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Raazi – All about the ‘Spy’

Not the kind of movie, I would generally go and watch… but the reviews were just too good to ignore. I needed to see for myself, and of course there was Alia Bhatt 😍 I knew for one, she wouldn’t be romancing anyone in this movie, but would be playing a more serious kind of role. I don’t think I could spot her dimple even once.. but that’s not what I went to watch the movie for, so it was okay even if I missed out on it.

The movie really surprised me, Alia didn’t – I’ve always been a fan of her acting. The movie overall was really well done. I enjoyed watching it considering the movie revolved around my country, India. Sometimes, the patriotic side of a citizen does need to come out, even if it is for a few hours in a theater 😜

I had no idea about this story at all.. well it happened in 1971, I wasn’t born then, I don’t think I was even thought of way back then 😉 (I was born 12 years later) so I thought , why not watch the movie, I’d get to know something about India and in the process get to watch one of my favorite actresses Alia Bhatt enact the main lead in the film (as Sehmat)

If you’ve already watched the movie, how good was the song ‘Ae Watan’? My word! It’s a patriotic song for starts and the fact that that the song is operating at 2 different levels, she’s (Sehmat) taught the song to the children and their singing it for their country while she is singing it for hers.. the emotion there! ..is to be felt

A film worth watching 👍 and Alia, be it in the role of Ananya (2 states) Kaira (Dear Zindagi) Veera (Highway) or Sehmat (Raazi) she is a born actress. She blends into character perfectly 👍

Wow! is all I can say about the movie. Besides how long was I going to watch the same old sappy romantic Bollywood films? I need variety in the kind of movies I watch too… but that said, if tomorrow there’s an Alia all out and out romance film, I’m still going to watch it.

A cool Indian?

If someone told me Indians are cool, I’d probably laugh my arse out. Like seriously! How are we Indians cool?

We may be smart – yes!

We may be beautiful/handsome – acceptable

We may be good in bed – debatablemain-qimg-2afdbb5a8e64640a693fc179862cd2ea-c

We may be romantic – I don’t know really! Heard this somewhere…

We could be a whole lot of different things.. but the one thing we are not… is cool. Indians aren’t cool, we’re so not, but like all Indian’s do well is.. we try! I’m not sure by wearing a chain that has letters C O O L makes you cool…as Sharukh Khan displayed in K2H2.

I was at the beach today morning and well… even though with a head set on my head, loud music blasting into my ears, no where near people, splashing my legs in the water, having my morning walk, I was stopped… an Indian adult student I had taught some time ago

“Hi” he said, in some really weird accent and of course hung around a minute or two more to talk. I thought I’d ask him what had happened to his accent, which I did;

“What happened to your accent?”

“Why what’s wrong?” he sounded concerned

“It doesn’t sound like you at all.. not Indian definitely” to which he laughed it off and replied “then it’s okay, I went to Europe for a month and just got back”

It was needless to ask where he picked up that accent from or whatever it was that came out of his mouth. Did he think he was being cool by trying to speak in a different accent? I think he just made a fool of himself. He barely knows to string a correct grammatical sentence together, maybe he thinks saying it in a different accent might cover up for his lack of grammar – I don’t know really! To top that he was wearing these floral blue shorts (the kind they wear on beaches in Miami) like seriously!? Some more points on the cool factor!?

I kept walking after the brief encounter and a little ahead I see an Indian girl playing in the water with a shower cap on, yes, a shower cap on. My understanding is if you don’t want your hair to get wet, just don’t enter the water at the deep level, stay in shallow water where the sea water comes up to your waist and not higher…but I guess a shower cap, at a goan beach, in the sea water.. looks way cooler.

The third observation of the morning walk… was a mother-daughter duo playing kabaddi with the waves. Goodness Gracious Me! If you don’t know what playing kabaddi with the waves mean, please watch the movie Dear Zindagi, SRK (Shahrukh Khan) explains it all.

