The Question:

The most terrifying question a woman can ask a man is:  “Notice anything different?” Do not look at the obvious places. I repeat, DO NOT LOOK in the obvious places. She hasn’t done anything there 😝😂 For all you know, it might be the tiniest thing she has done and something we would never notice. “Where […]

‘How are you?’

There are better questions than that right? Often thrown around as a casual greeting, people unsure on how to answer and often resort to default answers of “I’m good” or “I’m fine” – which is acceptable. While we may feel nothing even close to good or fine, we are very secretive when it comes to […]

Just curious

“Mom, what does love feel like?” “Why the sudden question darling?” “Just curious” “How do you know for sure you’re in love?” “It sort of feels like your heart is glowing ..if that makes sense” “It doesn’t” “Is there some kind of test you can run to measure the amount of endorphin’s or something?”