…too much hair?

Most women love their men hairy (beard, chest & head) and as a man… I don’t understand why! I mean, then what’s the difference between a man and a bear? If you put both into the wild, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

A lot of young guys of late are growing their hair long and then keeping their beard long and I don’t even want to get to what’s underneath their shirt. Its bad enough we live in India where the heat isn’t really kind to us and to manage so much of body hair is.. difficult to say the least, and yet they are willing to do it. I heard from a few youngsters, they have to say “Its the new cool and the women folk dig it”. 

Personally tho’ I haven’t heard any women admit to the fact that they love a lot of hair on their man.

Lets look at some of the places that we (men) like growing our hair.

1. Face Hair (mustache/beard)

Doesn’t it make the kissing or eating weird? We know as Indians we love our rice and curry…imagine parts of food getting stuck in your mustache or beard. (Worse scenario, try eating a mango!) NO GOOD. Hair could get into the mouth while kissing, that couldn’t possibly be good for the kisser and the one being kissed.

2. Growing long hair on the HEAD

So girls are cutting their hair short while boys are growing their hair long, there is something very wrong here. I can’t understand the logic. Its not that guys look any cooler..Look at Ishant Sharma (Indian cricketer)…does he look cool? I don’t think so.

3. Chest hair

Okay! Now if we’re living in a cold country like Russia for example, I can understand the chest hair keeps us warm and all but in India where people sweat profusely – makes no sense absolutely. A BIG NO.

While boys/men like their women well trimmed/shaved in different parts of their bodies making them feel more womanly, I guess girls/women like their men hairy making them look very manly…whatever that’s supposed to mean!





For the women reading this…what’s your take?
For the men reading this…keep an eye on what the women have to say



A Bald Generation

We’re going to see a BALD generation very soon.

We’re heading there…slowly but surely! I’m serious! Look around you…not many guys have a lot of hair on their head left nowadays.
Look at the amounts of gel young boys put on their hair these days (for those who have good amounts of hair left), absolutely CRAZY!…and for what? just to get their hair to stay in place. Use HAIR OIL…but NO, they prefer the gels-WHY? Coz it smells better!

Girls are not too far behind…I see them spraying some kind of stuff on their hair and using some styling gels. Some chemical or the other has gone into making it, so it cannot be good for hair..eventually its only going to destroy it. Why destroy something that is..in the future going to be a rare commodity?

If i’m right…it was us, our generation that started it all…most of my classmates have almost lost all their hair…I’ve got some remaining still but I don’t think it’ll remain for long… 😉


Playing with a girl’s hair is said to be the best feelings ever for the stroker and the one being stroked…
We can’t do much about our hair..its gonna fall out sooner or later.. but girls seriously, TAKE CARE of your hair…we love to stroke your hair 🙂 and see how it flies in the breeze and also when you wipe your wet hair when you come out of the bathroom… aaah! those moments!


..a not so hairy episode

(Micheal is pacing up and down, looking at his watch and grumbling)

“Gloria, you know you always do this..this is some game you like to play isn’t it? ‘How long can we make Micheal wait’..every single time..why Gloria why” You enjoy this don’t you?

(Gloria walking down the stairs)

“I’m ready, Are you ready to go or do you need more time to yell?”

“Gloria, I just don’t understand what takes you so long, I was ready 20 minutes ago and look at me, I look stunning” 🙂 You on the other hand have been up there for an hour an a half.. and you look…”



“that’s better”

“Micheal, it takes me longer because I need to do my hair”

“Oh! Oh I see! Like I don’t have hair”

“You said it..not me” 😀

“What..what..what did you say..and what do you exactly mean by that?”

“Look Micheal, you can’t compare a woman with a head full of hair to a man who… well doesn’t”

“Are you saying that… I’m losing my hair? (sounding a little annoyed)

“Oh c’mon now Micheal, take it easy, you know I didn’t mean it..you started it.. anyways I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings”

“That’s okay, you see I just happen to be very sensitive about my receding hair line”

“Honey relax, your hairline is not receding..it’s gone” 😀