Love Stories

Mum and Dad celebrate 44 years of togetherness today.. ..and people ask why am I a fan of ‘love stories’. Nothing comes close to witnessing two people closest to you, share 44 years together, setting all the right examples.. I am 37 and yet to embark on my very own story, besides – how long am […]

The First Date!

We’d always remember our first ever date… ..the awkwardness ..the wanting to be prim-n-proper but miserably fail at it ..the fuzzy feeling ..the nervousness ..where normally the conversation starter would be “what would you like to have?” ..and yes I’m talking about the time, when going out on dates were still in fashion It was […]


 “well..the first few seconds were really uncomfortable… ..and then I found my voice again” I was very curious about sex, but a little cautious to take it to second base “..and then it was all over” we looked at each other and we laughed 🤭🤭😂😂 “the only good thing about sex is that it doesn’t take […]

I Love You

The Pre-Valentines Day message! “Good Morning” “How was your day?” “Take care” “Be careful” “Sweet dreams” “I miss you” “Good Night” “Can I come over?” “Let’s watch a movie” “It will be okay” “I’m here for you” “Do you need anything” “Have a chocolate” “I just called/msgd to say Hi” “You’ve made my day” “Call me […]

Life as we live it – TODAY

New post  L O A D I N G… Conversations have become texting Discussions happen on conference calls ..and feelings are uploaded as status updates on social platforms Some life we’re living! Less and less of human interaction, more and more time spent on devices. But can you blame people? Lives have become busier and the […]

We’re all ‘Swimmers’

This is got to be the craziest thing I’ve seen on the internet… read on, or should I simply say ‘enjoy the journey’ 😜 practised 😂😂😂 Go Butch.. Go!!!  Run… Willie…. Ruuunnn…..  He made it!!!! phew!  This   wouldn’t have happened if it was Butch..   . . What the hell ever happened to Butch? 🤔🤔  

5 Days!

Sitting by the window, staring at nothing in particular, thinking of where she might have gone wrong.. replaying out all the events of the last 5 days repeatedly in her mind. She now had a secret, a secret she couldn’t share with anyone. It was only last Tuesday that.. She had discovered Love She, like […]