Pen pals ‘2’ best friends

It may sound really weird now but ‘Pen-Pals’ was a thing in the good ol’ days of the 90’s and early 2000’s, and it was actually fun writing letters across states and countries, making friends and eventually hoping to meet them one day, days when mobile phones weren’t the cheapest for everyone to own one, land line phones were still very much in vogue.

I used to write little letters to mum and dad when I was small, but this would have to be ‘My first ever letter’ that actually went out of the house, into a post box and to another address. I wrote pretty long letters, (guess even back then, I had lots to say) as long as my letters were, the more quickly and interesting her replies came back. From our dreams we had in the future to her daily morning walks with her neighbors dog, we shared a lot across letters back and forth. You’d think over a few years, our story could end up making a good script for a Bollywood film, of how boy-n-girl exchange letters, meet after few years, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

That’s what Bollywood has taught us over the years, hasn’t it; the Real life of course is much different from the Reel life.

There comes a time in every guy’s life, when he has to make the important decision of whether to choose friendship over love or vice versa, especially with friends of the opposite sex. While some are daring enough to go ahead and chose Love over Friendship, most guys would resort to keeping the real feeling inside and be the best friend they could possibly be to her because telling her you love her, you might lose her all together, let alone love, she wouldn’t even want to be your friend. To think of it, I wonder if that is really the case. Do girls actually behave that way, or is it just the male way of thinking?

It’s been a whole 17 odd years that we’ve been great friends. No, she didn’t Friend Zone me, nor did I take that step to tell her what I felt. There would be times, that I thought, maybe I wanted her to be more than a friend, but the truth was, she was always going to be one of my best friends and even after all these years, she still very much is. Sometimes, two people of the opposite sex can be the best of friends and yet be totally cool with each other, and to think of how even the mention of Love could probably have ruined everything, if thrown in the mix.

While even today, she travels around the globe, following her passion, doing things she loves and on the other side myself, more the home bound, not too far away from family, living the simple-life kind of person.

We sometimes catch up on chat and share memories of the ‘once upon a times’, the letters we used to write, the paths we took n how much life has changed and little else.

I know she can never be too far away, for she has promised to sing a solo (Did I mention, she’s a pretty good singer?) on my wedding day. (talk of an advance booking) 😛😛

I’d probably send her the text of this blog post, I’m sure she’ll have something corny to say about it.

She’s Crystal Coelho crys.jpg and the child in me back then though, she was related to Paulo Coelho (the famous International author) 😛 and I think I actually asked her too 😛

This post takes me down memory lane.. right back to 23rd March 2001 😛 when I received her first letter. I still have it, kept in a safe place.