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Mother’s Day

Like many of the days that are celebrated in the country and around the world, we have arrived on ‘Mother’s Day’ – today the 14th May 2017. A day when children change their FB and whatsapp display pics, with that of a ‘perfect selfie with mom’

I feel sad for these people.. if you really love your mom, the world doesn’t need to know about it, as long as she and you know. A relationship publicized is a show-off relationship, be it with your mother, boyfriend, husband or wife.

Love doesn’t need an advertisement!

The below pic has been doing rounds on social networks.



Yes this is the ridiculous truth, and many of such pictures are seen on Facebook.

Wow! What has the world come to!?

Mom’s Day

No senti message and all. I’m not that kind 🙂


“Men are what their mothers made them” 12072717_10153107120726120_2046126282134344870_n



I turned out quite good right? What do you think?

Troubling Mom since 1982 😉

P.S : I don’t look this scary all the time 😉