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Are you Happy?

Everybody always asks if you have a career, if you’re married, if you have children. Like as if life is some kind of grocery list, but no one ever asks us if we are happy…

So true! Isn’t it? We aren’t trained to ask people if they’re happy. We just assume they are, or at least we think we can read it by their expressions. 

Think of it.. it would be a weird question to ask “Are you happy?” besides being a totally inappropriate question to ask someone randomly, it also stands as an incomplete question. happy with/doing what? Have you tried asking someone? 

We are born to be happy and that is all we focus on as a baby, a child and a teenager growing up. After that, we somehow lose the plot and happiness tends to elude us. But does it really? or are we now focusing on a different way of looking at what happiness means to us? Maybe now it means owning the latest iPhone or riding a car?

There is no logical explanation as to why some people are always happy while others are in constant search of it.

Happiness should be our default state of mind but we mess it up by becoming unhappy for silly reasons (best known to us) not realizing that happiness is within us and a conscious choice. It is a choice we have to make everyday when we wake up in the morning.. and it would help if we remember these facts..

We can’t really control everything

Our lives might turn out differently from what we planned or expected and that’s totally fine!

There will always be someone whose life is better than yours, that’s OKAY too.

We need to accept that our life is working out exactly how it’s meant to.

I’ve made some mistakes and I’ll probably make some more. It’s called BEING HUMAN

and of course most importantly

We can’t keep everyone happy



You do know we all have happy hormones right? Like it’s said, its all in the mind – Brain to be particular.



Joys of being a blogger

You know the best thing about being a blogger is the mere fact that.. you can give vent to your emotions, your feelings, freedom of thought and more.
..and this is why when you’re writing, let your thoughts flow..give them wings to fly..you can never imagine where it could take you

the feeling after writing a post

As a matter of fact YOU out there  yes you reading this…you don’t really have to do anything. Let the words you read transport you to a whole different world. Reading a blog post isn’t the same as reading a newspaper article. The blogger is trying to tell you something, trying to evoke an emotion..and more importantly you get a chance to find out what’s exactly going on his/her mind..now isn’t that a great thing, to get into someone’s mind 😉

Bloggers are not just writers, they are writers with a heart 🙂

There are days when not a word comes to mind and then there are periods where there is an overflow of thoughts. Going through one such now, I call it the fertility period.. fertility of the mind 😉

What a Day!

So the day has ended (9th April)..I attended both the weddings, one for the nuptials..the other for the reception. One in the North and the other in the South of Goa.

So what did I learn from today?

~ Its not your presents that people want, its your PRESENCE. I am glad I could make both of my colleagues happy in seeing me there to celebrate in their happiness, knowing that I normally give weddings a miss… unless very important or special.

So LeeAnn & Thomas, both of whom married their loves today..you’ll are both very special [not that they would read it..still feels good writing it 🙂 ]

I also surprised myself with how well I took my own time and ate every single thing on my plate and all that was left were only chicken bones 🙂
I tasted each and every dish laid out on the buffet table..I’m no way a foodie but how can one miss out on such delicious food. Wait!! I didn’t take the ice-cream, but that’s ok! 🙂

What a Day!
…Oh! I forgot to mention I met this really awesome girl, Kanan (no where related to any of the two weddings) she’s got to be the woman of my year so far, such an infectious personality.

Never had such a wonderful day in a long time 🙂

…I’ll still have to say, that call in the morning made all the difference, from an average day to a good day to a wonderful one. The day got only better from her call onwards 🙂 [If you’re reading this..you know who u are]

Not married as yet!?

“she’s not married till now? something must be definitely wrong”

If you think girls are more at the receiving end of these kinds of such gossip, well men are not too far away from such ideal talk, they are equally made targets of cheap talk.
There are equal no of girls and boys who are of marriageable age and still not married.. what’s the deal?

Are they just not interested?
Are they unable to find a suitable partner?
Is age a factor?
Is work/job/salary/status a factor?
Are they waiting for the right time? If so, is there ever a right time?

Talking about myself, I am well into my mid-30’s, single, unmarried..neither a steady past relationship I can boast of nor a current or future one I can think about. All I can talk about is my work, my friends and my family.

God dammit! Some people don’t even have that!

It’s true, 80-85% of my friends are married, many having children of their own..settled in some country of the world.
I wanna ask a question here; Still-Single-576x576.jpg
(a) Being married, is that all to life?
(b) Does it guarantee you happiness?
(c) Are we living our lives as per other people’s views and opinions?

I have seen people absolutely mess up their life after marriage, total DISASTER!

Marriage is a union of two persons. While some people are called to the sacrament of marriage early, others take much longer. It may eventually happen or never happen. It’s all God’s plan..he knows what is best for us, doesn’t he?

Just because some people aren’t married according to the rules of the society (certain age.. etc) does not make them any less important. We love ourselves too much to self destruct, with the wrong person, wrong time or under the wrong circumstances.

Spreading the Christmas Joy

Its 1st December and 24 days to Christmas Day. That time of the year to send & receive greeting and gifts. If you’d like a Christmas greeting, drop your address in the comments section and you’ll have one from me this Christmas.

My first Christmas with WordPress 🙂

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