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When Inspiration strikes..

..and then when I met her, I gave her the warmest hug and kissed her. If passion could be shown in a 1 minute clip, this had to be it. It was hungry, it was slow, it was passionate, it felt so natural it seemed so right ..and it lasted for one whole minute, that was 60 seconds of an out-of-this-world experience. It didn’t even matter that they were standing in front of a church entrance

But wait! He doesn’t do that kind of thing! At least not until now, he hadn’t.

Was he just caught in the moment? She knew he always had strong feelings for her and probably seeing her after a really long time, triggered in him, a way to express it in some way to her.

It was not like they were lovers or anything, best friends at best..that kiss however had changed that equation a bit or a lot- you’d think.

It would have to be the longest 2 minutes post-kiss, both of them not really sure how to react to what had just transpired between them. It was clear that he had feelings for her, but did she have the same for him too? The fact that she went ahead with the kiss, would suggest that.. but then again she wasn’t one to pull out of a kiss if initiated – who even does that nowadays?

“Ice-cream?” he finally said something. He thought she’d like that and besides he had read somewhere that ‘kissing makes one hungry’. To be fair, it wasn’t the longest kiss..but then there’s never a wrong time for Ice cream..is there!?

A fleeting thought, a memory flash.. Sometimes one person, one moment is enough to act as an inspiration to come up with a few lines.

You never know when Inspiration will strike..and when it happens, there’s nothing quite like the rush of finding the flow..

First timers

“Let’s make love baby”

“but I don’t know how to…Where do we start?”

“How about at the lips?”
They set out for their maiden lip lock for a good 10 seconds, slowly breaking away

“Interesting” she said “I enjoyed it”

She continued…“Considering this is the first time I’ve tasted love, it definitely tastes like mint” <3


the 90/10 Rule

What is the 90/10 Rule?

If you watched the movie HITCH, you’d know…the main character played by Will Smith (Alex Hitchens in the movie)

A dialogue in the movie goes like this

“the secret to a kiss is to go 90% of the way… and then hold.

For how long?

As long as it takes… for her to come the other 10%”

So does the 90/10 Rule really work…or is there any other combination that works better? 😉



The pesky sister

“Here’s a first…there’s food on the table and you’re not eating it”

“I’m not hungry”

“Uh-oh girl trouble”

“It’s Veronica”

“you screwed up, didn’t you”

“I don’t know…it was the perfect moment, we started kissing and…”

“wait a sec…DO I wanna hear the end of that?”

“…and you’re kissing girls now? does mom and dad know?” hahahahaha

“okay..go on”

“her tongue started getting in the way and it felt weird”

“that’s hoowww you kiss”

“it surely wasn’t the same way Elisha & I kissed” he said to himself

“did I hear Elisha? You kissed Elisha..and then you kissed Veronica? Oh boy!

“it was just to show me how to kiss, I wanted to do it right”

“let me see if I got this right.. you kissed Elisha to learn how to kiss Veronica?”

“Does mum & dad know you’re on thissss….so called kissing spree?”

“mum&dad, mum&dad..what’s with you and mum&dad huh..does mum&dad know…

Mum & Dad entering the kitchen

“Mum and Dad what…?” looking at Lorraine and Ceaser

“Ceaser’s kissing girls”

“Lorrrryyyyy!” Ceaser shouted



Dad looked at Ceaser, “Son, its time we need to have a talk”