The BRIGHT RED lipstick

I’m not sure I understand why women apply dark RED┬álipstick on their lips… I don’t know about ‘it’ turning ON some men but it definitely turns me OFF

I’m sure there are lighter colors & shades out in the market, (pinks maybe) which look even better on a pair of lips. Isn’t it important how you carry lipstick on your lips rather than concentrating on its color? Of course, lighter the better ­čÖé

…and technically, doesn’t lipstick come in between the perfect kiss? I’m sure the guy doesn’t want to taste the girls lipstick instead of her lips. I might not have kissed many lips but I have kissed a few┬áto know that…

a kiss on the lips without lipstick goes a long way to make your kiss a memorable one. 

Did you know that on an average, a woman actually eats 7 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Now that’s seriously ewwww!

There are surely better things to eat than lipstick ryt?