The Malayalee Stretch

Whoever said only elastic stretches.. hasn’t been to Kerala. In this state of India, ‘people’s names’ are stretched. It is not like a few extraaaaaaa vowels will really make a difference. Let’s take the word ‘Chalakudy’. Chalakudy is a municipal town in Thrissur district, in Kerala. Now for an average person like you or me.. […]

Baby names

An activity (choosing baby names) couples indulge in either before marriage, during pregnancy or after pregnancy & before the baptism/naming-the-baby ceremony ..and here we were, 2 very much single friends..discussing baby names..with each other. This one’s dedicated to you Rekha (the other side of the conversation) oh no no no! We’re not a couple-couple ..a […]

I have a name USE it

People are getting lazier by the day. How much extra effort does it take to call out to someone by their name? What happened to the old fashioned way of addressing someone by their names. Everyone loves to hear their name being called out, or in the case of a message…typed out, it just feels […]