Goa Votes

Voting Day. No Alcohol Day. Holiday – that’s 4th Feb 2017 for you 3 biggies to chose from.. BJP, Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party. Don’t waste your vote. Vote wisely. Put GOA first and vote for the betterment of the state I’m done voting 30 minutes after the poll booths opened at 7 a.m, […]

BRICS – in Goa

This is what the 1st page of a Goan newspaper looks like… So the BRICS summit is happening in Goa-South Goa, 15th & 16th (ie today and tomorrow). The BIG guys are here from Brazil, Russia, China, South Africa and our very own NaMo from India. As we all know what happens when the biggies […]

Young Frankenstein

Went for a wonderful play ‘Young Frankenstein’ – A Musical Comedy. What fun it was, I enjoyed myself a lot. It was worth every rupee I paid for it. Rs. 400 doesn’t count for much if you get to watch a quality play by an equally extremely talented cast. Kudos to the director Leila Alvares. […]


With the conclusion of the Holy Week (40 days of fasting) with Easter, its wedding time again in Goa. A few weddings lined up (okay! not few, 2 wedding invitations so far 😀 ).. A colleague of mine gets married in 12 days time…a very sweet girl 🙂 Though she is getting married in a church […]

36 degress in GOA!

Dear Sun, What the FUCK is wrong with you..like seriously! It’s not funny anymore! You have already proved to us that you are the hottest thing going around in Goa…we all admit it. Now at least can you cut down on the heat? Please stop showing off. It’s getting unbearable. Signed, A sweaty Goan.  

Viva Carnaval – Goa!

Held in the month of February, the Goa Carnival is the time when the legendary King Momo takes over the state and the streets of Goa come alive with music, dance and colour just before the Lent season of the Christian calendar. Sharing with my wonderful bloggers, photographs of what the Carnaval floats looked this time, Carnaval 2016. These […]

I almost never honk…

I’ll complete that sentence.. I almost never honk at female drivers. Why? Well as you know I am a single and unmarried. Who knows if I could be honking at my future wife, her mother, sister or her aunt or her aunt’s sister. I would want to create a good first impression right? The state I […]