The Inside Stuff

“Yeh andar ki baat hai” It’s that time of the year to buy a new set of underwear, the current ones are on their way out.. general wear-n-tear. They don’t make underwear like they used to… any more! They tear way faster, that too…in places that stitching over-n-over DOES NOT really help! Yes! being Indian, […]

The ‘inside’ man

Loosely translated as the person who can make things happen inside a particular organisation overlooking certain key areas of expertise/experience or pushing your case forward among others. There are 2 ways of getting work done in India Either you do it the way it’s meant to be done, which would be basically waiting your turn…till/‘if’ […]


There’s nothing more hilarious these days than watching some of the videos of the #KikiChallenge happening in an around the country and the world.. like seriously! People will do anything for a minute of fame! 😆🤦‍♂️ Stepping out of a movie car and breaking into a dance does seem something only a freak would do.. but […]