adult/ˈadʌlt,əˈdʌlt/ noun a person who is fully grown or developed. POINT NOTED: Hence ‘adulting’ – ‘present continuous’ Its funny how as children, we all wanted to grow big quickly! Looking at our parents, spending money buying a car or two, investing money in shares, purchasing land to build a bigger house.. traveling to foreign lands […]

No Change!

Okay…so I needed to pee and since I’m not a big fan of peeing by the roadside and watering some dead leaves, the most decent thing to do was to walk into public pay toilet, the nearest one I could find and relieve myself. That was the simple thing. It was what followed that kind […]

Word count: 100

He didn’t know if HER coming into his life was a good or a bad thing. She made him feel special, something he never felt before. He thought it was Love, she was looking for love too, just of a different kind.  He fought against his family, for his Love. He had her side. He won. […]