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Need ‘to be someone’ ..’to do something’

Everyone wants to be someone and to do something in life that will make them feel proud of their achievements.

There’s a new word floating around in everyone’s mind these days -Start Up? ..one word and everyone seems excited about. Sound really cool isn’t it? It’s the new fad. I may not know too much about it myself, so I thought the best thing to do was.. ‘google about it’ and I got the following:

What is a Start-Up?

startup is a young company that is just beginning to develop. Startups are usually small and initially financed and operated by a handful of founders or one individual and these companies offer a product or service that is not currently being offered elsewhere in the market.

Okay! Maybe I am not qualified to talk about a serious topic like a Startup, lets leave it to the people with the business heads. Here, I’m not talking about starting up a company or anything of that sort, but for those enterprising people who want to start something on their own – could be one kind of a start-up maybe? It couldn’t be that difficult to think up of something different and unique to find ways to make money.

Now to broadly categorize people in the world-there are basically two kinds of people, the enterprising ones that want to start something of their own and others who are content working for other people. Both ways are cool, as long as there is a constant money flow happening.


While nowadays many people don’t want to ‘be told what to do’ and ‘work according to rules’..they end up with starting up with something of their own, which going by the recent trend seems to be the way forward but then.. there is always that risk factor ‘WHAT IF?!’ Yes those two words specifically (What if?!) that people like me.. will not want to take a chance because if there’s one thing you can’t predict is ‘response’. We can plan for a lot of things but eventually we still would want a positive response right? Will my idea work? Will it bomb? Will I get any customers..questions that will haunt you from the day you start business.
That’s where sometimes I feel – the safest option is to work under a company or an institute that can provide you that cushion, that security you need at least initially and then maybe, if you can gather up some confidence and a little capital, you could start up something small of your own gradually.

I know a few friends who have started their own small businesses and like every businessman/woman will tell you, while it is tough in the initial stages, you just need to keep going hoping that somewhere..sometime you might strike gold, or sometimes even silver will do. It’s a chance you need to take, if it does well, great but then you will also have to have a back up plan, just in case plan A fails. However that said, the motive shouldn’t only be to earn money but to deliver quality, in whatever field it may be.

Like everyone I have a vision..a dream too. How much can I make that dream a reality needs to be seen. I know I can do it..I am definitely blessed with the talent for it. I’ve already taken a few steps in that direction..now its more like a leap of faith and the rest will follow.https://i2.wp.com/saconnects.org/wp-content/uploads/Fotolia_89992536_Subscription_Monthly_M-300x196.jpg?resize=233%2C152

People from around the country are looking at Goa. Most of whom who are already running successful business ventures around the state. Goa is throwing up new ideas on an everyday basis..what’s yours? what’s mine..? Time to make our small contribution maybe?


“..an opportunity”

“…bye love, 👍 All the best” 👍wishing her daughter as she set out for her first interview at “FrontAIR Airlines”

Ritika was first spotted at one of these Airline exhibitions held in Mumbai with her fascination of planes from a very young age. She pestered her dad to take her for the exhibition, it wasn’t that any one in the family was even remotely connected to the airport, let alone flying…it was weird that Riya had an interest in planes.
As Riya and her dad walked around the exhibition, Riya was awe-struck with what she saw as she took a lot of pictures. They were models of different planes and jets, men and women dressed in cool uniforms. She clicked everything she saw & when finally she thought she had captured enough, 2 hours had already passed and she was now hungry.

2 things that Riya loved a lot, eating was one and planes was the other. She was only 18 and was looking forward to her maiden trip to Dubai, which her dad promised her..if she secured a distinction in her 12th exams.

“Excuse me Sir”,  A man walked up to Mr Verma. It was one of those guys who wore the white uniform.

“Yes” dad turned around

He said “Sir, would you like come with me, we’d like to have a word with you and your daughter”

“Sure” dad replied (looking at dad, clueless as to why the handsome man in the uniform wants to talk to us) My dad said “walk” and I walk beside him and enter one of the cabins.
There is another gentleman sitting in the cabin. He looks soooooo gooood!! Men in uniforms look so hottttt! He extended his hand to shake hands with dad and then with me…but I was lost in my own thoughts. Dad snapped me out of my thoughts, calling out my name and literally shaking me back to reality. I extended my hand out but then he retreated his…and then he extended his and I retreated mine. *Totally awkward moment there* and then I smiled.

He started speaking, looking at dad and me in equal intervals “Sir, we noticed your daughter is very passionate about planes and we find her very suitable for a career in the airlines. We would like to offer her a job with us at our airlines “FrontAIR Airlines”, you must have heard about it, we operate flights from India to Dubai and back”

Not sure whether dad was aware of the different flights plying across different parts of the world, I was though…

“Yes” I said in excitement and realizing that I might have scared the poor guy, toned down and said “Yes I have heard about your airlines, you’ll run 3 flights a day on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Friday’s”

“Impressive”…wanting to use my name next but he didn’t know it, I guess I hadn’t introduced myself to him.

“Ritika” I said:)

“Ritika…yes! I forgot to introduce myself, My name is Shammi Ahluwalia, Captain of FrontAir airlines…” I let out a small giggle (dad looked at me with the what-is-wrong-with-you look) I apologized and said “I just pictured you in the song Shake it like Shammi

“hahahahaha” 😁😁😁 he laughed hard, I get that a lot nowadays. I joined in the laughter (my dad seemed to be clueless 😮 on why there was a sudden bout of laughter. I made a mental note to show dad the video on youtube when we get back home)

Dad speaks up, bringing sanity to the proceedings “…but Ritika is still in the 12th std mid year”

“We’re not saying Ritika should join us straight away, she can join us after she passes her 12th” (dad looks at my face at the umpteenth time and my reaction is the same…he sees me smiling) :):):)

“We’ll let you know” as he gets up from his chair and its time to leave, not before Shammi or should I say Capt. Shammi flashes out his card and gives one to dad and one to me.
(Why does his name have to be Shammi Ahluwalia, look at him…all slim and trim…he could well be Shammi Bhindiwalia 🙂 )

I could do with some food…I’m starved!!