February ‘Love’

January’s passed by… some said it was a trial month for 2017. It does take some people a whole month to get going for the year – understandable I guess.

Now February is now upon us. 2 days into February and I can already feel the ..The ‘Love’  month is here. There’s something about this month, that you will find people smiling that extraaaa bit, there’s just that extraaaa effort put in to make your partner feel special  people are coochie cooing  with more intensity. Being single and looking at all this around me, makes me smile…at least there’s no pressure on me 

Guess the presence of ‘red’ everywhere does ignite the passion within the hearts of lovers all around… and then Valentines Day  is around the corner of course. Card galleries are decked u with ‘red’ balloons, hearts  and other decorations, rose vendors will be business soon and lots of chocolate boxes will be bought and eaten 

Sweet February  is here 🙂

What are your elaborate plans for the month of February?

In my state, Goa..more importantly goes to polls on the 4th February…and that’s not all. First time girl voters will be given a pink teddy bear. Polling booths in Goa are going Pink. Pink to start the month, Red mid month…pretty colorful month in Goa I should say 🙂

I know what my contribution to the month of February will be..to caste my wise vote for a party that I feel will do good things in my state. I vote for change’ and if you’re a Goan reading this, you will very well understand what the word ‘change’ truly means. Time to sweep away corruption for good..at least a start can be made. 

I know…I know…too much of love here on this post.. a lot of hearts..a pink teddy bear..and multi colored text 😉 Isn’t February all about this? 

‘place’ of birth

“I’m Goan”

“No you’re not..you were born in Kolkata”

“I’m still Goan”

“That is ridiculous, your birth certificate clearly shows – Place of Birth is Kolkata”

“I was conceived in Goa”

“O’ Boy! Then in that case, I should be an employee of the Indian Railways”

“Really? Which train?” 😜😝

Indian Railways – Bringing people together 

Btw another favorite movie of mine ‘Jab we met’

Yes people, love does happen on Indian train journeys. An Indian train journey is just not about getting you from one place to another, its meeting people, sharing food, making new friends and falling in love too. #FrequentTraveller

one him+one her


one him



                                        one hertitle883708857

met in the most un-expected way

one him & one her
met in the most unexpected way

they bumped into each other..

he had his chocolate cake all over her

while she had her wine spilt all over him

While he smelt heavenly

she looked delicious

they looked into each other eyes..and all they saw were starstarstarstar

Love they say happens in the strangest of ways…

they still look into each other eyes…

and now all they see are  


It doesn’t take much for a man 2 fall in LOVE

Like seriously!
I am talking on behalf of all guys, I’m telling you…It does not take much for a man to fall in love with a woman. She does not need to have the full package [I’m not gonna explain what ‘the package’ is]. The girl could be slim having frizzy hair and wearing an over sized shirt with still yet to develop breasts hiding behind it, but we’re willing to ignore all those things if she has a pretty smile – just a smile, that’s all – and we’re in love.

I don’t know what’s come over me – but I needed to write this and now I feel really good… like sooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooood

Okay, now coming to the actual story.
The story happened at a tyre shop. The car needed new tyres…all 4 of them, all of them went bald, so a replacement was needed. Dad signed the cheque and left me to wait for the entire procedure to be completed to drive the car back home. In the meanwhile there was the office girl sitting behind the table [she was alone] and myself sitting and waiting just breathing the same air [the aircon was on and on quite a low temperature]…no one spoke anything, until she broke the silence and asked me “Are you from Margao?” I replied saying “Yes” and somehow we started talking…like you know..she asked a few questions, I answered, I asked a few questions, she answered and it went on.

Now about the girl…she was slim, frizzy hair, spoke impeccable English and made a good conversationalist and her smile…OMG! It was out of this world… I was in Love <3

A phone call came and screwed up everything…time passed, the stupid customer on the other line went on talking and I kept looking at her from the glass reflection [I couldn’t look at her directly ryt?]
She realized my uneasiness I guess and she said…”I think your car is ready”
Damn it! So fast!? Why are those boys so efficient in their job? A 45 minutes job was completed in 30 minutes… Shit! Shit! Shit!

I was nervous talking to her and I didn’t even know why.. maybe it was the temperature of the a/c that made words difficult to come out..

There are some moments that take your breath away – this was surely one of them. Whether I meet her again or I don’t, I will never forget her face.

Just being in the same office as her reminded me of one dialogue that Bunny said to Naina in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “Tumhari jaisi ladki flirting ke liye nahi, ishq ke liye bani hai”, that girl is definitely the ishq ke bani hai girl.

Would she ever read this? I wonder…

I have this very close friend of mine from Pune, if I tell her…she’ll actually come down to Goa, take a print out and give it to the girl to read. She’s like forever asking me “Why don’t you fall in love?” 😉

Writers make the best Partners & Lovers

A fracquaintance [less of a friend & more of an acquaintance] on reading & appreciating a few of my blog posts, he meets me one day and asks;

“Savio, it must be difficult for you to write a fictional love story when you’ve never been in a relationship yourself and you have not really experienced those emotions”


I smiled and replied “What’s difficult in that? It’s easier for me to write fictional love stories because personally, I write the way I look at my love life in the future, kind of something to look forward to…and besides one does not need to ‘experience’ love to write about it.

Writing about being single as a person who is in a relationship – now that will be difficult

I maybe single and never have really been in a relationship but then did you know Writers make the best partners & lovers? Something to think about on a lazy sunday?

You might want to try us out sometimes… 😉

I understood 3 things by the little question-answer thing I had.

  1. My blog is being read by people (outside of my followers)
  2.  My writing talent (talent may be a big word) is being appreciated
  3. People have an opinion on what I write, which is good

So I guess I am in a good space in terms of my virtual life at least.

Have a wonderful Sunday ahead 🙂

Just curious

“Mom, what does love feel like?”

“Why the sudden question darling?”

“Just curious”

“How do you know for sure you’re in love?”

“It sort of feels like your heart is glowing ..if that makes sense”

“It doesn’t”

“Is there some kind of test you can run to measure the amount of endorphin’s or something?”


High on Emotion

she kept reading
…as she watched him toss his cowboy hat on the floor and stride over, the feeling was overwhelming. She needed him, she needed him in a way she had never needed anything. She needed his hands on her body, his lips on his mouth…

(Looking at him)“you’re totally enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“the way you’re reading it…totally. Wait! I just have the thing” (he runs to the store room and is back in 10 minutes)

“Where did you run off to and what are you hiding behind you?”

(he puts on the cowboy hat and almost immediately takes it off and tosses it on the floor)

(laughing) “this looks familiar…but the cowboy has forgotten to wear his pants”

“Let’s just forget the pants for tonight my love” he said…

…as she put the kindle away and ran into his arms, indulging into a passionate kiss. It seemed as if the book was coming to life in that room. 

I love ‘you’ too

It surely wasn’t love at first sight 
…but definitely at first thought


Didn’t expect things would soon turn out the way I hoped for,
for the night came when she confessed, she had fallen in love
with no one else but me…

Being caught unawares, I replied with an “I love you too”02
for I thought, an every I Love You deserved an I Love you…too