Tying the ‘Knot’ – I

It is a familiar setting, a fairly large table in front of me and if I can say, a totally disproportionate size of chair considering the magnitude of table in front of me. It was neither centrally aligned nor towards one side, it was well… let say I could never get to move the chair. […]

“the 3 flowers”

Part I. “Do you think dad’s lonely? It has been a long time since mum passed away” Candice said The 3 daughters were seated at the roundtable, discussing their most prized possession – their dad. The three daughters loved their dad a lot and would do anything to see him happy. Patrick (or Uncle Patu-as […]

The morning after..

He was finally married.  The night had passed, it wasn’t as eventful as he had imagined it would be, considering they were both tired after the late end to the wedding reception. However, the morning was here. He woke up with a smile, his now-wife Rekha was still sleeping next to him. Not sure whether […]

Clause No 9

9th January 2003 Sitting in the living room were Lucy, Peter and their parents…and no, it wasn’t any kind of family re-union or anything but the parents of both Lucy & Peter were called to find a solution to a recent spate of arguments which the fairly recently married couple were having, it had escalated […]

taking it slow..

A big ThankYou to all..for making it finally happen. Chacha, chachi, Google aunty, fanta uncle, chechi, chetan, lizzard, pepsi, ramu kaka..Ramu Kaka (or R.K as he liked to be called for short) you could say, he was instrumental in seeing this day become a reality. The most eligible bachelor or at least according to R.K, the […]