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Raazi – All about the ‘Spy’

Not the kind of movie, I would generally go and watch… but the reviews were just too good to ignore. I needed to see for myself, and of course there was Alia Bhatt 😍 I knew for one, she wouldn’t be romancing anyone in this movie, but would be playing a more serious kind of role. I don’t think I could spot her dimple even once.. but that’s not what I went to watch the movie for, so it was okay even if I missed out on it.

The movie really surprised me, Alia didn’t – I’ve always been a fan of her acting. The movie overall was really well done. I enjoyed watching it considering the movie revolved around my country, India. Sometimes, the patriotic side of a citizen does need to come out, even if it is for a few hours in a theater 😜

I had no idea about this story at all.. well it happened in 1971, I wasn’t born then, I don’t think I was even thought of way back then 😉 (I was born 12 years later) so I thought , why not watch the movie, I’d get to know something about India and in the process get to watch one of my favorite actresses Alia Bhatt enact the main lead in the film (as Sehmat)

If you’ve already watched the movie, how good was the song ‘Ae Watan’? My word! It’s a patriotic song for starts and the fact that that the song is operating at 2 different levels, she’s (Sehmat) taught the song to the children and their singing it for their country while she is singing it for hers.. the emotion there! ..is to be felt

A film worth watching 👍 and Alia, be it in the role of Ananya (2 states) Kaira (Dear Zindagi) Veera (Highway) or Sehmat (Raazi) she is a born actress. She blends into character perfectly 👍

Wow! is all I can say about the movie. Besides how long was I going to watch the same old sappy romantic Bollywood films? I need variety in the kind of movies I watch too… but that said, if tomorrow there’s an Alia all out and out romance film, I’m still going to watch it.

India Pakistan Saga

September 18th – Attack on an Indian army camp in Kashmir, 17 soldiers killed, 19 injured

11 days later – India Strikes Back, Launches Surgical Strikes On Pakistan, 38 killed.

What’s happening? Why so much hatred? What is with Pakistan & India that they can’t stand each other?

One country does damage, so what does the other country do…? 11 days later, do the same! Both are practically sailing in the same boat. Yes, I agree what they did was wrong, but what did we do? I’m sorry! but there is nothing to be proud about destruction and killing of people even if it means from the other side of the border.
Yesterday all over Facebook I read msgs congratulating the Indian Army…
For what? Killing?

This is a never ending saga..

Apart from all the fighting and killing that’s happening, Pakistan actors are being threatened to leave India and so also the BCCI has cancelled all matches with Pakistan, there was a time when it was said that Cricket could be the unifying bond that would bring both countries to peace, that is clearly not happening.

This can never be good news. It is clear that all is not well between the two countries and this hatred will only escalate over time. God bless both these countries so that they don’t declare war on each other in the future.

Can we ever see this…

    …transform into this? sasas.jpg


Team Pakistan gets trolled on Twitter

Pakistan, well…I don’t even feel sorry for them. Pathetic display of cricketing skills. But to get beaten by Bangladesh is an embarrassment. Users get on Twitter to troll the Pakistan Team.

You gotta feel bad for Md. Amir tho’, the guy’s got serious talent.

My contribution in terms of a tweet:

Gone are my dreams of an IndVsPak final. It cannot get any worse for Pakistan. Absolute RUBBISH team minus Md.Amir-he’s a class act



For Pakistan losing is one issue, explaining in English on why they lost is a bigger challenge!

Comedy night with Pakistan team.

Pakistan team be like: Joke on you Bangla tigers. At least we won’t be losing twice to India in one series.

Two no-balls cost poor Pakistan the match.
Not the first time that crossing a line has cost them!

….that’s not all, the captain isn’t spared too..Shahid Afridi gets out for a duck.

aaap boom boom bubble gum k hi qabil hai @SAfridiOfficial

Shahid Afridi be like:
Runs are temporary..
But Ducks are Permanent !!

Afridi is more consistence batsman than Virat kohli,
kohli sometime missed 50 but afridi never mis Duck

Of course when the Indian Cricket Team doesn’t do well..they get trolled too…but its just more fun reading Pakistan cricketers getting trolled. Cricket fans are very emotional. Win or Lose, Twitter is always in business 🙂

..time for battle

It doesn’t get any BIGGER than this! India vs Pakistan 🙂

~ YOU ARE NOT AN INDIAN, if today is just another day for you ~


My mind says- ‘the better team will win.

My heart believes- ‘India is the better team’

Do I even need to say more..? I’m just super excited 🙂 🙂