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..until death do us part

“I, ___, take you, ___, for my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.”


The above lines are said as marriage vows in front of friends, family and well wishers in a church before the priest & God.

Let’s concentrate on the last 5 words of those lines for a moment:

…until death do us part”

Unless these last 5 words now have a different meaning, I don’t see any reason why marriages are falling apart and that too within the first 5-10 years of married life.

Aren’t all the checks supposed to be done before entering into the sacrament?

What I mean by checks is – In today’s day and age, if you’re getting married, there is most probably a checklist that you will be having and as per that checklist, all the boxes are expected to get ticked. Let’s see a few of those items on the checklist..

~ Bank balance

~ Moderate/Big House

~ un-interfering in-laws (or out-laws)

~ a servant/maid to do the house work

~ a couple of cars and bikes

~ no mistresses or stalker girlfriends hopefully

and of course he should LOVE, Pamper and treat me like a Queen (no harm in thinking)

This is how the mind of a modern woman works – at least for most of them. If a marriage is based on this kind of a foundation-YOU of all people should know, this isn’t even remotely what you can call a marriage.

I currently know of 4 couples, all friends of mine going through various stages of post-marriage-breakup (if I can call it that) ranging from within 2 years to 10 years for various different reasons. Talk of the lavish wedding receptions each one of them has had and the good amount of money thrown on one BIG PARTY, to be at the stage they are at NOW.

Have marriages come down to a checklist? or simply a platform to know how it feels to be married? No one seems to be serious. Marriage has become a casual affair.

Don’t people marry for Love anymore? 

It isn’t about “I want to get married” BUT “Am I ready to get married?”

The average lifespan of marriage has definitely come down from what it was. where a 50-60 years was normal in the 70’s and 80’s in comparison to today, where we should be surprised if a couple even touch 25 years together. 50 years seems like a distant dream, of course there would always be that odd couple who dream of growing old together.

Marry for Love and not just for companionship & make your house a HOME and not a convenience store. 

…and while I enjoy writing fictional stories on love & marriage, there are people out there actually getting married for real. While you get married only once in your life, make sure you at least make it worthwhile. 

All in a HUG

https://i0.wp.com/images.financialexpress.com/2017/07/modi-1-1.jpg?resize=170%2C113Our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi is on a hugging spree and to say the least, he seems to be enjoying it thoroughly too (Practice makes perfect)

I’m not sure as Indians, we’re very comfortable hugging each other, but can you blame us? We live in one of the hotter countries in the world, and hugging is not ideal in such humid conditions.

I’m not a very physical person myself, I mean the occasional hug is fine-that special friend, mom, dad, festivals etc – and besides who really cares to hug for more than the customary 4/5 seconds. Spontaneous hugs are pretty unusual. It’s not an Indian thing. We’d prefer a handshake over a hug or even a Namaste for that matter would do, shows our Indianness (sometimes also used as a polite way of saying ‘don’t touch me’)

One can’t hug another if they don’t know him/her, that would be just weird. Don’t hug for just the sake of it, give one if you really mean it

..a hug has got to mean something, it has to send a vibration to the other person. It has to show that you care about that person and that you’re genuinely happy for her/him to be in your arms.

else Just say ‘HI’ instead – that should be good enough. No Love lost.

Going by the above Image, I normally give the ‘half hug’ (no 2)

All said and done, this world needs HUGS. Too much of hatred being spread around, within family circles, friend circles, at work etc. I could do with being hugged, everyone loves to be hugged-and why not, it is one of the best feelings ever-it shows a connection, it shows love, intimacy, it magically transforms a simple ‘me’ into an ‘us’.

Well, if the Prime Minister of India is doing it, so can I right?

When was the last time you actually gave a hug like you meant it? Be it to your parents, a friend or even your boss (though that is very unlikely-who genuinely hugs a boss?) maybe your pet? I bet they’d be a lot of people hugging their pets when they get home while saying ‘hi’ to the rest, after they get back from a tiring day at work.


Mother’s Day

Like many of the days that are celebrated in the country and around the world, we have arrived on ‘Mother’s Day’ – today the 14th May 2017. A day when children change their FB and whatsapp display pics, with that of a ‘perfect selfie with mom’

I feel sad for these people.. if you really love your mom, the world doesn’t need to know about it, as long as she and you know. A relationship publicized is a show-off relationship, be it with your mother, boyfriend, husband or wife.

Love doesn’t need an advertisement!

The below pic has been doing rounds on social networks.



Yes this is the ridiculous truth, and many of such pictures are seen on Facebook.

Wow! What has the world come to!?

Oh the Pain!

When she’s right there standing by you, secretly smelling her perfume, your heart pounding ever so hard

..and your brain tells you she will never be yours but your heart keeps on hoping 😛

Love Yourself

Today is World Health Day.. the message is simple.


