You make me ‘HOT’

When Life throws you ingredients.. what do you do? You simply cook up a dish… 4 members of the family, each of them representing an ingredient in them-self   He called himself ‘the Chilly‘ Known to be feisty in taste but adds the zing to an otherwise ordinary meal.. we can all do with a Chilly in […]

The ‘2 samosa’ friendship

As they say, food brings people together and while you’re at it, what better time than meeting up and catching up with friend(s), colleagues or acquaintances. – it could be after work hours waiting for the same bus to go home or simply idling away your time at the beach side. Eating alone is never […]

The ‘missing’ ingredient

Ever said/heard a statement like this..? “I think there’s something missing” (referring to the food you’re eating|cooked at home) Sometimes, its not about any particular missing ingredient in the food that is cooked, but on the lack of love we put into preparing the dish, that is lacking and felt by the people eating it. […]

It’s an Indian thing

This is one thing you will surely experience at Indian parties Read on… Visualize this.. 🙂 You are being served snacks at a birthday party by the hosts, a piece of cake followed by a sandwich, a chocolate brownie, spring rolls, chicken 65 & then a cold drink. You are now excited looking at your […]

The True Winner!

Who doesn’t love the ‘aloo’?  …because Potato is the representation of what a fat chick looked like before turning into hot thin saucy fries 😉 I’ve not quite reached the potato stage but am surely getting there slowly but surely! 😉 Long Live Potatoes