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“Make Me feel like a woman” ..she said [Angel] – 4

Part I   Part II   Part III I don’t normally hunt in pairs, but I only got to know they were sisters after I had sown my wild oats into the family garden. While Angel was wild and free, Ginger was romantic and passionate, the dropping temperature didn’t help on the outside, HEAT was the only

..not quite there! YET – Ginger [3]

Part I     Part II “Your fiance has been fairly long on the phone, another girlfriend lurking close by maybe?” Ginger casually joked.. Not that Gloria wasn’t used to her friends sharing the odd joke between them.. this time she herself was a tad bit anxious, it was very unlike of Sean to remain aloof

..not quite there! YET – Holly [II]

Part I can be found here Hieeeeee!!! Getting excited over a simple meeting is totally a woman thing, I stood there – amused The girls got all entangled in hugs, after which we shook hands. As we all had a chair each for ourselves, Gloria got going with the introduction, wasting no time at all..

..not quite there! YET

My name is..                        ..lets call myself Sean. I am getting married next month to the girl of my dreams. But I have a secret, maybe not so much of a secret anymore really. However, to my wife it STILL is. Shhhh 🤫 nobody tell her.


How good does it actually feel to be immersed in a book/novel? You’ll never know unless you experience it yourself. Don’t feel bad when people tell you “You don’t have a life” it may be out of ignorance they say things, they’ve not experienced what you have.. and besides what do they even know about reading a

One Indian Girl

Now I understand why it took me so long to pick up this book and give it a read. Read ahead to know what I thought of it… As a reader of novels written by Indian authors, you’re bound to pick up one or two (if not more) shitty book along the way. For me,

The morning after..

He was finally married.  The night had passed, it wasn’t as eventful as he had imagined it would be, considering they were both tired after the late end to the wedding reception. However, the morning was here. He woke up with a smile, his now-wife Rekha was still sleeping next to him. Not sure whether

The ‘blog post’ in the making

Looking at the blank page on the screen, to be soon filled up with my thoughts I have in my head.. I find myself all focused, “this one is going to be serious” I tell myself. After a couple of minutes a naughty thought crosses my mind.. Who am I kiddin’?.. I can’t write serious