All in all, it was a good walk of 80 minutes. More observations next time.




A Bollywood movie that involves students, a defective student/teacher/system or management is bound to be interesting (defective may be too harsh a word to use – Excuse me for that!) – and why not? Schools & Education are a big deal in India and anything associated with it.. be it stories told in movies like Rockford, Taare Zameen Par, Hindi Medium, Paathshaala, Stanley ka dabba or the recent Hichki. I haven’t watched the movie ‘Chalk n Duster’ as yet (another school centric movie), don’t think it would be any different though.

It doesn’t take much for a film to work in India.

Make a film regarding Education or Women and India being the emotional country it is, Indians will throng to theaters to watch it, but in the real life – would never dream of doing anything to help the country or even a fellow citizen for that matter. It is easy to walk out of a theater and say “it was a wonderful movie”.. what after that? Don’t people take a lesson out from these movies?

Every (almost every) movie made in Bollywood teaches us something new, some of which come to mind are Pink, Jolly LLB, Rang de Basanti, English Vinglish to name a few, there are so many more.

Hichki too is one such movie like that. Imagine a situation like this in real life. Someone applying for a teacher’s position with a condition of Tourette’s syndrome. Will she ever get a chance to teach? Forget that, would she clear the interview stage? C’mon! Be realistic. No way its ever going to happen! Who wants a defective teacher? While the movie may show that life is good and good things do happen, the chances of it happening in the REAL life is ZERO 😏

So while you are watching the movie, the story has moved you and there were different emotions running inside of you at that time – agreed, but just for that time (the duration of the movie) you come out and it becomes ‘just another movie’. Walk a few kms away and you see someone like that on the road, making weird sounds or making strange movements, will you not laugh, will you not mock? Isn’t that people’s default action? 🤔

So whether is it a Naina Mathur (Hichki) or a Rahul Prakash Udyavar (Paathshaala) Shashi (from English Vinglish) or a Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Taare Zameen Par) – these kind of people do not exist in the real life, they simply don’t.

I loved the movie Hichki and the other above mentioned movies too. But if I didn’t take a lesson from every movie I watched, it would be a total waste spending time (and in some cases money too) watching these movies. Yes, I have mentioned somewhere in a blog sometime back, that movies to me are for entertainment purposes but then how can you not miss out on a lesson? How about entertainment and you get to learn something too. That makes it a paisa vasool movie right? 😉

Taking nothing away from the work that film producers put in nowadays to make a movie worth watching for its audiences, it was a well made film – was Hichki. I thought Rani Mukerjee’s performance was awesome, and it must have taken some work to get into the character she played. 👍

A month late to watch it, as usual. Glad I didn’t miss out on it.

This is NOT a review.

Not-so-Incredible India?

1235Different states in India have already had their candle light march for justice for the heinous crime committed (rape) on an 8 year old, namely Asifa. My state [Goa] has had one over the weekend gone by. But that’s nothing new in India, is it?
Haven’t we had these so called marches or protests before – for Nirbhaya? Did it change anything?
My question is “What purpose does it serve?” Its not that the govt would do anything? Are they? There are petitions going around on social media.. how is that going to help? Its not that the life of that poor kid will come back. Just one of those things – people talk about and forget over the weekend.

Yes! as a nation we can do NOTHING. As ordinary citizens we can do NOTHING. India took 4 years to hang Kasab after he killed so many people in a terrorist attack in Mumbai. The Nirbhaya rape case, that took a lot of time for the supreme court to get to its decision. What does India need to think about so much?

India will never change – unless they put a law down on paper stating ‘immediate death penalty’ for rapists. But the country wouldn’t do it.. and you know why? Because the rapists are none other than ministers themselves, top police officers and public servants raping women and the govt feels the need to protect such asses. Hence nothing of this is ever gonna happen.

