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The Roommates – Aditya

This is all part of a story that I started writing in December last year… namely Run Ruth..run~ Run for your life!!! Click on it to see what’s it all about. The Room-mates series continues the story further into the mystery.

Aditya Malhotra, the youngest of 4 brothers born and brought up in Pune..not too far away from Mumbai. I was making some life changing decisions, moving out of home was one, moving in with Roma was another. Mumbai being a little too high on rent for a 2 BHK, I moved in with two other guys. They seem to be nice and didn’t mind the Roma addition. We had worked out our timings and now all is cool.

“Dude, Roma & I will be IN for tonight”

Ajay was fine with it, just that he thought they sometimes got a little too noisy. Tonight would not be so much of an issue coz the India-Pakistan match was happening and the volume would be quite loud.

“Tonight is the India-Pakistan match bro”

“Shit! I’ll just have to be content on watching the highlights then. Keep me posted on the score”

The night went on…with every wicket that fell, Ajay knocked on the door once and keep Adi updated (surely Adi did not mean it that way when he said to keep him updated)..not aware that he might be disturbing them.

However at the mid innings break, Roma left, seemingly very pissed. Aditya tried making her stay..but she still left, even if it meant crossing the graveyard alone to get to the main road. By the time Aditya got to to the ground floor after struggling with his pants, Roma was gone. He tried calling but mobile network was always an issue in the area. If not for the relatively cheap rate that the pent house was rented for, he would never chosen this place to live in.

The Roommates – Rohan

“Hey dudes! Wassup!? How are my favorite roomies?”

Aditya was engrossed looking at his laptop screen browsing on amazon for women’s clothing, suddenly realized that Rohan was standing besides him.

” ‘Sup dude! “

“dude, you know of any good websites for women’s clothes?”

“amazon, flipkart, jabong”

“tried them out..not getting good stuff!”

“try koovs.com” blurted out Ajay

Aditya & myself look at each other surprised.. “Ajay certainly seems to know more than a thing or two about the women stuff.. nice and interesting!”

“Actually Aditttt…and remained silent”

“Adittt? Who Aditi?”

“Aditi Dessai?”

“Your boss’s daughter?”

“Actually Aditi & myself went for coffee the other day and I didn’t know then she was the bosses daughter. We’re friends..”

“Finally our friend has come in line..welcome to the club!”

Aditya & Ajay, the best roomies ever. I am Rohan, girls call me Ro and I am the occasional occupant of this pent house. This serves as a postal address for my parents letters to come through…I live the life of travel..my room-mates are my partners in crime. My parents think I am working in Mumbai in Delta Technologies as an Engineer in the I.T department, in reality I am doing something totally out of this world..and oh I forgot! I live with Priyanka and we’re married.

The Roommates – Ajay

I rang the bell twice, fully knowing that even if Aditya was watching T.V, which was like 5 steps away from the door, he wouldn’t move his butt.
But then again, ringing of the bell here was used more for a different purpose.

Each one of us had our own key to the apartment, for the simple reason that at any time
anyone of us could be IN the apartment and STILL be busy. The ringing of the bell would act as the warning, that in case if the action was happening in the living room..it was time to move into the bedroom.

We were 3 room-mates, Aditya, Rohan and myself Ajay, living on the top most floor of Jagruti Apartments. The Pent House, given to us on rent by Uncle Jackson, the sweet old man, strangely married to a woman a little less than half his age, Lucy..that is how she told us to refer to her as.

I opened the door only to find the usual stuff, his & her clothes strewn around on the sofa..

‘Aditya must be home’ I said to myself…I walked over to his bedroom door and knocked on the bedroom door. I heard sounds, it didn’t seem they were working on any project that Aditya was talking about yesterday, with Roma from the office, or was this the project? I smiled to myself and continued to the kitchen to cook up something simple for myself after a not so great in the office.

“Does he have to knock.. every time?” Roma asked a little annoyed.

After half an hour or so, Aditya comes out walking straight towards the sofa to gather the clothes with a towel wrapped around him


“hey” busy eating my instant noodles and reading my book. He disappeared back into the room. Aditya leaves for work at 7 in the evening, Roma is his…colleague, I don’t understand what work could they possibly have with each other after working hours, that she’s practically around him like a butterfly.

I’m Ajay, come to Mumbai to find work. Looking out for the perfect job, I found myself working at a telecom company, after a long and hard search. I do not earn a lot hence I share the room with two other guys~! I can confidently say, I’m easily the most sensible of the 3 living in this pent house.

Run Ruth..run~ Run for your life!!!

Run Ruth…run…run…run.. Run for your life!!! She woke up in a sweat & shaking hands. This was now the third time in the week. The strange thing was that the dream felt so real.

The narrow road leading to the butcher’s shop with the overhead sun shining bright, sweat dripping off her body, shaking hands heavy breathing and tired legs. The butchers knife in his hand..the murderous look and her running…

When she woke up, she felt paralyzed, As she tried to walk out of her bed to the bathroom she fell down once and again and again and again. She finally made it with a lot of difficulty. She couldn’t make it down the stairs for breakfast, going to work was out of the question.