The body says, if you don’t look after me, I will give up on you.

While we all agree that having a great job, working hard and making lots of money, takes TOP priority in our lives.. but let it NOT come at the cost of living right & living healthy.

Let’s not forget that, if we don’t look after ourselves..forget about earning tons of money, you might not find the strength to get up and go to work. Then what?

Keep the mind sane and the body healthy.

Avoid idle talk and Keep away from junk food. Live the simple life 🙂

Health is not valued until sickness arrives.

..being romantic

“I met my wife at the beach back in the Summer of 69′..he said feeling nostalgic. It was love at first sight ..and I knew at that very moment, that she was the woman I was going to marry. 2 years later, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Your grandmother said it was the most romantic moment she had ever experienced in her life…”

All eyes turned to Marietta..she was blushing “Your grandfather was very romantic” ..still very much isrotomac.jpg

“That must be where I get it from”
..little Max said.

Very surprised, everyone now looked in Max’s direction

“..and how is that” his father asked, rather amused

Today when I shared my Rotomac pen with Michelle, she said to me “You’re so rotomatic” 😉


Yes, I was a rotomatic myself, during my school days. I always carried 2 rotomac pens and 1 reynolds pen in my compass box. One rotomac pen to write and the other to play ‘pen fight’ 😄😄😄😄


The ‘missing’ ingredient

Ever said/heard a statement like this..?

“I think there’s something missing” (referring to the food you’re eating|cooked at home)

Sometimes, its not about any particular missing ingredient in the food that is cooked, but on the lack of love we put into preparing the dish, that is lacking and felt by the people http://media.istockphoto.com/vectors/pouring-out-your-heart-vector-id165797964eating it.

Love, is as much as an important ingredient, as those kept on kitchen shelves.

Put a little love into the work you do..and watch it make a difference!

Do you possess ‘the missing ingredient’?

Love & Alcohol

…could well turn out to be disastrous if not managed well. I’m not gonna cite examples here but of what I see around me, people are absolutely drowning in both. For 1. both make you do things that you would never do otherwise 2. Once you’re in it, its hard to get out of it..you crave for more & more.love

On the personal front, I’ve not been touched by both and it feels pretty OKAY. The emotion just keeps flirting with me through different people of the opposite sex..but then that’s about it. I’m yet to fall..and I bet when I do, it’s gonna be a hard fall. 

However, it is said..
“People who have been single for very long are the hardest to love, having become so used to being single” It would take someone extraordinary to convince them that they need you in their life.

..and as for alcohol, I just cannot understand how people can drink glass after glass..bottle after bottle! Isn’t alcohol a form of poison?  And don’t even begin to tell me “I’m only a social drinker”.. that is absolute BULL! For such people I guess ‘life’ is one social event and hence drinking is normal. Then I guess..they’ve got a point!

Being a Goan and not drink, does make ‘you’ the butt of all jokes at parties and social events, but then I guess you really can’t do anything about it but smile, maybe continue enjoying your coke while others slowly get intoxicated.

Of course, don’t expect any help from me, I’ll probably leave you lying on the ground – for all I care.

An Investment

People say;

‘Invest in Love’ 

..I say Invest in Relationships and love deposits will automatically flow in.


February ‘Love’

January’s passed by… some said it was a trial month for 2017. It does take some people a whole month to get going for the year – understandable I guess.

Now February is now upon us. 2 days into February and I can already feel the ..The ‘Love’  month is here. There’s something about this month, that you will find people smiling that extraaaa bit, there’s just that extraaaa effort put in to make your partner feel special  people are coochie cooing  with more intensity. Being single and looking at all this around me, makes me smile…at least there’s no pressure on me 

Guess the presence of ‘red’ everywhere does ignite the passion within the hearts of lovers all around… and then Valentines Day  is around the corner of course. Card galleries are decked u with ‘red’ balloons, hearts  and other decorations, rose vendors will be business soon and lots of chocolate boxes will be bought and eaten 

Sweet February  is here 🙂

What are your elaborate plans for the month of February?

In my state, Goa..more importantly goes to polls on the 4th February…and that’s not all. First time girl voters will be given a pink teddy bear. Polling booths in Goa are going Pink. Pink to start the month, Red mid month…pretty colorful month in Goa I should say 🙂

I know what my contribution to the month of February will be..to caste my wise vote for a party that I feel will do good things in my state. I vote for change’ and if you’re a Goan reading this, you will very well understand what the word ‘change’ truly means. Time to sweep away corruption for good..at least a start can be made. 

I know…I know…too much of love here on this post.. a lot of hearts..a pink teddy bear..and multi colored text 😉 Isn’t February all about this?