As an Indian, we are doomed.. forget the sex and age, male, women, children, babies senior citizens, animals to an extent… no one is going to be spared. The longer we stay in this god forsaken country [Yes God forsaken country], the more our lives are gonna be a mess. The situation is getting murkier and murkier with every passing day.

Keeping gang rapes and political murders aside for a moment etc.. India as a country, have they provided the basic needs to its  people? Have jobs being provided to the unemployed? [those are promises these useless politicians just make at speeches]… what about Education? Good health services? Clean air, clean water and affordable food? Are we as Indians provided that?

WINSTON CHURCHILL once said that if British were to leave India, the country would be in the hands of goons

..and boy! was he spot on! Looking back, maybe if we were still being run by the British, things might have been better, at least things would be better than what we are facing in these times by the goons running this country. No country is perfect, I understand. But a start has got to be made somewhere.

  • What is the use of having bullet trains in India when people are dying in stampedes at railways stations? 
  • What is the use of the PM of the country visiting country after country if he can’t take ideas from other countries how to better his own – in terms of judiciary, management and finance? …other than thinking about new trains?

We are doomed guys, we as Indians are doomed. We have to live through this mess. Not everyone has the opportunity to make a Portuguese passport and get out of the country. India, as a country is beyond saving now. 

And then there is also another part of me that thinks, in spite of everything, I repeat, in spite of everything India will survive. It will grow and it will flourish [how and in which direction not sure] It will lead [in corruption? who knows] There will be chaos, there will be riots, there will be killings ..but it will survive [of course screwing its citizens along the way]

I remember in class once when I put the sentence on the board ‘Advantages of being an Indian’ and turned back to look at my students for answers. I didn’t get a single one. Needless to say-that class didn’t go too well.


One Indian Girl

Now I understand why it took me so long to pick up this book and give it a read. Read ahead to know what I thought of it…

One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

As a reader of novels written by Indian authors, you’re bound to pick up one or two (if not more) shitty book along the way.

For me, it was ‘One Indian Girl’ – Poorly written.. no idea what Mr Chetan Bhagat was trying to pull out when he thought of a concept for the book.
Absolutely Rubbish!!

Every writer is bound to hit his lowest point sometime in his writing journey, this is probably C.B’s. Unless of course he does something drastically different in his next novel (if he plans to write more) will he be able to hold on to his popularity as an Indian fictional story writer. His books come more under a ‘Hormonal’ category (if there was anything like that) rather than fiction. Except for hormonal teenagers, I don’t see others picking up his books. His past novels were at least readable but definitely not this. Even cringeworthy would be too good a word to describe this book.

Warning: Read the book at your own RISK

Below is what the book is basically about:

Yes please read the below bullets. Save yourself a few Indian rupees or spend it on something better (Copied the following text from a review I read by a reader (I couldn’t agree more-hence reproduced the same here)

Ambitious studious over-achiever middle class Delhi based girl gets a high paying job at Goldman Sachs NYC.

  • Has sex with the 1st guy she meets there.
  • After 2 years of relationship, both act like dicks.
  • Girl waves feminism flag.
  • Guy doesn’t let go of ego.
  • Breakup.
  • Girl cries , throws her phone away, transfers to Hong Kong.
  • Girl moves to Hong Kong.
  • Has sex on the beach (literally) with her married boss.
  • After 1 year of extramarital affair, guy is cool with it. Girl thinks it isn’t.
  • Girl waves feminism flag.
  • Guy doesn’t let go of ego.
  • Breakup.
  • Girl cries, transfers to London.

Ad break for a shaadi.com commercial. Seriously!

  • Girl plans marriage (arranged) in Goa with a silicon valley IT guy.
  • Stereotype engineer jokes.
  • Exes show up at the wedding with marriage proposal.
  • Girl considers, goes nuts.
  • Drama.
  • Cancels the wedding.
  • Drama.
  • IT guy understands her feelings, lets her go.
  • Girl goes on a world tour.
  • Keeps in touch with the same IT guy with whom she had cancelled her wedding.
  • Starts falling for the IT guy.

