The latest movie I’ve watched on the INOX screen…Kaabil. Yes, excellent movie! More than a Kaabil movie (‘Kaabil’ means ‘worth’ in English) Watching a movie as good as this for a mere Rs. 120/- INR – Great deal. 

I’ve not watched a Hrithik Roshan film in a really long time, on the BIG screen.. the last being Krrish I guess. This one was a different H.R movie, for starts he’s blind in the movie, so the cool dance steps that he otherwise would dance, didn’t really happen BUT for the first song in the movie where he shows traces of it. Yami Gautam on the hand… isn’t she a cutie? She looks cute when she acts as blind too.

What is the movie Kaabil about?

When they get hitched, visually-impaired couple Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik) and Supriya Sharma (Yami) light up each other’s lives. Unfortunately their dark world goes topsy-turvy when Supriya is raped and Rohan finds the policemen playing blind man’s bluff. Leaving him with no choice, but to take the law into his own hands…and boy doesn’t he do a good job of it!!

The scene that got me really into the film was when they get separated from each other for a few minutes at a mall..and Rohan (Hrithik) says the following:

Kahan ho Su?
Tum sun rahi ho Su?
I’m sorry Su..
Pata nahi kaise… haath choot gaya

The movie was always going to grasp my full attention after the above scene…

Equal praise goes to Yami Gautam & Hrithik Roshan. Yami plays her role to perfection, subtle and very effective. As far as Hrithik’s vulnerability as a lover was a delight to see, so was his cool self while plotting revenge. 

You would WANT TO watch this movie. This is GOOD. Go for it! Still running in theaters