Let’s meet up!

Ever wondered what will happen if a bunch of bloggers are stuck in a lift with the current out?

You’d think they’d blog about it right?  #BloggerInstincts

But then what if there’s no mobile signal available in the lift? 

The next best option then would be to talk to each other and get to know one another better right..and maybe by the time the current is back, you’ve made new friends.

Now Imagine this…

The same scenario, only this time, instead of a pokey lift, you’re in a much larger hall, surrounded with fellow bloggers with music, entertainment with lots to eat & drink.

Can you see yourself there? U can..? Excellent!! 🙂

Read further…

A fellow blogger and myself were flirting with the idea of having most/all of us [more the merrier] bloggers meet up under one roof for a day filled with fun, laughter and a lot of other cool things to do.

This however is only step 1 of what could lead to the day when we actually meet the good, better and the best of the blogging community here on WordPress 🙂 I’d love to get feedback of what you think. 

Where? (as in which state)… Mumbai? Bangalore? Goa? or other options?

When? (as in which month)…May? July-August? November? 

We’re still trying to work out the logistics. We know we can do it with ‘U’

For more details, click HERE. Aditi gives you more information 🙂

If you’ve read this post, we’d like you to comment and come up with suggestions (or if you wanna email me, u can do so on saviopaz@gmail.com)

If you’ve liked this post, you’re probably interested and you will surely leave a comment and for those who like, comment and re-blog, I already love you a little bit more. Let this post reach out to as many people as it can, for there’s nothing like.. more the merrier 🙂

MS Dhoni – India’s Best Captain

MS Dhoni, steps down as India captain from all formats.

Indian supporters: We want a Review   

Probably it was in the best interest to take Indian Cricket forward, and maybe now we can get to see shades of the old Dhoni playing carefree cricket like he did, when he first burst into the cricket scene before he bows out of the game altogether. 

Guess we’ll never forget Dhoni (Captain Cool) for this shot.. ever!

199 ODI’s as a captain – Yup, The Man is selfish!


Stop the money talk..please.

t’s Okay! Now seriously..what is wrong with people? Don’t they have any other topic to talk about? For birthdays, weddings, on phone conversations, on chat…every damn medium, not forgetting Facebook and Whatsapp.. the unlimited jokes on demonetization.

It’s all got to stop! Stop the madness!

Praying for another big event to happen to shake the country, so at least people have options to talk about different other things. 

MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Is that ALL what people are after?  Gimme a break! 

Virat Kohli scored a 167 and a 55 n.o in the ongoing test match against England..a good chance to kick white ASS and win the test match. Talk about that 😉

The second name of every Indian is P-A-N-I-C

Reading articles on the newspapers for the past few days about the chaotic situations in banks, at ATM’s all over the country and you will agree that Indian people are in absolute PANIC mode.
The reason – MONEY
The excuse – Shopkeepers don’t have change and things need to be bought

The above situation is only one example where people are in PANIC mode. 
India has had many such instances where people have gone absolutely berserk!

All I am trying to say here is, we as Indians..need to take things cool. Indian people react way too fast…and the worst part is that all Indians think alike, so in all probability chaos is bound to happen no matter what the situation. One thing that Indians are really good at is, they take their frustrations out on social media like FaceBook, Twitter etc, every Indian has an opinion and they all have an urge to express it whether they are heard or not.

There is a certain madness that comes along with being Indian and staying in India, the faster people get used to it – the better. People aren’t gonna change. Tempers flaring, people getting aggressive, property being destroyed are normal things that one will see in India.
People from other countries may have lots of negative things to say about India but whatever it is.. India is still one country that is loved, visited and praised for what it has to offer.

Being an Indian is a different kind of an experience! It’s a country like no other. India is always buzzing! Proud to be an Indian! Will always be 🙂

India’s talking 500 & 1000

Ever since the Prime Minister announced the demonetization of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes, there has been utter chaos among the Indian people. Everybody, from the lady selling fish to the discussions over the lunch & dinner tables have been nothing but Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes, that seems to be the only thing that India is talking about.