The End. 

A terrible… terrible waste of time!!

Mr Chetan Bhagat, do India a favor and stop writing please? 

Witness to ‘Love’

There’s nothing more satisfying then see people smile… 2 consenting adults and their families…

For the first time, I was asked to be a witness for a civil marriage [yes another FIRST] Stand witness to Love Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on WhatsApp 2.17

While the whole process took much… much longer than what I expected it would take, it still gave me immense satisfaction to see the smile on the faces of the boy & girl who were finally married under the Indian law… after 4 hours of sticking it out in the heat, sweat dropping off their foreheads [For the benefit of those who may not know, Goa is going through one of its worst heat waves! Its never been this way as long as I remember]  and visibly excited family members. Happily Married – Step 1.  Relieved Face on WhatsApp 2.17Untitled

I may have played a very measly part in all of it.. yet I felt happy I could contribute to something so beautiful – a union of two people in love. I live for happy moments like these. The travel from the South of Goa to the North of Goa was totally worth it. 

My hats go off to any guy wanting & willing to take the plunge into the big ‘M’, because its something I have still not yet ventured into, rather not made up my mind to. So my hats off to you bro!

..if that was not all, the hugging, the wishing in the midst of a fairly crowded government civil and sub registrar’s office, was well… nice, considering everybody was breathing into each other literally. [Okay! I am exaggerating, it wasn’t all that bad.. but it was STILL frikkin’ HOT]

Seeing the smiling faces and the joy it brings the couple and their family members, after a mere few signatures of the couple and their witnesses, I have decided – the next time I lend my signature for something as beautiful as bringing two people/families together, I’ll do it at my own marriage registration – nothing would be more satisfying. While ‘when-that-would-happen’ is debatable, for now I’ll keep myself satisfied by thinking, ‘it will happen someday surely’ .

I didn’t look at any one single girl surprisingly… 4 hours and it was just fleeting glances all around, but for the only beautiful girl standing right there – standing  in front of me, in whichever angle I stood in – the groom’s single-still sister Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes on WhatsApp 2.17


The Modern Woman!

The modern women behave very much like men – and its pretty disgusting!

What has happened to the women who act like women, or at least woman-like? What happened to being a strong, yet feminine, woman? Women don’t really understand the dynamics of masculine and feminine anymore. Has the female gender suddenly taken a turn for the worst? The woman of today is a slap on the face of humanity!

You got to be ashamed to call yourself a woman!

I don’t even want to get started on what women do, how they act and what they speak nowadays. Plain Disgusting! 

I can’t see the difference between men and women in today’s world. Who is bad? Who is worse of the two? The only way to look at it is.. that we’re living in a world of some highly undisciplined people, be it at work places, while traveling or simply the everyday interactions we have with different people.

That said, I can’t put all women in that category. At least out of every 10 I personally meet and get to know, there is always that 1 rotten apple amongst them. 

So if you count yourself to be among one of the 10 most recent women to have entered my social circle in the last couple months or so… and you’re asking yourself;

could he be referring to me?”

You bet! You are definitely the one! 


A Letter…Day 6

A new day, a new task. My task for today is to write a letter to someone… anyone.

Can’t remember when I actually wrote an actual letter to someone, it has been such a long time. With emails..and now WhatsApp along with other faster ways of sending messages to one another, letters have taken a backseat.

The letter below might not qualify to be a letter…letter types but I’ll try to do justice to let the emotion flow like I would otherwise do on a normal letter.

I’m gonna write a letter to one of my best friends…15 years and counting. 2 different states, speak different languages (English being the common one) love different things, and yet we always find things that bring us together – Love for Goa, Ice-cream, chouris pau, chops and conversation and the fact that I secretly like her too – and she knows that 😉 Women sense these things very quickly 😉



Dear Best Friend,

I love you so much. Probably the bravest sentence I’ve ever written to you, to start a letter with. We’ve practically known each other for half of our lives and though we talk to each other once in a while and communicate on WhatsApp, it’s never quite enough.  So yeah writing a letter to you here, one friend to another.

