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‘Simran’ – only for Kangana Ranaut .The Movie.

Before I start, I have two questions:

.1. Why ‘Simran’? It could easily be Priya, Aisha, Garima, Bhavya, Megha or Ishana. What is the significance of the name ‘Simran’ towards the story?

.2. Is the money made on this film going towards repaying the money that the real Simran (or Sandeep Kaur as she is known in real life) stole who is still lying in jail? If not, what is the use of making her famous? Stupid idea I think, to make a film on that part of her life. What was so dramatic about its story that deserved a movie to be made on it? Or is it just a case of film producers running out of stories to be told and are NOW taking real life incidents and making them into movies.  

The posters and the trailers did look impressive. Expected more. ‘Simran-the-movie’ failed to deliver and I’m sure I am not the only one who thinks this way.

Stupid Stupid film!

That said, take nothing away from Kangana Ranaut’s acting prowess, she is one very versatile and very talented actress. She pulled off the character of Simran very well. She did justice to the role given to her. She’s a Natural.  I thought the film, or at least the way it was picturized was absolute crap! Go watch the film for Simran-the-character more than Simran-the-film, which feels more like a body with no soul. 

Thanks to piracy, I downloaded the movie on torrents and watched it, 3rd day since its release on the 15th September in theaters all over the country.

A 2.5 star rating from me rating

A ONE TIME watch

Review: ‘Annabelle: Creation’

Annabelle: Creation has all that we are used to seeing, A desolate house, child/children, a mysterious woman behind the curtain, a forbidden door, a scarecrow, a basement, a lift hidden behind a wall, a well, and this one had lots of dolls.

Surpised!? Don’t be.. read on

The Horror (or was it more of mystery/thriller) genre has always intrigued me, be it in the form of books, movies or a TV show. I mean who doesn’t like to enjoy being creeped out from time to time. That said, the Horror/Mystery/Thriller genre should be only shown in 3D and above, it just makes the spooky.. spookier and the creepy.. creepier – that’s all!

Hollywood – Please grow up. How long will you try scaring people with dolls, paranormal activity, Haunted houses and possessed people?

So, I watched the movie Annabelle at the INOX theater earlier today. I wouldn’t say I was scared or even in the least bit moved, but I did smile a lot during the movie (more so by the reactions of the people seated around me-who were all students [surprisingly for a morning show]) and was overall amused by what I saw in the 1h 40m of movie time.

The synopsis of the story which goes like this..
A group of orphaned girls are taken in by a doll maker (Anthony LaPaglia) and his wife (Miranda Otto), who are still grieving the death of their daughter. However, they are soon terrorized by a haunted doll that’s lurking within the couple’s house.


If you think you’ll be spooked out throughout the movie, you’ll be in for a disappointment, simply because it all seems to die down post intermission, which is so not cool. We all know, its all going to end well.. but at least give us some good scary scenes! ‘The doll’ being the main object in the film, doesn’t even look all that pretty. Who keeps a doll like that!?

The next time I decide on going to watch a movie in the horror genre, I need to ask myself.. am I going to expect something new? or the same old thing?

That said.. I might just still go ahead and watch it.

https://i2.wp.com/t4.ftcdn.net/jpg/00/77/82/27/240_F_77822740_cgMDmNca3rj2A4yp5yRguMAtTqyTBlHd.jpg?resize=31%2C23&ssl=1 Visual Effects
https://i2.wp.com/t4.ftcdn.net/jpg/00/77/82/27/240_F_77822740_cgMDmNca3rj2A4yp5yRguMAtTqyTBlHd.jpg?resize=31%2C23&ssl=1 Character Performance

Go and watch the film, if you’re a fan of the Conjuring series.

noor – 21st April 2017 [movie]


Not having watched many of Sonakshi Sinha’s movies, I liked her character as noor in the film with the same name. Always knew SS was a talented actress, having watched her last film Akira, which was an ‘okay’ film.

In many ways this film is relatable, a simple down to earth kind of film with no frills. Scenes portrayed in the film are stuff that happens daily in people’s lives. Noor is the kind of girl, you will find in your neighborhood, and with the life she leads, be it her friends, or the day-to-day issues she goes through. You can say, Sonakshi has done justice to the role, she perfectly fits the character.

She might not get the big films like Alia Bhatt or Priyanka Chopra do, but she will definitely give her all, and that is what makes her films a worth watch.

Go and watch it, less than 2 hours (1h 47m to be exact) 

Rather than spend time sweating it out in the sun somewhere, head to a theater and give Noor a watch, besides movie tickets aren’t expensive either these days.

Rating 3.5/5

Pssst: I liked her pink-n-white shorts..I think she looked good in them :p What!? I don’t miss out much 😛😛 and pink is a good color for shorts, I’d think 😛😛

Badrinath ki Dulhania – Watch it for Alia Bhatt!

Normally I am one of the last to put up a review on a Bollywood film. However this movie, it was 1st day 2nd show, not because of all the hype created about the film-just that it was Alia Bhatt 

So here’s what I thought about the movie:

Lovely movie. Enjoyed it thoroughly…Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt do make a cute screen pair, I was looking at Alia throughout, so I wasn’t even really paying attention to the actor at all.
If you want to compare this movie to Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (where the same two actors played leading roles), its nothing like that film…well there’s a little bit of romance, heartbreak, families etc.., but its different. It’s refreshing to see Alia Bhatt do so many movies of late, that smile and her cute dimple <3 Simply WOW! She is such a delight to watch on the big screen. From Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, Kapoor & Sons to Dear Zindagi and now Badrinath ki Dulhania, she’s just been brilliant!

