I wake up in the morning
I wake up with a smile
I can see the sun is shining
I can hear the birds sing
It’s such a beautiful morning
There’s a rainbow in the sky
I cannot help but thinking
It’s such a beautiful life

I feel so good

I feel so nice

I feel so goooood

I feel so niceee

And why do we worry
why do we sigh
for all that we need
is happiness inside
I know its not easy
but we can always try
to live a haaappppy
a happy life

I feel so good

I feel so nice

I feel so gooood

I feel so niceeee

Why do we complicate our lives, when we can keep it very simple
and why do we indulge..in procrastination, when we have a life in front of us?

Such a beautiful world…

Such a beautiful life…

I feel so good

I feel so nice..

Simple words, yet so much meaning behind it. Sung by our very own Dr Varun Carvalho, this is only one of the many songs he has sung of course.

So now you know when this doctor isn’t at his clinic.. he’s most probably home composing a song 😉

Needless to say, this video is shot in Goa (Panjim) Listen & enjoy..a catchy tune. You hear it a few times and you’ll find yourself humming to it 🙂

Did you feel good after watching & listening to the video? If you did-share it. Make someone else feel good too 🙂