15 years it has been knowing you… that has been some length of time, how aren’t we married to each other by now? You must be thinking.. not again, another one of Savio’s cheesy letters. I’m going to try to keep it as normal as it can get-I promise. But wait! that wouldn’t be me, it wouldn’t be ‘my’ letter, now would it? My letters always have extra cheese toppings on it. 

Talking about toppings, ordered an extra large pizza for the family yesterday, I’d have kept you a piece but pizza needs to be finished at the earliest, considering Pune is 8 hours away, I couldn’t take that risk. When you’re down next we’ll have one pizza all for ourselves, the way you like it. Also, I have been reading Chetan Bhagat’s ‘One Indian Girl’, I know how much you hate the guy and his novels… will send you my personal copy for you to read, its only one Indian girl after all. 

I’m just sitting here and I’m like what to write next – WhatsApp has really screwed up my ability to write longer sentences and extend sentences to paragraphs. I’m gonna wrap this up now, apply gum on it and get it to the nearest post office to find its way over to you…and since you know, I always do my writing with music on, the current song playing on the computer is ‘Hold On’ by Ananya Birla… 

I’m no longer holding on to this letter though… will message you soon (considering we would have messaged a few hundred messages by the time this letter reaches you) lol.

Miss you,



I used to write little letters to my mum, dad, and sister when I was small. While I might have started writing very early in age, it was more of writing the way I talk, than actually writing a letter, which demands a different format (or at least that is what my teachers told me back in school) To me writing a letter was always about creating a connection between the one writing and the one reading… that is how I go about writing letters. Its all about the reader imagining me standing there in front of her and speaking directly.


My views… Day 4

Day 4 of the 10-day challenge.

Definitely a subject I would normally refrain talking/writing on.

“My views on Religion”

Image result for views on religion

Some topics in India are best not discussed – Religion being one of them. However, I have just two lines that sum it for me:

Being a good person does not depend on religion.
You treat me well, I treat you well.

My next blog post..

My last post was on the 20th of February, that makes it 10 days of silence until this post – today the 2nd of March.

I hate it when I have these long gaps between two posts. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about – I have a lot! Trust me… like the stuff I see, hear or find myself in the midst of – not all of it is as interesting though. However, the ones that are, need to be edited, refined, be of acceptable language and only then can I post it on my blog, i.e if I choose to do so. That takes patience, effort and more importantly Time, which I would like to believe, is the one thing I have in abundance, even with the things that I do in a day.

Well, coming to the week gone by, it can clearly be said, it’s been one of shock, sorrow and a lot of babble everywhere – none more than about Sridevi (the Indian actress who passed away on the 24th of February)  
You, as much as I would have been fed with so much of information over the past few days, that we have reached a point of saying – ‘Enough is Enough’. Though for me it was just news, there were people around me who seemed to talk on and on about the subject – at work, in buses, on phones and of course social media.

In one week so much has happened that…
On Sunday – suddenly all of India became Sridevi fans, followed by the whole of India turning into a discussion board and then into detectives.

I’m sure many bloggers might have covered a lot of different angles of the ‘Sridevi’s death Story’, however, I am not here to write about that. But a definite mention must be made, that she was one of Bollywood’s best and it is indeed a big loss…

If that was not enough, she having a state funeral, got more people talking. To be frank, I was surprised too.. but then what the heck! This is India…we really can’t question anything that happens in the country. Just watch the drama and remain quiet, unless you want to be caught, questioned and in extreme cases thrown into jail for having your opinion. 

…and Yes, we’ve entered into March, the third month of 2018. Didn’t we just enter into 2018? We’re already in March.