The Roommates – Aditya

This is all part of a story that I started writing in December last year… namely Run Run for your life!!! Click on it to see what’s it all about. The Room-mates series continues the story further into the mystery. _________________________________________________________________ Aditya Malhotra, the youngest of 4 brothers born and brought up in Pune..not […]

The Roommates – Rohan

“Hey dudes! Wassup!? How are my favorite roomies?” Aditya was engrossed looking at his laptop screen browsing on amazon for women’s clothing, suddenly realized that Rohan was standing besides him. ” ‘Sup dude! “ “dude, you know of any good websites for women’s clothes?” “amazon, flipkart, jabong” “tried them out..not getting good stuff!” “try” […]

The Roommates – Ajay

I rang the bell twice, fully knowing that even if Aditya was watching T.V, which was like 5 steps away from the door, he wouldn’t move his butt. But then again, ringing of the bell here was used more for a different purpose. Each one of us had our own key to the apartment, for […]

Start – Restart – Reboot!

PRESENT DAY Walking to work at 7.45 a.m crossing the otherwise very busy M.G Road, thinking to himself ‘what have I got myself into… and a million other thoughts which crossed his mind, every single day. He didn’t even recognize himself at times, looking at himself in the mirror hanging on the wall. The fact […]