem with that?”

“not really, I’m fine with that”

“Do you read books?”

“I can’t fall asleep without reading one..you? books?”

“yeah, I loved to read and write too”

“Are you writing a book?”

“no..no, I have a blog..I write there”

I picked up a biscuit from the plate and bit it while she reached for the glass of water.

“a blog? that’s interesting…what do you write about”

“different things actually”

“I’d like to read it sometime”

“Are you religious?”

“I would say yes, what about you?”

“Religion is a very personal thing to me, My relationship with God is my business”

(Should I not have asked that question? shit! shit! Okay, next question..)

“Do you consider yourself sexual?” (I knew I needed a sip of water after I asked this question, so I reached for my glass of water and gulped down more than a couple of sips)

“Firstly that’s a very private question and secondly I guess its my turn to ask”

(we were still doing the i-ask-you-you-ask-me thing?)

“but I guess we would need to know that if we are to live together forever”

“you’ll have to wait to find out” she smiled “and you”

“I think I’m very sexual” to which she quickly asked back “..and how do you know that?”

“now that’s a private question” I smiled

There was a brief pause… “you can ask me more questions if you’d like”

“what’s the point, this isn’t going anywhere, can’t you see we have nothing in common other than reading books maybe?”

“On the contrary, I was hoping to meet someone who is totally opposite of me”

“We’d need to have somethings in common, else we’d be fighting over every thing, that’s not what we want right?”

“it’s better than sitting alone watching tv and having nothing to say”

I wasn’t sure what the long pause meant this time but then she said

“let’s meet again and talk some more?”

The Arranged-meeting – Part 1

It’s as quiet as ever, (I look around) it’s a fairly big room and just the two of us. I keep my mobile phone on the table, you know..I don’t want it vibrating in my pocket.
The moment I keep it on the table, the next moment it vibrates. I look at her

“I’ll just take that” pointing at the phone

“It’s your phone”

I quickly unlock the phone with the pattern, I can see that she’s looking from the corner of my eye..the phone isn’t getting unlocked.. “damn”, I try two more times. I look up to her and I smile, she isn’t smiling. I try unlocking again, this time slowly, it unlocks

“yes” I say in my mind
It’s a message from my friend..I open to read it

“howz it going bro? any bells ringing?”

I smile to myself and then realize she’s sitting in front of me. I quickly turn the phone off and keep it on the sofa by my side.

“A funny joke?”

“a friend, normal message” I paused a little more before I finally asked

“So, how do we start?”

“I ask you a a question and you answer, you ask me a question and I’ll answer and let us try to be honest with each other”

“Sounds okay to me”

Her name is Manisha and she is well, okay looking I would say. I thought she’d look better in jeans..Oh well!

“you wanna go first?”

“no you go first”


..the Wait!

Untitled.pngThe next 9 months seemed to last forever, life got hectic. I visited the local supermarket as many as 5 times a week, I knew what was kept on which shelf at what price in what quantity..can u blame me? The super market was the only other place I frequented other than home.

From ice-creams to chocolates to potato chips to fruits, Ana needed it all, I must have surely lost a few kgs in the few months that I did rounds of the office, market and home. When Ana wasn’t hungry, she slept like an angel and the few times she was awake we often played the ‘What should we name-our-baby Game’. After coming up with thousands of names we shortlisted it down to 4 names, Macy or Rebecca if it was a girl and Luigi or Valentino if it was a boy.

On our first visit to the doctor’s for Ana’s ultra-sound, the doctor asked if we’d like to see our babies. We were very excited, watching the screen closely and when the she asked us..did you see your babies?
I would have to admit, I couldn’t really see anything but something moving on the screen… Wait!! babies?
“yes you are having twins” the doctor replied
I couldn’t believe this was real. I couldn’t believe my wife was carrying, not one but two human lives inside of her. No wonder she was always hungry, she wanted ice-cream and chocolates all day long…there were 3 hungry people 🙂

October 26th 2011 and the wait was finally over.
In what seemed like in five minutes, the doctor said, “..and we have a baby!” and then “Wow…! Look at those cheeks.” I was so nervous and excited at the same time. My heart was racing a million miles a second
3.45 am it was and I was sweating in the a/c labor room holding Ana’s hand tight. I reminded myself to have my hand checked a little later on for some cracked bone..