…and why not? PM Narendra Modi took us by surprise, it’s not like we were prepared for it. While many say it was an excellent move, others are simply grumbling and walking around different shops making asking for small change of 100’s and 50’s.

Technically, I have just Rs. 130 in my wallet with a few coins maybe [which I can actually spend] the big notes being of no use but only to be deposited back into the bank. Money has always been precious, but not more precious since yesterday and for a couple of days more, of course till the new notes are out.

Looking forward to those crispy notes, they look so much cooler. 


Don’t you think Gandhiji is smiling a little more here? …and his ears looks a little bigger too 😉 

Why can’t I find an image for the new Rs 1000 note? Or is it a Rs 2000 new note for every two old 1000 notes, doing away with the 1000 Rs note totally? Okay, I am now officially confused 

The abroad relations (Once upon a time Indian citizens)

Every one of us has that uncle/aunt living out of India earning in dollars, pounds, euro’s etc etc.. n then comes the time when they come to INDIA for anywhere between a 2 week – a month’s holiday coz apparently coming for less than 2 weeks is a waste of money, travelling all that way and not getting enough time to even complain about how…
(a) India has become so populated and that the (b) number of cars have increased on the road and that (c) it has become so hot and (d) the traffic is terrible etc etc.
Yes, that’s what they do…

It’s not like they don’t know what India was…they were too, once upon a time an Indian citizen..who cares if now they hold Australian or American or Canadian passports or
whatever! Living in all these other countries might have taught them a few manners which they unfortunately could not pick up when they were living in India…so be it!

You’re in India for a holiday, irritate your Indian relations while you’re here, be happy and go back. Yes, it is hotter here in this part of the world…not as spotless clean as some of the countries you come from or not everyone follows traffic rules in India, but this is what makes India…India.

This is not the only country you have for a choice to come on a holiday, the fact remains is that you want a ‘cheap holiday’ and that’s when you chose India over the other exotic places. To add to the misery is we have to listen to the stupid accents that are put on. Don’t tell me, living “abroad” for a few years and now suddenly you have an (amriki) american accent! Pls! Get a life!

Coming back to the Uncle/Aunty scene; Every uncle/aunt brings along with them ‘chocolates’ for their poorer relations in India…time for them to know that;
We aren’t dying for your chocolates, we don’t ask for them…we get the best of chocolates in India, (unless of course you’re coming from Switzerland, the chocolates and cheese are so yummm there) then OMG!

As Indians, we are brought up eating paani puri, behl purl, omlette in bread and vada pav.. something you will never experience living in countries abroad. Chocolates for us is a luxury, definitely not a necessity.

There is nothing you don’t get in India that you could possibly bring from your part of the world, unless of course it is a white woman to get your brother’s wife’s sister’s nephew married to.

…to those irritating aunts and uncles, we all have them [FULL STOP]

An Indian…on time?

IST stands for Indian Standard Time…for the world.

Come to India and that magically changes to Indian Stretchable Time. Here in India everybody is in a hurry but no one is ever on time. Reaching late for events is a habit we have been grown up with. The best part is we accept it as a matter of fact and do not even feel embarrassed about it 🙂 [notice the smiley? I am one of them myself 🙂 …and I know you reading this, is silently saying ‘me too’]

Maggi promised us ready noodles in 2-minutes, I don’t believe I have met anyone till date who claims to have cooked it in 2-minutes.   

So, why we are we always late..errr never on time? 😉 I guess basically it is to show-off that we are important, busy and have a hectic life. I can’t think of anything else, the simple thinking that goes behind this is, as a person I have lots of work to do and being early to a function/event means that you have nothing better to do and that’s why you’re one of the earliest and the chances are even the host would be surprised and he’ll crack a joke or two on your punctuality and it is then at that very moment, you decide “I will never be early again” PUNCTUALITY & INDIA do not walk hand in hand. If you are punctual and living in India..you have a serious problem..have yourself checked 😉

The story doesn’t end here. Students are late for classes, teachers are late for lectures, public transport is consistently late, government officials…need I say more!?

