Cheap Thrills

Finally!! Sia has dedicated a song to every Indian..

Didn’t understand? Let me explain…

We Indians are in love with the word ‘cheap’..our whole body lights up, if we can find something ‘cheap’ because as a population who lives under a Govt that screws our happiness in raising prices of commodities on almost a monthly basis..from milk, onions to diesel and petrol, everything is expensive’ and when we find something cheap, we get all excited – its totally an Indian thing. 

Now thrills have become cheap too…

..a few lyrics of the song, which goes as 

“I don’t need no money
You’re more than diamonds, more than gold
As long as I keep dancing
Free up yourself, get outta control… “

Just Imagine! A woman saying that..? the only problem is the first line is a double negative [I DON’T need NO money] (- -) does that mean positive (+) 

I love the song! My current fave! along with Dara’s – Onto You

..and then you have Vidya Vox (YouTuber) who remixes the song and comes out with her ridiculous version to screw up yet another awesome song. At least now, we don’t have to imagine, what it would sound if  the song was to be Indianized.

Listen to her version below:

Vidya Vox makes the song sound cheaper ‘Cheaper Thrills’  😂😂😂😂😂😂

Listen to Dara’s – Onto You

I feel so good..


I wake up in the morning
I wake up with a smile
I can see the sun is shining
I can hear the birds sing
It’s such a beautiful morning
There’s a rainbow in the sky
I cannot help but thinking
It’s such a beautiful life

I feel so good

I feel so nice

I feel so goooood

I feel so niceee

And why do we worry
why do we sigh
for all that we need
is happiness inside
I know its not easy
but we can always try
to live a haaappppy
a happy life

I feel so good

I feel so nice

I feel so gooood

I feel so niceeee

Why do we complicate our lives, when we can keep it very simple
and why do we procrastination, when we have a life in front of us?

Such a beautiful world…

Such a beautiful life…

I feel so good

I feel so nice..

Simple words, yet so much meaning behind it. Sung by our very own Dr Varun Carvalho, this is only one of the many songs he has sung of course.

So now you know when this doctor isn’t at his clinic.. he’s most probably home composing a song 😉

Needless to say, this video is shot in Goa (Panjim) Listen & enjoy..a catchy tune. You hear it a few times and you’ll find yourself humming to it 🙂

Did you feel good after watching & listening to the video? If you did-share it. Make someone else feel good too 🙂 

The French connection

Of late I have been listening to french music on YouTube, it really does not make any sense to me coz I don’t understand the language.. but there’s something about their music that is soooooooooo good! gets me on a high kinda 🙂 I don’t know if its the singer or the beat of the song.

I might have learnt French as a subject in school but I can’t really go far in conversation in french other than parlez-vous français which means do you know french (asking such a question in France would be plain stupid) and je t’aime which means I love you (now this could be useful in France). French by far is the sexiest language I have attempted to speak, the very little knowledge I have of it 🙂 I was pretty good in grammar tho’. Yes, I said ‘was’, don’t think of quizzing me now! 😀
I would shamelessly have to admit that I miraculously passed French in my 10th board exams, this would have been only be possible because of my better understanding of french grammar. Must have scored the marks there! ..and I did write a little note at the end of the answer sheet too..

Coming to the music..
I’m gonna share with you all 3 videos, 3 different french artists..all female 🙂 tell me what you think about the music..the beat..or the singer, coz seriously..french girls are just..what can I say! Soooooooooo goooooooooood!!

  1. Alizée – French singer, dancer and voice actress. She’s 31 now but she sang this song when she was just 16. Boy, was she pretty then! [check out the red fish on her butt 😀 ] Do you know what J’en Ai Marre means in English? It means I am fedup. See how sexy it sounds in French?


2. Vanessa Paradis – Another early bloomer in her singing career. She sang this song Joe le Taxi when she was 15. What a talent, equally beautiful song. Little kitten they called her. She’s 43 now


3.  Lolita Jolie, no idea who she really is. Wait…google says she’s a German singer of Polish descent. She sings in French with a German accent. Found her music when browsing thru YouTube. Liked the beat to this song..tho’ not too much in terms of lyrics, makes for easy singing 🙂

I don’t know why she keeps saying ‘ I just wanna dance’ isn’t that what she’s doing? duh!


au revoir 🙂 [ showing off my little knowlege of French 😀