What is Mine is Yours

“what is mine is yours” /or/ “what is mine is mine, what is yours is yours” A Marriage decision to take – A communion or a separation? of assets In a world where people are absolutely crazy about things they own (possessions) owned, presently own and will own… the union of two people in the future, […]

A Matrimonial AD

Here’s a fun challenge! If you could put an honest matrimonial ad for yourself, what would it be? I’ve joined this group on Facebook ‘Indian Singles – Let’s Discuss’ and boy! Its been so much fun.. to have views of different single people on varied subjects. But the above fun challenge was something I would […]

Witness to ‘Love’

There’s nothing more satisfying then see people smile… 2 consenting adults and their families… For the first time, I was asked to be a witness for a civil marriage [yes another FIRST] Stand witness to Love  While the whole process took much… much longer than what I expected it would take, it still gave me immense […]

Making a difference..

We all know that the presence of a girl/woman in a man’s life, brings about a whole radical change to his world. It is almost like a man changes from cave man status to being a gentleman. So what is it that a woman has, that brings about this change? While I think that men […]