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What a Day!

So the day has ended (9th April)..I attended both the weddings, one for the nuptials..the other for the reception. One in the North and the other in the South of Goa.

So what did I learn from today?

~ Its not your presents that people want, its your PRESENCE. I am glad I could make both of my colleagues happy in seeing me there to celebrate in their happiness, knowing that I normally give weddings a miss… unless very important or special.

So LeeAnn & Thomas, both of whom married their loves today..you’ll are both very special [not that they would read it..still feels good writing it 🙂 ]

I also surprised myself with how well I took my own time and ate every single thing on my plate and all that was left were only chicken bones 🙂
I tasted each and every dish laid out on the buffet table..I’m no way a foodie but how can one miss out on such delicious food. Wait!! I didn’t take the ice-cream, but that’s ok! 🙂

What a Day!
…Oh! I forgot to mention I met this really awesome girl, Kanan (no where related to any of the two weddings) she’s got to be the woman of my year so far, such an infectious personality.

Never had such a wonderful day in a long time 🙂

…I’ll still have to say, that call in the morning made all the difference, from an average day to a good day to a wonderful one. The day got only better from her call onwards 🙂 [If you’re reading this..you know who u are]


With the conclusion of the Holy Week (40 days of fasting) with Easter, its wedding time again in Goa. A few weddings lined up (okay! not few, 2 wedding invitations so far 😀 ).. A colleague of mine gets married in 12 days time…a very sweet girl 🙂 Though she is getting married in a church 33.9 kms from where I live, I wouldn’t miss it.

I’m not big on attendance when it comes to weddings but then there are some weddings I wouldn’t miss, simply because these people mean a lot to me.

Here’s the card below:


See the simplicity in the card? I liked it 🙂 I’ve encircled my name there in Red…why? Simply because it has MY NAME on it… 🙂 Well, I don’t get too many invitations in my name and it feels good to see my name on a card envelope… tho’ technically – Yes technically the ‘fly’ would indicate my family (my wife & kids) but since I’m still single…it means dad, mum and sis 🙂

There’s another wedding before that…I’m not going, I’m very picky for whose weddings I attend. Its a tragedy that I have a weak stomach when it comes to eating food from out..I really enjoy food served at Goan weddings.

Before that, I think I need to check if my suit pant fits, I might just be carrying a little bit of Easter weight around 🙂