Ruth herself did not know what to make of her strange condition. The last time she went out of the house, she was found in an unconscious state at the gates of the town’s graveyard. How she reached there is still a mystery. The only camera which was facing the entrance of the graveyard from the diagonally opposite shop, showed her getting down from a fairly large black car at 11.55pm at night and nothing after that.

What would a perfectly sane girl be doing at the entrance of a graveyard at that time was debatable. 

Could that have anything to do with what was happening with Ruth? The police were able to get the vehicle no with the help of the camera footage which read 666 with a Chinese kind of symbol prefixing it. All the more strange was that a car that did not even belong to the country was found roaming openly on the streets.

Someone surely had to see the car…as they began making inquiries around.

“Only if you want me to be…” [III]

I always love sweet endings 🙂 The final part to the series. You can find Part 1  HERE & 2 HERE

Standing by her side, my wife to be.. in a few minutes from now..overwhelmed by her moving words, it was now my turn.
Looking into her eyes, I began “Annie, you know me better than anyone else in this world and somehow still.. you manage to love me. You are my best friend and my one true love. You are truly an angel sent from heaven.. There is still a part of me today, that cannot believe that I’m the one who gets to marry you. I will love you today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives”

The Priest smiled “Now you may kiss the bride”
There are moments that you wait a lifetime for, this was certainly one of them…

I whispered into her ear “You look a lot like the angel….”
She looked at me “Who is Angel?”
I smiled…and we kissed  <3

She still wants to know who Angel is tho’. Remind me to tell her later 😉

I Love You. now. and. forever. [II]

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In many ways THAT NIGHT changed everything between two best friends. All it took was ‘one sentence’ that kept them from becoming one. She needed to hear it, more saveimportantly he needed to say it.. hints were no longer going to do. He looked into her eyes the same way he did when they met each other for the first time, Annie knew – this was going to be the moment, her pupils dilated looking into his eyes right in the middle of the song and that’s when it happened. He got down on his knee and said the 3 words she’d been longing to hear.

12 years, 2 hours, 24 minutes and 15 seconds later, the clock had finally stopped. She had been counting..but no more.

Memories of that night flashed in front of her eyes as she sat next to Patrick, he had been in a coma for 2 months now after the crash while returning home from the party. The good part however was that Patrick was showing signs of improvement in the last 15 days, the doctor mentioned, even if they were very minor ones.

A song she’d sing for Patrick everyday strumming the strings on her guitar, for he always said he loved her voice and someday she could be singing on a stage while he watched her in awe from the crowd.

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To heaven &.. [I]

PART ~ I ~

It was a long walk I have to admit until we finally reached the gates of heaven, that’s what the angel who was accompanying me said. She opened the gate, let me in and was gone just like that.. I didn’t even get a chance to ask her name.

I was now alone, walking towards a larger door at the end of a long staircase moving upwards. I would have to say I’ve never seen so many clouds around me, I was literally walking on cloud 9. As I pushed opened the large door, I saw two smaller doors named Past and Future. I pushed opened the door of the future and saw a girl standing at the end of the room facing her back towards me..she was wearing what looked like a white frock.

“Excuse Me, Are you my future?” I asked

She didn’t seem to want to answer and after a long pause she said

“Only if you want me to be” slowly turning her face towards me. It was hazy and I couldn’t recognize the face, I walked closer and finally saw her. It was the same angel who accompanied me to Heaven, she looked oddly similar to someone I knew, like as if we have met before, that long straight hair, that familiar smile.

Oh wait! You are..

But I don’t understand..we’re married? When..how…and I’m dead? Why? I’ve waited all my life for this day..

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Start – Restart – Reboot!


Walking to work at 7.45 a.m crossing the otherwise very busy M.G Road, thinking to himself ‘what have I got myself into… and a million other thoughts which crossed his mind, every single day. He didn’t even recognize himself at times, looking at himself in the mirror hanging on the wall. The fact that he lived alone, cooked for himself and knew no-one he could call his own, he had practically himself for company if he needed any. His colleagues at work..the lesser said about them the better.

A few years ago, he would have made a great advertisement for a health gym, now sported a bearded look..an almost invisible stomach, lanky that he was, he looked like a bamboo standing erect barely having enough stamina to get him to work and back.

He never quite got to work that day and no-one knew what had happened to him. Viktor Braganza SIMPLY disappeared ONE DAY!

It was 8.45 a.m and the accounts department had a chair empty. Work never stops for anyone and though it was obvious that the man occupying the NOW empty chair hasn’t come, was absent or on leave, work is carried on. The staff in the accounts department have to report earlier than the rest. They are all ready and geared up for another challenging and busy day at ‘Friggin’s Mall’. It’s a Saturday, usually the heaviest day of the week and Diwali being round the corner, the mall would be having more than its regular shoppers.

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