Cheap Thrills

Finally!! Sia has dedicated a song to every Indian.. Didn’t understand? Let me explain… We Indians are in love with the word ‘cheap’..our whole body lights up, if we can find something ‘cheap’ because as a population who lives under a Govt that screws our happiness in raising prices of commodities on almost a monthly basis..from […]

I feel so good..

  I wake up in the morning I wake up with a smile I can see the sun is shining I can hear the birds sing It’s such a beautiful morning There’s a rainbow in the sky I cannot help but thinking It’s such a beautiful life I feel so good I feel so nice […]

The French connection

Of late I have been listening to french music on YouTube, it really does not make any sense to me coz I don’t understand the language.. but there’s something about their music that is soooooooooo good! gets me on a high kinda 🙂 I don’t know if its the singer or the beat of the […]