Goin' the Extra..aaamile

…and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile

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..not quite there! YET – Ginger [3]

Part I     Part II “Your fiance has been fairly long on the phone, another girlfriend lurking close by maybe?” Ginger casually joked.. Not that Gloria wasn’t used to her friends sharing the odd joke between them.. this time she herself was a tad bit anxious, it was very unlike of Sean to remain aloof

Looking back!

Looking back 36 years of my life lived, could I have done.. ..something different? ..been someone different? ..done things differently? ..approached life more seriously? During a conversation with an absolute stranger, he asked me a strange question “Considering you have been single all your life..are you Happy?” You’d gotta think what kind of a dumb

As a..

..young boy, like all kids I enjoyed going to school. Yes, I learnt different things, saw different faces every 45 minutes, and did the routine stand-up-sit-down at least a minimum 8 times a day (excluding toilet emergencies and other times when punished) 😉 However if there was ever ’30 minutes’ out of the total hours I

Different sounds, Different feelings

We all have that one sound.. that helps us relax. Some of which may include.. Waves crashing against the rocks Pitter Patter of the raindrops on the roof or against the windows Walking on gravel Babies laughing Birds chirping Church bells from a distance, fireworks display, popping bubble wrap.. there are so many if we


Its funny how a simple picture (saw it on one of Aishwarya’s blogposts) of a Reynold’s pen can bring back sweet memories. I’m talking of the ‘pen-fight’ game, we as students have all played it. It was more common with the guys but I’m sure the girls might have tried playing it too..you know just to