We have two types of Indians, The 1st type of people are loitering around aimlessly or engaging in conversation with total strangers and the 2nd type of people are jostling and pushing at bus stops and vegetable markets, as if their time is most precious in this country.

Which category do you fit into?


India Pakistan Saga

September 18th – Attack on an Indian army camp in Kashmir, 17 soldiers killed, 19 injured

11 days later – India Strikes Back, Launches Surgical Strikes On Pakistan, 38 killed.

What’s happening? Why so much hatred? What is with Pakistan & India that they can’t stand each other?

One country does damage, so what does the other country do…? 11 days later, do the same! Both are practically sailing in the same boat. Yes, I agree what they did was wrong, but what did we do? I’m sorry! but there is nothing to be proud about destruction and killing of people even if it means from the other side of the border.
Yesterday all over Facebook I read msgs congratulating the Indian Army…
For what? Killing?

This is a never ending saga..

Apart from all the fighting and killing that’s happening, Pakistan actors are being threatened to leave India and so also the BCCI has cancelled all matches with Pakistan, there was a time when it was said that Cricket could be the unifying bond that would bring both countries to peace, that is clearly not happening.

This can never be good news. It is clear that all is not well between the two countries and this hatred will only escalate over time. God bless both these countries so that they don’t declare war on each other in the future.

Can we ever see this…

    …transform into this? sasas.jpg


The ‘Name’

I had this 3rd std girl student who I taught in school, cute AF..I mean cheeks pulling cute, if you get what I’m trying to say here 🙂

I don’t know what her parents were thinking while naming her when she was born, they named her Kshiti. Now, I don’t know how YOU pronounce the name but when I asked her to say her name, I swear to God..it was something I least expected it to be. To make it worse, the ‘k’ is silent 😮

That’s a shitty name! I don’t understand why parents would want to punish their child with such a name, of course she doesn’t realize it now…but imagine when she grows up

Imagine this;

“Hi, I’m Rahul and you are…”

“Hi, I’m shitty” (Of course that’s not the way it is spelt..but!)

How do you react to that without laughing?

She must start using her middle name (if she has one) or she’s scarred for life. It’s like the Piscine (pissing) Molitor story all over again, at least that was a movie [Life of Pi], this however is reality.

It’s an Indian thing

This is one thing you will surely experience at Indian parties

Read on…

Visualize this.. 🙂
You are being served snacks at a birthday party by the hosts, a piece of cake followed by a sandwich, a chocolate brownie, spring rolls, chicken 65 & then a cold drink. You are now excited looking at your plate savoring all that’s in front of you..and then after some time comes a second round of serving and then starts what ‘happens only in India’ – what I call the ‘the un-decided phase’

The host comes around serving a second round of cake, chocolate brownies, spring rolls etc..

Host: Have another brownie 

Guest: errr…no it’s fine, it’s okay

Host: have one more

Guest: (I’m thinking) I’m really full  (touching the stomach) 

Host: You won’t get fat by eating one more piece, come on now

Guest: No seriously, its okay… (actually he/she wants it but then what will people think…I eat so much)

Host: (forcibly puts a piece of cake on your plate)

Guest: Thank You followed by a smile

[Do not ever try this in any other country, you may not end up with anything to eat. You always say YES to food abroad]

Its not that Indians don’t love to eat, we do…trust me! we really really do. It’s just that we are always worried what other people will think…and that’s why the hesitation. Ever seen Indians eat abroad? especially when they go on planned tours where the breakfast and dinner is inclusive of the package…we eat like we’ve never seen food. No food is ever enough, some even wrap food in tissues and small tiffins so they can enjoy for later. We’ve all done that some time or the other, its an Indian thing..its like instinct.


What r ya lookin’ at? 

Our thinking is simple…we’ve spent so much money to come on the tour…might as well make best use of the tour cost by feeding ourselves full 😉 and the best part is that nobody is there to judge us. [I guess I just let out our BIG secret]
I hope I have not upsetted my fellow brown people, it is just who we are and we should be damn proud of ourselves. We do certain things that people of other nationalities will never understand, most of them are still trying to figure out the Indian head movement.