M.S. Dhoni – the last hurrah!?

As much as I hate to say it, but it is a fact that M.S.Dhoni is no longer the player he once was. We all hoped that on him giving up the captaincy in all 3 formats of the game, we would get to see flashes of the ‘Old Dhoni’ once again.
Well..that clearly hasn’t happened

..the power’s gone
..the timing has left
The intent is still there..but is that good enough to keep going?India Vs West Indies: MS Dhoni Could Not Finish Off This Time, Scores Slowest Fifty By An Indian In 16 Years

A lot was said after his innings (50 of 114 balls) against the W.I recently. Some blamed the pitch, while others said it was the shot execution. The whole team is to be blamed for the collective failure, no one player can be blamed for that loss, and definitely not MS Dhoni (for his dwindling ability of finishing games) there was a certain Pandya, Jadeja there in the line-up and don’t get me started with India’s brash captain Virat Kohli who contributed a measly 3 runs.

While Dhoni might play that once-in-a while good innings, overall he is a shadow of himself clearly showing that he is well into the sunset of his cricketing career. Whether Dhoni should continue or call it quits is something that will always be up for discussion.

Is India ready to let go of undoubtedly one of the best cricketing brains in Indian Cricket? Or do they wait till they groom their young wicket keeper (who for some reason they are very reluctant to give a game until now) Rishab Pant to take over the gloves, till then have Dhoni in the mix for the World Cup in 2019.

As an admirer of MS Dhoni, it is painful to see him struggle, innings after innings. Yes, he is still a magnificent limited-overs wicket keeper, a brilliant reader of the game, but it is the batting that is letting him down.
I say MS still has it in him to go the extra mile, while the intent is still there to get out on the field and give his best..he deserves to be in the Indian Cricket Team starting XI any day.

Can we have one last hurrah from Dhoni?


Wouldn’t we love to see him play the ‘Helicopter Shot’?


MS Dhoni – India’s Best Captain

MS Dhoni, steps down as India captain from all formats.

Indian supporters: We want a Review   

Probably it was in the best interest to take Indian Cricket forward, and maybe now we can get to see shades of the old Dhoni playing carefree cricket like he did, when he first burst into the cricket scene before he bows out of the game altogether. 

Guess we’ll never forget Dhoni (Captain Cool) for this shot.. ever!

199 ODI’s as a captain – Yup, The Man is selfish!


M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

You don’t really have to be an MS Dhoni or a cricket fan to watch this movie (tho’ it does make it more special if you are his fan) .This movie is as simple as it gets, it shows the journey of a man from his humble beginnings to make it to the top, an Inspirational movie..if you look at it that way.

This was surely a movie I wasn’t going to miss out on watching. Sushant Singh Rajput was simply brilliant in the role of Indian skipper MS. Dhoni, I will admit though, seeing Sushant’s face instead of Dhoni’s in the clips where matches were shown (Ind-Pak T20 final/India-SL WC final etc..) was kind of weird considering that there’s only one face that comes to mind when watching those moments – is the original MS himself and I have watched these matches LIVE.

The movie packs a very interesting message about friendship. His friends stood by him all the way through and that’s why they say real friends are those who never leave your side in whatever situation. The movie overall was a wonderful watch, the songs were nice especially the one with Disha Patani (playing the role of Priyanka – Dhoni’s ex-girlfriend)

Was I the only on who felt the ‘impact’ when the truck crashed into Disha Patani’s car (causing the fatal accident) in the middle of the song? When Priyanka died in the film, some part of me also died with her, absolutely heart breaking moment it was.

I also thought Disha Patani (character of ex-girlfriend) looked so much prettier than Kiara Advani (character of Ms Dhoni’s wife). Though, the actual pictures of Dhoni’s ex girlfriend aren’t out on the internet anywhere, we can only imagine she looked cute, if we have to go by the looks of Disha Patani (playing her role in the movie)

Go and watch the movie, I certainly loved it. You will love it too 🙂

This is a simple movie, just like the man himself – M S Dhoni 🙂 Well done Neeraj Pandey, Sushant Singh Rajput 🙂



Cricket..Cricket & more Cricket!!

So its Cricket Time in India…lots of it!! We have the T20 WC going on..Indian Men & Women. This is gonna be great. I tend to follow the Men’s game more but this time, I’ll make it a point to catch the Women in action too.
Did I tell you they are some real cute cricketers in the Women’s cricket team…I am following one for sure, Harmanpreet Kaur <3 …a talented bats-woman..and she’s cute 🙂 She looks cuter when she’s hitting those balls to the boundary. She’s only 26 years young 🙂 What’s with these Punjabi girls..talented, cute..hardworking but the most difficult to get around 😀 Hasmeet..do you know Harmanpreet Kaur? 😀 I’d like an intro 🙂

Not sure many of us even know names of our players of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team
I can name 3 at least… Mithali Raj, Jhulan Goswami and HarmanPreet Kaur <3
For those who don’t follow the women’s game so much..Here’s the list of the 15 Women Squad for the WCT20 2016

Mithali Raj (captain)
Ekta Bisht
Thirush Kamini
Rajeshwari Gayakwad
Jhulan Goswami
Harmanpreet Kaur
Veda Krishnamurthy
Smriti Mandhana
Niranjana Nagarajan
Shikha Pandey
Anuja Patil
Poonam Yadav
Deepti Sharma
Vellaswamy Vanitha
Sushma Verma

How many have you heard of? Not many I bet…well we wish the Indian Women’s Cricket team to do well...March 15 is the date – India take on Bangladesh.

The Indian players (Men&Women posing with their new Team Jersey)

We also wish the Indian Men’s Cricket Team all the best! Indian Men play their first match on March 15th too 

It’s Cricket all the way! and then we have the IPL to follow, so its Cricket T20 Madness for 2 months at least. So girls, if your boyfriends want to watch a cricket match, don’t grumble..we need our MAN time too you see 🙂 Of course, if they are watching the Indian Women’s cricket match..you might want to watch it with them 🙂

That’s MSD surrounded by the pretty Indian Women Cricket team players

Go Men & Women in Blue!!

Bleed BLUE