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‘Your Identity’ – the Business/Visiting Card

Ever found yourself with a minimum of 5 (or more) visiting cards at a particular given time in your wallet/handbag/purse? And you suddenly begin to wonder (when the visiting cards exceed the number of currency notes) Where did they all come from? A visiting card – a reminder of a person you once met. Almost

– A Distinction – A First –

In the world I live in, the word Distinction had only one meaning – as google defines it “a difference or contrast between similar things or people” and while another meaning of it also meant “a grade in an examination denoting excellence”, something, I probably never had a chance of achieving in my lifetime. Besides

English Language Day 23.04.2017

Happy English Language Day Happy Birthday William Shakespeare. English has got to be one of the coolest languages ever spoken on the face of this Earth, no wonder everybody wants to learn the language and speak it correctly. If ever there was a subject teacher that I liked in school, it had to be my

‘Impressions’ and Just being yourself

I DO NOT understand why people need to impress others to feel good. How about trying to be yourself? Shouldn’t be all that difficult right? I understand you want to market yourself well or basically create a good impression on another person, but trying to be someone who you’re not – how is that ever

What’s your point?

Imagine this… You’re telling a friend an amazing story and you just get to the best part, when suddenly he interrupts “Micheal and myself” not “I and Micheal” aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh – BAM! you lose your chain of thought! Most of us would probably be really annoyed, but aside from the very rude interruption, does your friend