First timers

“Let’s make love baby” “but I don’t know how to…Where do we start?” “How about at the lips?” They set out for their maiden lip lock for a good 10 seconds, slowly breaking away “Interesting” she said “I enjoyed it” She continued…“Considering this is the first time I’ve tasted love, it definitely tastes like mint” […]

the 90/10 Rule

What is the 90/10 Rule? If you watched the movie HITCH, you’d know…the main character played by Will Smith (Alex Hitchens in the movie) A dialogue in the movie goes like this “the secret to a kiss is to go 90% of the way… and then hold. For how long? As long as it takes… […]

The pesky sister

“Here’s a first…there’s food on the table and you’re not eating it” “I’m not hungry” “Uh-oh girl trouble” “It’s Veronica” “you screwed up, didn’t you” “I don’t know…it was the perfect moment, we started kissing and…” “wait a sec…DO I wanna hear the end of that?” “…and you’re kissing girls now? does mom and dad […]