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‘A Costly Affair’


02.02.2018 – Times of India (Goa Edition)

What an interesting article! Made such interesting reading, most of which didn’t make much sense to me (I’ll have to admit shamelessly), but the picture was appealing, so I thought why not cut out the picture and write a post on it? Good idea right!

I’m never a fact & figures person (exactly what the article talks about), I thought let me take it & put a ‘Savio Spin’ to it and make it my own. [Expect nothing serious here]

Now we all know how wonderful it is to have children (rather make them). One night of passion, a whole lifetime of waiting for this one day – expectations, pleasure and the excitement… and then bam after 9 months, a New life.. a New journey and a big hole in the parents pockets for at least the next 21 years of that child’s life.

Wait! Did I say make? Make Children? Hmm. ‘Procreate’ – sounds better! As wonderful as the whole procedure is to procreation, looking at the future… and the picture above, you might want to push back ‘that moment’ a bit… this is a certainly a very very costly affair! But then on the other side – nothing is ever cheap, even in India. 

I am still in phase I, which is wishing my friends who have babies and attending their baptism parties. Babies are cute and all.. but boy! do they come at a price? 9 months in the mother’s stomach and 21 years of eating into the parent’s savings.

Kehte hain bacche paida karne ka koi sahi waqt nahi hota, jab karlo bas tabhi se tumhara bura waqt shuru ho jata hai

…nahhhh!! who are we kiddin’ 😛 

Children are the biggest blessings to parents, God’s personal gift to every married couple. I myself am a big fan of children (having taught them in schools) Of course children at school and children at home are a whole different set of people. I love children, especially little baby girls <3

If you’re interested in the facts & figures of how much it costs to raise a kid, read the Times of India today or online – Pg 15 (I read it in the Goa Edition) very interesting article. Read it, cut it out and show it to your child when he turns 21 😛😛

The Magic Number to remember is :


Yess!! The * stands for

*at current prices



Bullet Train – India 2022

India and Indians might have had their share on ‘Bullets’, now its time to look forward to its first Bullet train..Wait!! Still some time to go till we see one. Expected year 2022.

But does India deserve a bullet train running at 320-350 km/hr, when the existing trains running at 50/60 km/hr are getting derailed almost at the rate of a couple of trains (or more) every month or two? and a few people dying with every train derailment?

In this scenario, how does a bullet train serve the purpose in the country?

In a country that witnesses children dying out of starvation, women getting raped on a daily basis, people not having jobs, price of food having gone through the roof and people being shot in pure daylight, how can a country’s priority be a ‘Bullet Train’? Even if it is, hasn’t the Government learnt anything from past experiences of the Tejas Express and the Gatiman Express that were recently launched? Going by the initial craze of ‘a new train’ there haven’t been many takers statistics reveal, with both trains running at less than 60/70% occupancy. What is the fate of the future 2022 Bullet train then? Has speed become so much of a factor? We’ve been doing okay all this while..

– so where is the sudden priority of “speed” needed in the country? I know as an Indian, it is no point talking or having a say of how things operate in India and some of the thinking that goes into making some of the BIG decisions. The Govt will carry on doing what they need to do, and all we can do is to watch the drama unfold before our very own eyes.

However on a lighter note, India has got its latest toys to play with, its called monopoly money, flashy colors of new crispy notes. The Demonetization might have turned out to be a big failure, at least the citizens of the country can boast of newer, cleaner notes now-small consolation maybe?

I’m yet to have my own 200 & the new 50 rupee note.

India has never seen a dull day, there’s always something happening.. don’t be surprised with what is to come next. As an Indian citizen we should always be prepared.

Stop the money talk..please.

t’s Okay! Now seriously..what is wrong with people? Don’t they have any other topic to talk about? For birthdays, weddings, on phone conversations, on chat…every damn medium, not forgetting Facebook and Whatsapp.. the unlimited jokes on demonetization.

It’s all got to stop! Stop the madness!

Praying for another big event to happen to shake the country, so at least people have options to talk about different other things. 

MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Is that ALL what people are after?  Gimme a break! 

Virat Kohli scored a 167 and a 55 n.o in the ongoing test match against England..a good chance to kick white ASS and win the test match. Talk about that 😉

No Change!

Okay…so I needed to pee and since I’m not a big fan of peeing by the roadside and watering some dead leaves, the most decent thing to do was to walk into public pay toilet, the nearest one I could find and relieve myself.

That was the simple thing.

It was what followed that kind of kept me on hold..for some more time. I had no 2 rupee coin, so I gave the guy a ten rupee note and asked for change and he didn’t have any. Surprising, since it was like 11.30 in the morning and there was no way I was going to leave a ten rupee note with him. I asked for small change from the shops around but everyone seemed to give me the does-it-look-I have-change look. Well..considering the situation of every Indian right now running around for change..nobody wants to part with coins even. I wasn’t surprised at all.

So I went back and waited…

Till of course a man came with what looked liked his family, his wife, 2 daughters and himself entered. After doing their stuff, the man handed over a 100 rupees note.
Like seriously dude!!!!??? Here I have been waiting for 10 minutes for change of Rs. 10…and he comes with 100Rs? I mean who carries 100 rupees and expects change in a pay toilet. So now it was 2 people waiting for change..we looked at each other and smiled.

I asked the guy, how much he had to pay..he said 8. I did some quick math and added my 2 to his 8 equaling 10.  I told him to keep the  note and I could go. The man was grateful and thanked me profusely. He didn’t have to thank me and all, it was only a matter of 10Rs. It was kinda embarrassing. I said it was totally fine and went to catch my bus.
At least I put my 10 Rs note to good use to help someone in need 🙂

India’s talking 500 & 1000

Ever since the Prime Minister announced the demonetization of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes, there has been utter chaos among the Indian people. Everybody, from the lady selling fish to the discussions over the lunch & dinner tables have been nothing but Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes, that seems to be the only thing that India is talking about.

…and why not? PM Narendra Modi took us by surprise, it’s not like we were prepared for it. While many say it was an excellent move, others are simply grumbling and walking around different shops making asking for small change of 100’s and 50’s.

Technically, I have just Rs. 130 in my wallet with a few coins maybe [which I can actually spend] the big notes being of no use but only to be deposited back into the bank. Money has always been precious, but not more precious since yesterday and for a couple of days more, of course till the new notes are out.

Looking forward to those crispy notes, they look so much cooler. 


Don’t you think Gandhiji is smiling a little more here? …and his ears looks a little bigger too 😉 

Why can’t I find an image for the new Rs 1000 note? Or is it a Rs 2000 new note for every two old 1000 notes, doing away with the 1000 Rs note totally? Okay, I am now officially confused 

Word count: 100

He didn’t know if HER coming into his life was a good or a bad thing. She made him feel special, something he never felt before. He thought it was Love, she was looking for love too, just of a different kind. 

He fought against his family, for his Love. He had her side. He won. He lost his family while he gained her.

She conned him into sleeping with her, she got pregnant. She had played her cards very well. She was looking for love, just of a different kind; it wasn’t his love but love for his money.



100 words…that’s all. Well…if a certain someone is reading this, it could just probably save his ass. There’s a reason when people say “Love is Blind”