Looking back!

Looking back 36 years of my life lived, could I have done.. ..something different? ..been someone different? ..done things differently? ..approached life more seriously? During a conversation with an absolute stranger, he asked me a strange question “Considering you have been single all your life..are you Happy?” You’d gotta think what kind of a dumb […]

As a..

..young boy, like all kids I enjoyed going to school. Yes, I learnt different things, saw different faces every 45 minutes, and did the routine stand-up-sit-down at least a minimum 8 times a day (excluding toilet emergencies and other times when punished) 😉 However if there was ever ’30 minutes’ out of the total hours I […]


Its funny how a simple picture (saw it on one of Aishwarya’s blogposts) of a Reynold’s pen can bring back sweet memories. I’m talking of the ‘pen-fight’ game, we as students have all played it. It was more common with the guys but I’m sure the girls might have tried playing it too..you know just to […]