Watching Alia Bhatt on screen is like 

1st day, 2nd show..yup! Anything for Alia Bhatt 🙂 We were all of around 40 people or so in the theater, consider people are working in the morning-the number was quite good. [Some of the pretty girls come for the morning show too.. 😉 ]

Is it okay to say that Varun Dhawan’s attempt to make people laugh worked!? Yes, it did..people did laugh, maybe it was more for his stupidity than anything else 😉

The movie has a lot of messages to give out but for that you’ll have to watch the film. It’s only the first day of the movie’s release and not many people would have watched the film as yet. So go watch the film, it is great fun…Alia is cute as always…Varun…he does a good job (given his limited acting skills) and the movie overall is a feel-good- type-of-film 🙂

I wasn’t too impressed with the songs, they were okay. The so much hyped song of Tamma Tamma didn’t get even my legs tapping. However, if you’re an Alia fan (like me) it is a must watch, I also like the pace at which the movie went 🙂

I’d give the movie a 3.5/5 rating.


Baar Baar Dekho – The Movie

14 days from the date of its release, yes I know I’m late. I had to wait until I could watch it on my computer. After 2h 27 minutes (duration of the film) I was happy that I didn’t go to the theater to watch this particular film.

The movie promised A LOT especially from the promos, the whole marketing strategies of the film but all that for nothing-the film was an absolute FLOP. Even the best song of the movie ‘Kaala Chasma’ was kept for the end of the film…why!?

Coming to the story…well! It’s confusing to say the least, it moves in two time zones-the present and the future with Sidharth Malhotra advancing in age with every time that he wakes up in the morning…and then in the second half he goes back in time to ‘rectify’ the mistakes of the past to ensure a better future. That’s it…the movie is all about that!
Sidharth Malhotra is way better than the role he was given in this movie, the actor is way too talented.

Who is this ‘Nitya Mehra’-the Director of Baar Baar Dekho? How many films has she directed, 1 before this…what a way to screw your reputation, churning out a FLOP in your second film! Wonder whether her first one was any good.
The songs were ordinary but for the kaala chasma which was wasted at the end of the movie…and as far as the cast was concerned, Ram Kapoor, like seriously?? He’s better suited for the small screen, there are many more people who can act better than Ram Kapoor in a Father’s role. Sidharth Malhotra was wasted , Katrina Kaif was well…she can do limited things well 🙂

Overall, a good movie to miss. In case you’ve not watched it as yet, its one of the wisest thing you’d have done. Wait for it to show on tv for free. This movie doesn’t deserve a Baar Baar Dekho-SORRY!


Raaz Reboot – The Movie & The RAAZ Franchise

So, I’m back from watching Raaz Reboot…have been a fan of the Raaz movies from the very first one, so I wasn’t going to give this one a miss. I didn’t expect to see anything new from what I’d seen from the earlier Raaz movies such as regular haunted mansion, strange voices, unsettled spirits hanging somewhere between life and death and the possessing an innocent soul.

However, even after knowing all this, I still went ahead..knowing that if there is one thing Emraan Hashmi can do better than kissing in his films is do well in this genre, well at least he gives it his all, much like he gives his 100% in the kissing scenes (he’s kissing the female here in this film too…so yes) 😉
Raaz Reboot moves more on the lines of its first movie of the Raaz franchise (Bipasha Basu & Dino Morea) with a little difference here and there. So basically I’ve already told you more than you should know. For the rest, go and watch the film. You’ll like the film if 1. you’ve enjoyed the previous raaz movies 2. If you’re a fan of Emraan Hashmi or 3. 120/- isn’t much to spend on a movie, so enjoy the a/c for 140 odd minutes in this hot season. Simply do what I do, buy the Rs. 120 ticket and go and sit in the Rs. 180 ticket seats 🙂 with hardly a handful of people watching shows in the morning, the theater is practically empty.
I certainly enjoyed watching it. This movie is shot in Romania and based around the story of the couple Rehan and Shaina and how due to a mistake by Rehan, his wife has to pay for it by being possessed by the spirit for the ‘mistake’.

The best part of the movie was of course the girl who was sitting besides me, she kept doing the mini jump from her seat whenever she saw the spirit on the screen or something unexpected happened which was really hilarious because it wasn’t really all that scary. I mean this is Raaz we’re talking about, movies like Conjuring 2 didn’t get people scared. I looked at her, she smiled nervously, I smiled genuinely  and we turned our eyes back to the screen, this happened like 3 times. She had come with her friend who was equally jumpy 😉

Overall, the movie was good. I liked it…so with this movie, it ends  the franchise on a good note. Out of all the Raaz movies, which one did I like the best…

Lets see…



The first film from the successful horror franchise came out way back in 2002. The chemistry between Bipasha and Dino helped in making Raaz a hit. [I liked this one the best]

Raaz: The Mystery Continues

Emraan, Kangana

The second film from the series came out in 2009 and tho’ there were mixed reviews it did fairly well at the box office. Emraan Hashmi was introduced to the franchise

Emraan and Kangana’s jodi worked in the favour of the film along with its music. The film had some spine-chilling moments too.

Raaz 3D

Emraan, Bipasha

Emraan and Bipasha in the third installment along with Esha Gupta. The film got mixed reviews as well but it raked in big moolah at the box office.The film had a lot of skin show than scare tactics but that didn’t hamper its box office fate.

and then..

Raaz Reboot

Raaz Reboot

The fourth installment marked the debut of South actress Kriti Kharbanda. Co-starring Emraan and Gaurav Arora, the film has hardly anything new to offer. Vikram Bhatt has used all the scare tactics from his previous films in this one. 

Compared to other Raaz films, this one is the least engaging.

Which one was your favorite? 

NOTE: The Raaz Franchise isn’t about horror, Raaz is Raaz and it will always remain that way 🙂 Raaz is now a new genre in Bollywood 🙂