India Pakistan Saga

September 18th – Attack on an Indian army camp in Kashmir, 17 soldiers killed, 19 injured 11 days later – India Strikes Back, Launches Surgical Strikes On Pakistan, 38 killed. What’s happening? Why so much hatred? What is with Pakistan & India that they can’t stand each other? One country does damage, so what does […]

Team Pakistan gets trolled on Twitter

Pakistan, well…I don’t even feel sorry for them. Pathetic display of cricketing skills. But to get beaten by Bangladesh is an embarrassment. Users get on Twitter to troll the Pakistan Team. You gotta feel bad for Md. Amir tho’, the guy’s got serious talent. My contribution in terms of a tweet: ® SJSP™‏@iPaes_Goa Gone are […]

..time for battle

It doesn’t get any BIGGER than this! India vs Pakistan 🙂 ~ YOU ARE NOT AN INDIAN, if today is just another day for you ~ My mind says- ‘the better team will win. My heart believes- ‘India is the better team’ Do I even need to say more..? I’m just super excited 🙂 🙂