In another few minutes the doctor said “second baby on the way” and in the next few seconds..there in front of us, lay our two little angels in the nurse’s hands as she took them away to clean and wrap them up and bring them back to us

*Sitting besides my wife and smiling*

“What are u smiling about? I did all the hard work”

“..and I’m so proud of you my baby”

and we both laughed “you were really good”

“I couldn’t have done it without you”

When the couple of nurses walked in with our twins, handing one to my wife and the other to me..I noticed they were identical.

“Wait!! I don’t know which one is which..they are identical” 😀


..an overflow of happiness

I have been writing this fictional story of two characters beginning from their wedding day, capturing little moments as they move ahead in life as a couple. Anastasia & Joel – the figment of my imagination

Some of my friends have asked me, why Anastasia (Ana) & Joel?

Sometimes you need names taken from real life situations, helps the writer (in this case ‘me’ to give the story more of a personal touch). So you could say, via this story (which is a 100% fictional one) I’m living a little bit of my life, considering that I am still unmarried and these things still haven’t happened. It’s a future of sorts to look forward to.

I really don’t know what prompted me in the first place to write something like this..I’m not so much of a person who continues short stories, but somehow this story is stuck to my head and I feel like writing a few lines more every time I find a new plot to link it to the previous one.

You will find the story flow here below, as it was written…

Part I ~ Part II ~ Part III ~ Part IV ~ ~ Part V …and the latest part below:

I was sitting at the dining table about to bite into my toast bread when Ana came running from the bedroom with a broad smile hiding something behind her back.

“good morning baby” you’re up early today 🙂

It was evident in her smile that she was excited about something..

“what’s up baby, you wanna tell me something”

She takes her hands out from the back and shows me this plastic stick with two lines on it.

These two lines were going to change our life.were_pregnant.jpg


We were having a baby…! Ana was pregnant! I kept the bit toast back on the plate and hugged Ana..

“now..now..you don’t wanna squeeze the baby and her mommy too tight” 🙂

“Oh yes (pulling away a little)..are u okay? You must relax..O’ what the hell… I love you so much, the mother of our baby” as I pulled her towards me and gave Ana a hug making sure I didn’t squeeze her too tight.

I was in disbelief! I was in shock! I was happy, joyful, excited….but most of all I was in love with this baby that was already growing inside of my wife’s tummy!

I couldn’t wait enough for this day to happen.

But it was happening….we were going to be parents…!!!

The coming days would be the most beautiful days of our lives…



Taking it Step-by-Step

“Wow! That happened all quick..my best friend is married, I signed as a witness for the very first time..tho’ I would have preferred to have signed for my own marriage first…”

“It’s never too late, your girlfriend’s right here (pointing to Victoria), you are in the Registrar of Marriages office..all it takes is two signatures and 2 witnesses, we’ll be more than happy to do it”

“does sound an exciting prospect” commented Victoria

“Calm down everybody! let all this marriage euphoria settle down, no more marriages happening today right!”

“yeah! my eggs are not gonna wait for you forever you know” retorted Victoria. To get him to propose to me, it took him 3 years, God alone knows how much longer I’ll have to wait to get my eggs fertilized by him. You know they say the fastest swimming sperm can reach a female’s eggs in about half an hour while others could take a couple of days to get there. With Jules, it might take much longer than normal”


[I didn’t know that” Patrick whispered in Nancy’s ears. I’ve always been a fast swimmer]

[..not you baby, he said the sperm..and let’s go step by step here.. okay baby]

“now where did your eggs come into the picture and it was 2 years and 8 months for the record”

“like that made a difference”

“guys, stop arguing!! In the 5 years you’ll have been together…”

“7 years and 8 months” correcting Patrick

“yes 7 years and something… now I forgot what I was to say…
Btw is anyone hungry?” I was so excited this morning that all  I drank were two glasses of water and left the house”

“I’m starved too…”

At the Hotel

Giving the order to the waiter; 4 cups of tea, 2 Dosa’s for us

“Victoria, what will you have?”

“I’ll have a single cutlet”

“..and you bro”

“I’ll have an egg with toast”

Waiter: “How would you like your egg Sir?”

looking at Victoria “how would I like it dear?” smiling

“fertilized, if all I care” she mumbles

“I’ll have it FRIED, Thank You” 🙂