Parents & Android phones

There can be no better love story, than that of Parents & Android phones

Imagine this scenario; Your parents call you for a Mobile Phone related Emergency (it could be anything from not being able to find a photo to the mobile not responding) and you are busy in another room doing your own thing (important to you) or you could simply be having a shower. And you’re like “What now?” You find yourself giving out instructions, when which followed leads to something else all together. Something like this picture below..


..and its all our fault.

The next time you’re called for a mobile phone related emergency, DO NOT GIVE INSTRUCTIONS, I repeat do not give instructions – you STOP everything you’re doing and just RUN 

And then there are a few other things that happen quite magically, which can also be put under the category of mobile phone related emergencies, that includes:

(a) The volume control goes from high to low to mute and they end up speaking loud on the phone.. “I cannot hear you, can you speak a little louder..hello.. heLLO..HELLO…” now the whole neighborhood can hear you, not just the person on the other side of the phone #phoneVolumeIssues

(b) Icons disappearing/other icons pop up on the home screen. They cannot find the whatsapp icon.. “my whatsapp is gone” No mom, it isn’t gone.. its there, its just a shortcut. The word ‘shortcut’ does not register in her mind. For NOW she is just happy that whatsapp is back..

(c) “Put the number on the whatsapp side” Request. how does one explain that? A saved contact automatically becomes a whatsapp contact if the subscriber is on the app. But sometimes its easier to just do it for them.

(d) ‘Facebook not responding’.. well!! Facebook just died. The solution is simple.. just click on okay and try again, if it doesn’t work then re-start the phone. We Indians deserve a prize for inventing the ‘one stop solution’ of restarting the phone for any of our phone related issues.

(e) ..and of course the one of STORAGE FULL. Oh yes..if you’re going to download & open every video and image people send, you are bound to run out of storage space. The message on your phone now displays ‘unable to receive new messages’ and its NOW time to delete (..but by that time they are already attached to the videos and its a little hard to let go) They go about picking and choosing the not-so-good-don’t-mind-deleting videos. After some time,

“how many more videos to delete?”

“As much it takes to free up space I guess..”

There are plenty of more mobile phone related emergencies that crop up on a daily basis ..or simply new ones we’ve never heard of. Can you add to this list?