…too much hair?

Most women love their men hairy (beard, chest & head) and as a man… I don’t understand why! I mean, then what’s the difference between a man and a bear? If you put both into the wild, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two. A lot of young guys of late are […]

A Bald Generation

We’re going to see a BALD generation very soon. We’re heading there…slowly but surely! I’m serious! Look around you…not many guys have a lot of hair on their head left nowadays. Look at the amounts of gel young boys put on their hair these days (for those who have good amounts of hair left), absolutely […]

..a not so hairy episode

(Micheal is pacing up and down, looking at his watch and grumbling) “Gloria, you know you always do this..this is some game you like to play isn’t it? ‘How long can we make Micheal wait’..every single time..why Gloria why” You enjoy this don’t you? (Gloria walking down the stairs) “I’m ready, Are you ready to […]