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What’s in a Prayer!?

It depends on what you make of it. Is it a 5-10 minute of ‘asking’? A 30 seconds of a greeting ‘Hi, How are You, Bye & Thank you’? or is it a thanksgiving to another day of your life HE has blessed you with? I’m not the most prayerful person you’ll find around, I

Where are our Prayers going?

What did you pray for Sunday mass today? Money, job, love, fame, world peace? We’re living in the 21st century, God ought to at least have an email address if not WhatsApp! Even if he did and some of us have that email address, how do we know that our prayers aren’t ending up as

‘Right’ way to Pray

Everyone knows to pray  while some whisper prayers during quiet moments of frustration and others scream them in times of desperation. There are different ways to pray and not necessarily a “right way” The important thing to remember is.. that prayer is simply a method of communicating with God and one should talk to God